I totally stole this image from animenation news site .

Kawa no Hikari is a short TV special , adapted from an ecological novel by Hisaki Matsuura .It was aired on NHK and is part of the “save the future” project.

Of course , being an ecological novel , there is this preaching about how nature is so awesome and people shouldn’t forget about other existence other than the human race . They conveyed this message by showing the journey of a family of river rats , travelling through cities to find another riverside to live in after their home got destroyed by construction work. Though , this isn’t about how construction works are very evil and human shouldn’t develop the city like how Hayao Miyazaki wanted you to believe . They took another approach of showing how the rats didn’t forget their own roots by taking the risk of finding another rivers to live in rather than staying in a much more comfortable city life .  I couldn’t describe it well but  it’s more of how city life can be comfortable but we mustn’t forget the nature because it’s our root of birth rather than how cities are very evil . They did  made some slight comments like how construction noises are awful  but they didn’t really focus  much on the evilness of human beings. They also seldom complain about how men are fucking jerks who want to get these cute animals home , or at least I didn’t really notice much of it because I am not actively looking for them , just like how you shouldn’t as well.In other words , the whole environmental message isn’t really down your throat or obnoxious . However, if you are really picky , it might get to you.

I thought that the environmental message isn’t its sole focus  but rather ,  a small aspect of the whole series anyway . A bigger part of the series is more about family , bonding , friendship and remembering your own roots . Regardless , I don’t like to bring in such touché  and opinionated issue about whether or not environmental message is total bullshit or what , especially so when this series is definitely targeted towards kid so let’s focus on other aspects of the anime instead.

The plot is about a simple ,  down to earth yet enjoyable adventure of finding a new home .Nothing deep , just like Evangelion .The animation was all right and they do have some awesome scenery scenes but outside of that , there isn’t anything much to talk about . The ost was strong and definitely can evoke some sentimental emotions . The atmosphere was exceptionally well done and I could really relax and get totally engross while watching the show .

The characters are cute animals which undergoes some rat’s development after braving through lots of adventures . They meet new interesting animal friends who are all badass and friendly. The first character they met was this awesome kennel rat whose every sentence  is an awesome prose. You will always find him , looking outside the window and telling you sentimental quotes about chasing the light of the river and stuff like that . Real scholar I tell ya  , real scholar . The comedic Aya Hirano stupid dog was great and the sub-plot of the cat who don’t eat rat is interesting and heart warming as well .  The sparrows were likeable too .

All in all , it was a really great children special and I like it very much . It was very heart warming and I urge you to give it a try , especially so if you forgot how anime can be so mainstream and un-anime like at this time and day . It definitely is a fresh of breathe air , so fresh and good that I  neglected my revision when I haven’t even start on anything even though tomorrow is my exam . Ahh , anime is wonderful and is definitely much more important than exam.

PS:  You can understand everything except for maybe the awesome kennel rat’s prose  if you watch the raw … … unless you are a retard .