Views on Loli :I don’t even like lolipop – a sweet which look like giving blowjob when people eat them so why will I care about some cartoon small girl?

Views on Censorship: It’s not like I watch cartoons for uncensored boobs.

Views on Moe: It’s great excuse for me to skip a show.

Views on Slice Of Life: It’s not like K-on will turn good if it was call Kuuki Kei or something.

Views on Japan:In the past , they made 90% of the great games , 80% of the great television , 78% of the
oh so weird and awesome technologies but now? Pretty much the same still but I don’t know Japanese.

Views on Dropping Show: No time for things that suck.

Views on Otaku: In this time and day where people pride themselves for being nerds and jerks , you just couldn’t care anymore.

Views on Stopping Scanlation: It’s good so I can flung my e-penis by posting pictures of 989 manga and on facebook to show my awesome collections and use it as an excuse for me to pirate more anime because I SUPPORTED THE INDUSTRY!!! YEAH!!!

Views on Simulcast: I am always regional restricted .

Views on Fansubbers: They have their fun , I have my free anime . When they die , people just rip off official dvds and simulcast so no one really care about fansubbing anymore.

Views on Piracy: Hey! I bought like 989 volumes of manga so it’s ok if I pirate things right? No , I am just cheap.