Man! I am so manly , I opened up a luncheon meat tin demonic chest of ancient history and civilization with my bare hand. Of course , like every manly man who did that , I  bled 1000 gallons of blood  because some demon came out from the tin chest and cut me . Naturally ,  like every manly man will do after a cut , I just wrapped it up with a cotton wool and went to sleep . My bed turned red the next day and by next day , I meant now .I examine my blood and  it was bloody red to the extend of being unnaturally bloody . Now every minute , the blood is still gushing out at the rate of 1litre per hour . Luckily for me , unlike most human being with 5-6 litre of blood , I only have 4litre or so , which means that I am out of blood while typing this post . Now all my blood had been replaced by coke because I have been consistently drinking coke at the rate of 2litre per minute to replenish the blood lost .

As for now , half the world is destroyed because I went to sleep and left the demon alone .

The End

True Story.