Important points for those who don’t know Chinese or Japanese for that matter:

Part 1:

Tezuka ignored his health problem after he had a surgery for his cancer and went to Osaka for his presentation . In the presentation , Tezuka talked about the following points and stories:

– Tezuka was made fun of during his childhood due to his weak physical and fuzzy hair cut. However , his manga was appreciated by his friends and that is a source to console and encourage himself .

– There are two important events that moulded Tezuka’s story in manga .

The first event happens during world war 2 when enemy attacks Japan and Tezuka was one of the guard. He escape the bombing but when he reached a river , he saw lots of corpses lying there. This shocked him and make him wonder and appreciate life.

-After the war , Tezuka decided to become a doctor . One day , he found out that one of his patient is going to die soon . After the patient died , the patient’s torment were relieved and he died with a serene expression. This again make him think about life more.

-This two events made Tezuka realise that life isn’t constraint within 100 years or 50 years , it should be infinite like the galaxy . Tezuka wanted to share this message to the children and hence always try to include such theme inside his work .

-He left three messages for the children.

1: Be curious and no matter what , pursue your dream and don’t give up .

2: Remember the things that impact you the most and learn from it .

3:Appreciate life.

Part 2:

-During the 20th Showa year , people are hunting and burning down manga because they are thought to be bad influence to the children .  Parents are offended by manga due to the bad impression they have after hearing articles related to manga from radio and rumours. Their complains mostly surround the fact that manga are lies and delusion  because it contains robot and people flying in the sky. Parents made such assumption without understanding what manga really is . This affected Tezuka . However , after the airing of Astro Boy , it was widely enjoyed by children and the hunting down of manga had subsided . This encouraged and strengthen  Tezuka’s belief in manga . He was also happy that he targeted his manga towards children because it seems to be the right move.

-Tezuka got married when he was 30 and he has 3 children. Tezuka believes that he understand what children wants the best but he was so engrossed with his work , he often neglect his own children .

– Showa 40 , riots happened between students and Japan is surrounded by violence . At the same time, Gekiga , a new style of manga started to emerge. Gekiga manga have bleak views of life and consist of lots of violence . Such themes are totally opposite of Tezuka’s manga style of hope and joy. However , Gekiga style was very popular among children and this causes Tezuka’s popularity to enter a downward spiral . This affect Tezuka a lot and he was in his lowest point for manga at that time . He criticised Gekiga because he believe that it is unsuitable for children however , due to the pressure Tezuka faced , he was forced to move with the flow and started to add in violence in his manga . It was implied that he was upset with his Gekiga works when he look back at it and state that he drew all this during his lowest point.

Part 3

During this lowest point in life , Tezuka was asked by an editor to publish a new work . It was a new work but it wasn’t advertised on the front page of the magazine like how other newest work should be . This is to tell the viewers not to anticipate too much . There are also three rules pertained to this work .

1: All the chapter must be self contained.

2:The style must be realistic like the Gekiga style

3:The manga will get cancel if it isn’t popular after four chapters.

With all these in mind , Tezuka remembered his life when he was a doctor . He went down to bookshops and flipped his old medical notes to research on the matter. During that time , there are lots of debates about the advancement of medical and the way people continue their life using machines . Tezuka uses all these theme and ideas and started serializing the manga . The manga is of course one of the most popular series by Tezuka , Black Jack . This manga went on for a decade when it was originally decided to end within four chapters by the publisher , this shows how this manga really affect people and how it was loved by many. The theme and message of said manga is  what Tezuka always believe in , appreciating life.

-During his last presentation for primary school students during 31 October 1988 , he spoke about this theme of life . He talked about how he is upset that children often come to him and tell him how they want to die because the future is bleak . After hearing such thoughts , he want to show the message of appreciating your life with his manga , he wanted to educate children that life is big and wonderful .


Tezuka’s passion and perseverance warmed me . His  story always stem from his strong belief and his intention of educating children . His message are so strong , it’s easy to get influence by his passion. Tezuka gave his life for manga and anime , he moulded the basic of manga and anime . He is really a wonderful man we should be thankful of and finally , let’s not forget the message he instil in is work : Appreciate Life.

By the way , the italic sentences are my interpretation , which is only one line actually.

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