IF bantering and pure criticism are deemed as non-constructive comments, then what about boot-licking and comments solely stating the usual positive stuffs?

For e.g. assuming the scenario of comments found for a youtube video.
“This rock! I love it!” vs “This suck to the core,man. This is worse than crap!”

Now obviously the former comment will have thumbs up whilst the latter will have plenty of hate replies (like “so you think you can be like this person? You think you can sing/dance/rap/run/play/etc as well…) and thumbs down (what else?). OF course, the classic “If you want to criticize, at least state the areas of improvement and suggest how it could be improved”. I mean, seriously, what? Why?

I have no idea why stating someone’s opinion on why he/she dislikes something will result in such public outrage. Come on, everyone has their own opinions about things. Just because you’re annoyed by it doesn’t give you the right to piss the other party off right? (Unless the other party is there to make a fuss, then so be it) I mean, when someone post “I like it!”, you don’t even question him/her with “Why do you like this? Please give some constructive comments so that these good points can be further worked on”. Is hating easier to live with?

Now, another example with “supposedly” additional comments.
“I like his/her voice! It sounds so sweet! And he/she looks so gorgeous, my mouth is watering now!” vs “Damn his/her voice suck! Why can’t it be *insert*? Doesn’t he/she look weird with THAT costume? Why not *insert*? (insert is some constructive comments which are reasonable and logical and sensible)”

Obviously, the former comment will generally get thumbs up, whilst the latter will end up having almost the same or worse treatment than in case 1. Those fickle-minded people, make up your minds! One moment you demand constructive feed backs, next moment when people have given in to your demands, you rip off the ransom and say those feed backs are crap! [And hence the flame war starts ever happily after]

Minorities rarely wins, and never in the case of youtube comments.

But in life, ain’t this the case too? You’ll be mocked upon should you be the outstanding person, the outlier, until you’ve proven your worth. The voices of minorities will rarely be heard, for the majority will demand why should benefits be given to these minorities, why special attention has to be shown towards them, and why not channel those resources to the majority?

Why indeed, until you’ve put yourself into the shoes of these minorities. [Anyway politicians tend to do quite a number of things for these minorities to garner support from this group of people, in MY opinion, now come on, flame me]

===End of thought===

If everything has two sides to it, what happened to the third? Sounds cocky or elitism? Not really. The two sides are the expected positive and negative outcomes, but what about unexpected outcomes? Nobody can predict them, afterall.

Oh and to IWICSYI, with your flawed impression and my imperfect logic, lets carry on living like this.

===End of Sub Part===

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going – but to where? The beauty of English language indeed.