People always wonder to themselves why the fuck are they going back to Adachi’s work every time a new one come out even though all of them look and feel the same . It’s a joke that even Adachi himself knows , his character designs have remain the same for almost 30 years and the setting is almost always the same old  slice of life . Though unlike everyone else , I always believe that all of his works have different focus but I do agree on two things – the ambience and the interesting interaction between characters of his works remain the same throughout .It’s just like what others had said ,”  You don’t fix something that isn’t broken and if it works well , why not keep using it ?”

Though it’s not easy as it sounds , people will get bored when stuff  became repetitive. However ,  if that the case,  then how the hell can Adachi’ work be so refreshing every time I read it? I have seen almost 80 +volumes of his work and I still can’t enough of it . Why? The reason is clear after I finished Rough just recently , the root of this addiction is in the ending .

Newcomers may be upset by Adachi’s ending because all of them have this conclusive yet inconclusive conclusion . Yes , you know who’s going out with who and  the characters’ life goes on happily but you really wanted to know what’s next .Unfortunately , you can’t because all of them end with such a high yet subtle note , it makes you yearn for more . So what can you do to cope the urge? Since the thing you wanted more is the same ambience , feelings and interesting character interactions , you can only find it from his other works , and after another conclusively inconclusive ending , you can only read his other work , then another work , then another work and the cycle just goes on and on and on .

It also helps when all his character design looks the same so it’s easy to get into with his another work due to familiarity . To give you a final blow , his works are full of sceneries panels and every dialogues are so interesting , you will  burn through 70+ volumes just like that . “Whew” and you finished everything before you notice it. Perfect , awesome and you will be finding yourself searching for his other works . It’s a vicious cycle , a cocaine powder created specially by  Adachi Mitsuru himself .

In the end , I can’t help but wonder , did all this happen because we are shallow humans who wanted to feel the same great emotion every time or is it because of Adachi’s sheer brilliance in writing? I will always believe that it is the latter .

Try it now and start with any of his longer work like “Touch”. I am interested to see whether you will be caught into the same situation like many of the Adachi fans out there .