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It's a DATING SIM adaptation so only disgusting people will like it... ... not?

There isn’t a lot to say about Sentimental Journey even though I liked it a lot . Though this isn’t the case of Wings of Honneamise or Planetes where there are too many things to talk about , rather it’s because there isn’t really anything special to talk about in the first place.

Sentimental Journey really is just a simple drama anthology about simple things in life . A good analogy of it will be the anime version of Chicken Soup of the Soul. Though  please take that with a pinch of salt because I  based that on my impression for Chicken Soup of the Soul .In reality , I don’t really know what Chicken Soup of the Soul is all about because I only know how to watch cartoons. If not then I guess you can describe it by using the forbidden slice of life though I always thought that the word slice of life got bastardise too much because a lot of god awful , empty pandering comedy were lumped into this genre , hence giving it a negative connotation .

Well ,to simplify things ,  I guess I will call it a feel good episodic drama series with a common theme then.

The reason I liked it so much is hugely due to my recent track records with anime .Recently , I watched so many experimental shorts , all those weird designs seemed  too common for me now . The last straw broke when I played Genius Party for 5 minute and my mind told me that all those unique designs looked so fucking generic and I am kinda tired of it . I guess that’s what you call  over exposure . So in order to recuperate from this , I decided to watch some tv series with normal designs. I have Sepharim Call and Sentimental Journey in mind but I decided to watch Sentimental Journey because my memories tell me that Sentimental Journey was more well received based on a couple of reviews I read in the past. Not to mention , I preferred Sentimental Journey’s synopsis  .

With that , I am here now , enjoying this hugely flawed episodic series . It’s flawed because every story lacked any real build up due to its short length. Sometimes ,you really have to take it at face value and believe in everything that was presented. Don’t worry though as it wasn’t as bad as I made it sounds to be . They were really just minor issues and wasn’t something really jarring .Though , I won’t say the same for my next problem.

Like what I mentioned with my previous post , the animation was quite lacklustre and the animators just couldn’t get the eyes right . This is funny though because it’s always the main character who had eyes that were wide apart but other minor characters seldom have this problem at all . This error was so common throughout , I really asked myself whether if it was just  a stylistic choice . In the end, I am convinced that it was animation errors because this series was obviously budgeted . I did forgive it though because it was produced in 1998 . I remembered that Infinite Ryvius which was produced one year after with a bigger budget  have quite a lot of non stylistic choice off model arts as well .

However , as much as I am willing to forgive it , it still kinda bothers me how the arts were not up to par with what the stories were doing . Here you have this wonderful story about outgrowing the bind of your past and the scene that complements it was a close-up short of a character with eyes that were wide apart . It can be quite disturbing actually because you don’t know whether you should get sentimental with the story or laugh at the awkward eyes. I chose the path of enjoying the storyline while laughing at the arts with mixed feelings of pity and cynicism.

Regardless of all its flaws , this series was really up my alley because as much as I enjoy watching weird things with unique plot , I also like the simple, heart warming and down to earth stuff .  Sentimental Journey albeit with weak animations , supplied me with really great and simple stories that I like. It didn’t have annoying pandering or risqué scenes and the cliché dialogues were quite minimum . Yes , the writing wasn’t good enough to be call a masterpiece but it wasn’t bad enough to be generic as well. All in all , the writing was kinda above average .

I am also surprised by the dialogues because I am always expecting generic corny lines .

Another thing worth mentioning about is that it doesn’t have your usual unfunny romantic comedy tropes because firstly , it was more of a character development piece with a little hint of romance than romantic comedy and  secondly , each story was so short  ,they didn’t really have time to dwell with unnecessary scenes.

Last but not least , I liked how fast Sentimental Journey progresses with its stories . The pacing was really efficient and the story progress so much within one scene , there weren’t a lot of dull moments. The build up was a little rushed sure , but other aspects such as the introduction and ending didn’t feel fast . The pacing really seemed to be quite natural so whenever I look at the time counter , I am amazed that 3/4 of the show had gone when I thought that at most only 8 mins  had past. It really was easy to watch in a good way.

All in all , I do recommend it if you can get over with the art because not only is it good for a change of pace , it also serves well as a quick watch if you are in the mood for something simple . Last but not least , don’t let the origin of Sentimental Journey fools you because it didn’t really focus on things that you expect from a dating simulation adaptation .


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Bang on a door and roll 3 rounds!

It’s fun to find off model arts from pre 2000 series .

I still enjoy Sentimental Graffiti for valid reasons.

I don’t recommend it to picky people though.

And that fanboy is not you or me but Hideaki Anno .

Watching Gunbuster , I can totally imagine how he wanted to create his own Macross and fulfil all his childhood dreams of bouncing boobs and incomprehensible technobabbles with Gunbuster . The whole experience of Gunbuster is  like observing a very enthusiastic fanboy having fun drawing aliens , huge robot , big explosion and everything else because he thought that all those are fucking cool . Apparently ,  Robots doing push up to build their machine muscles is very cool to him as well .You know , the whole show is so full of vigour and passion , it’s like the outburst of a hyper active kid after years and years of swelling up. Imagine the release of 10x Kamehama after Goku stored and shouted for 10 episode and you will know what I think Anno felt during the production of  Gunbuster.

Anyway as for the show itself , other than the time lapse concept which is totally well researched as shown in the science omake episodes because we all fucking know that space is made up of ether and some military is now condensing Jupiter into a black hole bomb , there isn’t as much manliness as I like it to be . The Gunbuster machine appears and kickass for 20min and nothing else other than that . The pacing  was fast but awful at the same time because it lacks of any real build up . The  guts and passion were not as hot blooded as I like it to be because there are no tension at all. Actually , things happen so fast and smoothly , I could not feel or see any ounce of people living in a dire situation at all .

I didn’t get any references from Aim for the Ace as well because I didn’t watch it but I do know that the cheesiness and annoying pettiness of the characters were intentional , I just don’t know whether they were  intentionally funny or not . Also , even though this is a well known fact , I have to add in that the black and white last episode was intentional and it actually costs more than doing a colour episode .So the allegation of Gainax not having enough money for the last episode is false. Though I don’t understand the purpose or see the deep artistic message behind it because I couldn’t care less.

Regardless , it was a neat ova with interesting concept .

I will say no more because I don’t really have a strong opinion for it . I will say that I enjoyed it but it didn’t really live up my expectation.  That might be due to the after-effect of Wings of Honneamise because everything pales in comparison with Wings Of Honneamise .

Now I can see people hating me for not liking or caring for their favourite show enough.

People don’t understand why old timers keep complaining about how they don’t make anime like they used to . I didn’t understand it as well , that is until I found out the charm and atrocity of  older anime.

People always use the argument on how 80s anime are actually god awful to back up the fact that anime back then is not any better than anime now , which is true but they don’t really understand that the awfulness itself is one of the charm . Yes , a lot of older anime fail, but they have the balls to fail so hard , it became a charm which you can’t find nowadays .

I will think that the 80s to early 90s is still in the stage of trial and error , coupled with the fact that companies and sponsors have tons of money to spare for anime , lots of works are really experimental in a sense as they don’t follow any guide lines at all. The plot of old anime are bold , imaginative , extreme and most of the time crazy.  These qualities in return give people surprises and variations , even if they suck .

Whereas nowadays , the anime industry has matured and most animators understand the basic of how to create a show to sell . This however resulted in too many anime following the guidelines too closely and hence producing tons of generic show . You just can’t find the absurdity of like say, Dog Soldier in anime nowadays when it was aplenty during the 80s and 90s . If you think of it , Anime that suck  nowadays aren’t really that sucky. Akane iro Somaru is just generic and mediocre to the extend of being boring and it wasn’t bad in the sense of ridiculous bad .  This lack of boldness and originality  fail to appeal .People love variations , they prefer to watch 9/10 failed curve ball than 10/10 generic safe straight balls.

If you really pay attention to the talks between older fans ,you will come to realise that as much as they love to celebrate the true great works , they always never fail to mention about the absolute garbage as well . Sure , they might enjoy them ironically but they sure did have more fun with the garbage then than with the garbage now.

Other than the garbage being produced then is better than the garbage now , it’s also a fact that lots of animator start their directing début before they hit the age of 30 during the 80s . This is how bold anime are willing to be whereas you most director nowadays are either veteran or over the age of 50 . Even Satoshi Kon at age 47 is considered young when Hiroyuki Yamaga début with Wings of Honneamise when he was 24. This is yet another charm that you can only find during the early days.

To add on , the lack of strong niche fanbase during the early days helps to minimise the number of pandering series . Nowadays , most show must either have bishonen to attract fujioshi or girls that look like 12 years old to pander to lolicon . I am not saying that older anime don’t pander but the ratio of pandering series is definitely higher now as the fanbase to pander to are more obvious and solid than they used to be.

That’s not all but I will stop now.

Regardless , as much as I understand the “They don’t make anime like they used to” complain , I will still say that I enjoy modern anime as much as the older one . But now I am too conformed with the art style of 80s and 90s anime , post 2000 series are a little hard to follow. Not to mention , lots of series aren’t as extreme as they used to be . For example , I couldn’t see myself watching Highschool of the Dead when there are so  many other exploitative ova and films from the 80s that are more extreme and more entertaining yet have a shorter running time than HotD .  I don’t know about you but I rather watch real sex and more creative beheading in 1 and a half hours than the restricted and tame  6 hours HotD. Yes! HotD is tame when compare to the craziness of Yoshiaki Kawajiri , Kazuo Koike and Go Nagai . That’s how ridiculous yet charming anime are during the early days , all thanks to the thriving oav market.

On an unrelated note , Wolf Rain and Evangelion are old school? Ha! Even though I used the term “old anime” for 80s and early 90s anime in this post for convenience sake, I still believe that real old school are those from the black and white era.

thanks to Wings of Honneamise.

Ai Monogatari is a 90 mins long anthology ova with 9 different love stories, each directed by a different director, totalling the director count to 8. For the math idiot, it means that there is one director who directed two stories. If you are interested, one of the directors is Tomomi Mochizuki, the guy who did Ocean Waves (Umi ga Kikoeru), Orange Road and House of Five Leaves together with tons of other works.

The original source material is by Kaiji Kawaguchi , the author of highly acclaimed political manga such as Spirit of the Sun and Zipang , both of which I didn’t read because they added up to almost 60+ volumes . I doubt anyone reading this blog had finished the original manga so I can just bullshit on how both of them are hard hitting political manga so Ai Monogatari is a fresh breath of air and show the sentimental side of Kawaguchi . Then if you use the anime to tell me how wrong I was, then I will just say that the anime isn’t a faithful adaptation just because I know you won’t burn through 43 volumes of Zipang to prove me wrong.

Anyway, Ai Monogatari has almost zero character development because you won’t get to understand how the character start or how did they progress because you can only do so much within 10 minutes. However, the characters stayed interesting because they aren’t something you see normally; all of them are adults. Not to mention, because they are short, none of them have the time to go through all those romance cliché found in your usual shonen romance. They all go straight to the point.

There are just that many ways of doing a romance series , as shown from the countless KOR and Love Hina copies but (Most of the stories from) Ai Monogatari managed to differ from them by having really interesting and unique plots , ranging from tragedy to down to earth to goofiness. However, one may find some of the stories to be unbelievable because it lacks of any real development, which is valid but hey, it’s just 10 minutes so you really need to take it at face value.

To illustrate how the story can be really interesting, I will spoil one of them for you. One of the more interesting scenarios is about a salary man hooking up a Yakuza’s wife. The lady then called his Yakuza husband after she had sex with the salary man to tell him where they are. Then it’s an interesting car chase which ends with the Yakuza plunging into the ocean. It was revealed that the lady is actually testing the love of his husband rather than really wanting to elope with the salary man. So the salary man got double pawned, end of story.

For fans who just want a simple feels good romance, there are stories that cater to that as well so this ova is actually quite a blessing for romance fans. Actually, I will think that this ova is the best litmus test to test whether you actually enjoy romance series or not because I can’t see anyone who hates romance to enjoy this ova. However, it doesn’t have any teenage angst or the shoujo’s “love you till the thunder claps just because I touched your hand” problems. Most of characters were somewhat adult like where they took things very naturally so non fan might just be able to enjoy it anyway. I highly recommend it if you want to see a short, adult romance series. There’s a high chance you will like one of the story but even if you don’t, one story is just 10 minutes anyway.

To illustrate how the story can be really interesting , I will spoil one of them for you . One of the more interesting scenario is about a salary man hooking up a Yakuza’s wife . The lady then called his Yakuza husband after she had sex with the salary man to tell him where they are . Then it’s a interesting car chase which ends with the Yakuza plunging into the ocean . It was revealed that the lady is actually testing the love of his husband rather than really wanting to elope with the salary man. So the salary man got double pawned , end of story .

For fans who just want a simple feels good romance , there are stories that cater to that as well so this ova is actually quite a blessing for romance fans. Actually , I will think that this ova is the best litmus test to test whether you actually enjoy romance series or not because I can’t see anyone who hates romance to enjoy this ova. However , it doesn’t have any teenage angst or the shoujo’s “love you till the thunder claps  just because I touched your hand” problems. Most of characters are somewhat adult like where they took things very naturally so non fan might just  be able to enjoy it anyway . I highly recommend it if you want to see a short, adult romance series. There’s a high chance you will like one of the story but even if you don’t , one story is  just 10 minutes anyway.

Director List:

Since even ANN doesn’t have the full director list , I will do it for you instead.

    Title: I Want to Hold Your Hand/I Want to Hold You (抱きしめたい)

    Director : Mochizuki Tomomi (望月智充)

    Other Notable Works:Ocean Waves , Kimagure Orange Road , House of Five Leaves

    Title: Hero

    Director: Morimoto Kouji(森本晃司)

    Other Notable Works:Memories(Magnetic Rose) , Robot Carnival (Franken’s Gears)

    Other Details: One of the founder of STUDIO4°C

    Title:Let’s Spend the Night Together (夜をぶっとばせ)

    Director: Hamatsu Mamoru (浜津守)

    Other Notable Works:Ronin Warriors(Yoroiden Samurai Trooper) , Glass Mask(2005) ,Crusher Joe:Assistant Director

    Title:Stop the Time(時間よ止まれ)

    Director: Hamasaki Hiroshi(浜崎博嗣)

    Other Notable Works:Shigurui , Texhnolyze

    Title: Betrayal in The City/The Street Corner of Betrayal (裏切りの街角)

    Director : Mochizuki Tomomi (望月智充)

    Other Notable Works:Ocean Waves , Kimagure Orange Road, House of Five Leaves

    Title: I Can’t Stop Loving You (愛さずにいられない)

    Director : Oomori Hidetoshi (大森英敏)

    Other Notable Works:Robot Carnival(Deprive) ,Government Crime Investigation Agent Zaizen Jotaro (LOL) and a lot of Key Animations and Animation Director for Mobile Suit Gundam Trilogy Movie , Zeta ,Inuyasha ,Natsu no Arashi and etc.

    Title: Those Were The Days/I Want To Return To Those Days (あの日に帰りたいれない)

    Director : Anno Takashi (安濃高志)

    Other Notable Works: Maison Ikkoku, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou(OVA), Spirit Of Wonder:Scientific Boys Club , Kamichama Karin

    Title: Lion and Pelican(ライオンとペリカン)

    Director : Sawai Koji (澤井幸次)

    Other Notable Works: Ranma 1/2 (Season 2 to 5) , Tekkaman Blade:Unit Director , Patlabor The Movie :Animation Director

    Other Comment: He and Koichi Mashimo are best friends and they brought us amazing anime like the .Hack series .Not to mention ,they are the main staff for the best studio of the world ,Bee Fucking Train. To think that Lion and Pelican was actually an amazing work.

    Title: White Christmas (ホワイトクリスマス)

    Director : Suzuki Iku (铃木行)

    Other Notable Works: Yoshinaga-san’chi no Gargoyle (TV) , Moonlight Mile Season 1 and 2,Yumeiro Pâtissière (TV) , Isshoni Training: Training with Hinako (OAV) , Happy Lesson ,Dears

    Other Comments: What a stellar resume he has with AMAZING innovative OVA like Training with Hinako. Must be one of the best director out there to date.

Citations: The Ending Credit of The Ova

Most of them are renowned directors/animators of the 80s and 90s . Makes me wonder why the hell am I the first one who make this director list.

Magical Lyrical Nanoha is science.

3. Magical Lyrical Nanoha (All 3 Seasons)

Magical Lyrical Nanoha is a deep introspection of the psyche of 30 years old men and 12 years old girls. The vibrant friendship , borderline romance between the female characters gave us an interesting insight of gender roles and causes serious contemplation about homosexuality . It touches on lots of strong theme such as the future of war machineries and talked about how hyper radioactive laser may causes mass destruction . However , the best message it can offer is definitely the idea of transformation . Using complex algorithm , this anime showed us that transformation just might be possible  in near future by showing us the  key to it , which of course lies in nudity during said transformation .

Shakugan no Shana is life.

2.Shakugan no Shana

Life is like a flickering flame , one day you are here , another you are worm’s food . Shakugan no Shana spreads the truth about the after life and is bold and imaginative enough to back up on such unknown theory. However , the best thing for Shakugan no Shana is the well researched human interaction. Shakugan no Shana goes in deep by using 48 episodes to show us the interactions between cretins and how the fought the internal darkness in their heart . It’s a epic lore of introspection , retrospection and anything -spection . One of the must see for your theory research on human life and human connections with one another.

Lucky Star is Jesus Christ .

1.Lucky Star

Lucky Star is a social commentary on the desperate issues of shut in and escapism in Japan. It showed us the horror  by realistically portraying the victims of said issues and gave us lost of viable intelligent solutions to eradicate the problems. However , not all is grim and nasty because in life , hope and optimism still exist.

With 5 years of scrutinies  , Lucky Star managed to come up with the brilliant plan to give hope and smile for the depressed shut ins and escapists . First , they cure the erectile dysfunction of the depressed by carefully planning out innocent looking erotica imageries to stimulate the facilitation of  sperms and penile erection which is the result of a complex interaction of psychological, neural, vascular and endocrine factors, and is usually, though not exclusively, associated with sexual arousal.

Secondly , they planned up what seems to be a cutesy musical dance but is actually the deconstruction of the psyche of shut in where they fought battles with imaginary reptile miscreations. Each movement of the dance is actually a hint on how to  oppugn these unreal monsters . Thanks to this dance , shut ins and escapists will tergiverse no more and become a better man . Lucky Star is the saviour , the hope for all man kind.

The End.

Many might have known that I have been pondering over getting the past few weeks upon getting my own dollfie dream especially getting Morikawa Yuki’s Head Sculpt is my top prior. I will do her on a Seperate post since I really do have a extensive amount of Photos on her thanks to Farid ( Kiwira & Ayatsuji from ).Here are some of the images of super Kawaii dollfies.

Man , now we know what all these creepy dolls are for. Who would have guessed ?

I need to insert picture(s) to earn hits from image search.

Kite Liberator is better than Kite just because it doesn’t force half-assed theme down your throat . However it does have its own share of problems as well .

Problem 1: Moe

The characterisation of Monaka uses the easy way out of being moe . Even though it’s lazy characterisation , it doesn’t really bother me much . Though I will rather they flesh out more of Monaka past and how she got into the assassin business than watching her fall down . Oh and for some reason , Monaka doesn’t wear any bra under her shirt because if she wore a bra , you won’t get to see her nipples when she took off her clothes right? Regardless ,Monaka isn’t obnoxious and she has some badass moments so I don’t really mind this problem.

Another reason why I mentioned about moe is because the ova love to emphasize on how their characters were under-aged. I don’t what’s their problem but it seems like they are constantly reminding you that the characters were minor. Not only that , those girl who got raped and molested are either high school girl or 12 years old . There’s something fishy here right?

Problem 2: Plot that need some refinement.

So you will turn into a monster and lose all your human nature just because you have enhanced bones. Must be due to the radiation because we all know that too much radiation won’t give you cancer but rather , make you a monster right?

Umetsu watched too much The Hulk.

There are other little flaws here and there but these two are so in your face , I can’t help but to mention them even though I am not really bothered by them.

Even with all these problem , Kite Liberator is still good entertainment. For instance , the action scenes were well done and some of the character designs and animation were nice to look at . The simple and entertaining drama of a female assassin , hired and trained by some secret agency to kill criminals and fight her monster father is pretty awesome as well . There’s also this conspiracy theory of mine on how Mukai is actually Sawa from the prequel because both of them have red eyes. Man ,so deep.

All in all , I enjoyed both the Kite ova and don’t mind watching more of it , even though they can be creepy sometimes.

Don’t fucking waste your time to debate these unimportant issues.

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