Before people think that I am getting a little too pretentious lately because the stuff I am blogging and watching nowadays might seem obscure so I decided to talk about the popular things among fandom now , moe .

If I were to use the broadest definition of moe, the catalogue we are talking about is too large to narrow down. You see , moe in its broadest sense can be everything or nothing depending on your perspective. Not to mention , it seems to me that when a series is connoted as being moe , it’s more of lumping all these cutesy otaku bait series which people don’t enjoy and mark it off as moe rather than actually defining a genre so there aren’t any real guide lines to define what anime is moe.

For example , is something like Suzuka moe? In its broadest sense , yes because it’s sort of wish-fulfilling if you see it that way. However , on another stand point , it can be a simple down to earth shonen romance. The author’s intention is also unclear , especially so when I don’t think he even thought about such issue when he wrote it . Not to mention , it was serialised in a popular anthology rather than something that is targeted towards the moe crowd.

Another murky example will be Aria . I personally don’t think that Aria is moe because its characterisation is innocently cute rather than a commercialised pandering , but then this cuteness may translate to moe for someone who find the characterisations to be wank material for otaku.

So how to I get to write this post? I don’t know but my personal belief is that moe is rather sinister because the main ideals are wish-fulfilling and wanking. However , on the other hand , wish-fulfilling or not depends again on your perspective and anything from a dog picture to a  vagina can be wank materials. In this case , I guess I will just list down series that are popularly connoted as pure moe shit .Or in its simplest term , I will include or exclude stuff just because I felt like it.

The list:

Kanon 2006 and Haruhi .

That’s all folks , thank you!

The less said about this the better it will be because any explanations will just be deem as some idiotic fanboy defence on moe even if they are not . This is like liking Naruto , you don’t need to state any reason other than you enjoyed the fightings because the lesser being said , the better it will be . This is also partly because there isn’t much to elaborate other than saying that they are entertaining so it’s quite impossible to pretend that you are smart when you talk about such show.

However , if you really need a reason , Kanon 2006 has interesting and unique stories with lots “innocent” comedic moments. Innocent because I always thought that the stupidities of the girls are played up for Manzai comedy effect rather than being moe and there are lots of really brilliant lines like” I have long transcend these worldly matter” just so the character can skip homework. Truth  to be told , the word moe ,annoying, creepy , erection ,otaku or I want to protect you never come to my mind when I watched this so who cares. It doesn’t matter if it didn’t bother you or you didn’t think of it that way .

As for Haruhi , I won’t talk about pretentious stuff like subversion of Harem clichés and such because I highly don’t believe in that line of argument. It’s good just because it is entertaining .

Now you know the whole elaborated introduction is there to waste your time .