You know how every Megazone 23 review must always mention that it is the first successful ova which create the path of the ova market or how it is actually the second or twenty third ova depending on the source you read from. Not to mention , you need to name drop Noboru Ishiguro , the director of some of the best anime works such as Macross , Macross DYRL , Yamato , Legend Of the Galatic Heroes and other magnificent stuffs. Also , how about Ichiro Itano with his Itano Circus and how he is actually Megazone 23 part II director . Of course , you can’t miss the amazing character designer and guest designer who names now  flew past my mind but one of them is the renowned character designer for works like Macross , Gunbusters and lots of other magnificent work of arts from the 80s. You also cannot forget to mention that 23 is read as two three and not twenty-three even though I swear I heard the ADV dub calling it twenty-three .

After that , you need to talk about how Matrix is a direct ripoff of Megazone 23 part 1 plot  because their premise  really has this uncanny similarity. Then you will need to talk about the amazing explicit sex scenes featured in Part I and Part II because that’s what every 70s and 80s kids go crazy about when they watched this during the tender age of 13. Finally , you need to talk about the awful animation of the needless Part III .which admittedly , I haven’t watch because I know it will be one hell to suffer through but being an anime fan who can’t leave any things unturned even though they suck . Now that I watched it , other than the awful animation , it wasn’t that bad . I am not saying that it was good though because it easily the worst among the trilogy . However , I do give it some credit for its effort in trying to create a watch-able cyberpunk.

Now after all those necessary introductions , I will slightly talk about Megazone 23 without going in depth because I am no in the calibre of doing so. I am one of the modern anime fan who don’t know what’s he talking about so I will do less talking in case my ass get burn by old fags who are 100 times smarter than me. For most part , I will be talking about Part I because I personally thought that it was the best among the three.

To summarise the plot , it’s about a biker punk who found this awesome motobike that can transform into a fighting robot . Then you will follow through his accidental adventure of finding out the TRUTH of his world. Romance sub-plot not sold separately.

Anyway , the first two minutes of Megazone Part I is really how you should start an anime. The anime started off with an awesome motobike chase scene and a quick overview of the two main characters. Really , the first two-minute is all it need to tell me  about the characters because you will know for sure that the main hero will be this immature street punk because he was chased by a traffic police and  the main heroine will be a slut because she talk  a bit too much with someone who she first met . Of course , that will also imply that the main hero is a pimp.

To add-on , the hero is really stupid because one sane enough will know that if you chance upon a top-secret military weapon , you don’t just ride it to your girl friend garage when it will endanger her life or even go to a date in open space when men with guns are tracking you down . Also , even if you want to reveal this top-secret weapon to the world , you don’t fucking ride it around  like nothing or destroy some hotel just so you can prevent the girl you like( the heroine) from having consensus sex with someone else just so she could be the next lead actor in some movie  .

Contrary to your common senses, this ova says that it’s ok to destroy some hotel and kill some polices/soldiers .  Also , it’s ok that you blew up people and not feel guilty about it just because you are a stupid kid . Really, all these are ok  when the 1980s is supposed to be the most peaceful time period.

The military themselves  wasn’t that smart as well since people can just easily steal a top-secret weapon because he was a test driver or something . Not to mention , they placed the elevator to a secret base in a traffic tunnel that is almost as accessible as a prostitute’s vagina.

Regardless , I am actually not bothered by what I said above . Megazone 23 was supposed to be a tv series anyway so it’s understandable that lots of plot points are brushed off lightly . Also due to that , lots of interesting themes such as children vs adult, adolescent  , living in a façade world , facing the reality are lightly touched upon but left a lot to be desired .

However due to cramming the whole tv series into a 80 min ova , the pacing was incredible fast hence the show has zero dull moment . One minute , you have character interactions then the next minute they are transforming to robot and blew things up . Then the next minute , the ova revealed the awesome secret of the world then suddenly aliens started attacking . It’s this non stop climax that make the whole ova one hell of a ride .

The plot wasn’t as well written as I will like it to be but the premise and setting was really interesting , ambitious and creative . I won’t spoil it for you because this is one of the reason why the ova is great .

The animation is consistent for an 80s ova and the action were more than good .

The music was 80-ish sure but the vocals were strong and great . It’s futile to talk about how the musics are great without letting you hear it .

The song above is also adapted to Cantonese and sung by the forever 25 years old Alan Tham

Real classics.

Now , you know what? I only talked about Megazone Part I and there are two more parts to go . However I won’t go on because there aren’t much to talk about Megazone Part II . Sure , a lot of key plot points were brought up lightly yet again  for Part II but the setting was already there so there isn’t as much plot to talk about when compared to Megazone Part I .  All I can say about Megazone Part II is that it features an awesome sex scene , have totally different character design , essential for viewing to complete the Megazone Saga , have some awesome violence scenes and that’s about it . Oh and the songs remain awesome .

All in all , give it a try just so you can be  one of the few who stand up from the mass and criticise The Matrix as a ripoff . It’s also only 2 80 minutes ova and both of them  have non stop climaxes  in every sense so they are totally worth it .As for part III , it was bearable . You can skip it but it does expand a little on the Megazone 23 universe, nothing important though.

Actually fuck all that , fuck what I said . THESE and THESE are then the REAL MEGAZONE 23!

You see , totally class with obscure references included.