People don’t like negative stuff , they hate long and draggy rant . I know that but I can’t help to let off some steam sometimes . However ,  I also know that it’s crazy to have your latest post as something negative if you want to keep your viewers. So let’s talk about something happy , something positive and light hearted this time . Let’s talk about the coming autumn anime .

From my last preview post , you can sort of know that I don’t believe in this kind of previews post anymore because you will most definitely miss out something somewhere . Actually no , preview posts just aren’t cool at all because all the cool blogger don’t do it . Though I am quite serious in trying to be positive about every summer series out there . However , no matter how hard I try ,truth to be told , I didn’t  start on any summer series because I am not someone who can follow a show week by week .That’s why I am amaze how people can keep up with the huge amount of ongoing series while blogging it .

Man , how can they do that? Do they even have a life? Am I watching anime the wrong way because I am always finding myself exhausted after one episode because I put in so much effort when I watch anime?  So I thought to myself , since I didn’t try before episodic reviews and I need to build up the habit of watching anime week by week , why not I try to do it this season to see how far I could go . This is where you come in because  I need your input on which series I should blog . The first anime being voted should be the one because I doubt that there will be more than one vote.

Here’s the chart for reference

Here’s the poll

I have helpfully omitted sequels and those nippon animation series which will never get fansubbed.

Also , the poll is designed in  this way for a reason. To help me or to throw me to the hell of moe? It is all in your hand! Let there be light and god bless my success in this endeavour! Actually I don’t believe in god.