For this post , I will take it that you had already watched Kite and know what I am talking about . If not , Kite is a 2 part ova series by Yasuomi Umetsu , the bastard who spoilt the amazing character art from Megazone 23 Part I when he did the character design for Megazone 23 Part II . Other renowned directorial work of his is Mezzo Forte , an ova that is very funny as it features random explicit sex scenes just because. There’s also a Mezzo Forte tv series that on one care. He is good with key animation work though . As for the plot of Kite , to make it simple , it is about stealthy assassins  blowing things up .  It’s also a high quality porn with a somewhat coherence plot. Regardless , let’s get to the post itself .

First thing first , if you think that Kite is deep with its social commentaries, I will call bullshit because to me , it’s just one mean spirited exploitative ova.

People doesn’t seem to understand the real concept of a strong theme . Just because a show puts in lots of violence and grim doesn’t make it something deep,realistic or strong .You need something more than that , something to back up all these violence and grim .

So with that in mind ,what did Kite show us with all those grim and brutality? Nothing , nothing at all except of hot sex and amazing gun fight. Out of the 50 minutes of the ova , 30mins are explicit sex and gun fight and another 20 mins were there for the romance sub plot of the two assassins.

The thing about having a strong theme is that scenes weren’t just there to exploit , it needs to resonate with issue of the real world so even though some event might be exaggerated , realism within the setting of the series is one of the key here. Also the message it carries must have substance . However for Kite , I won’t say that’s the case just so because it was too full of exploits.

People argued that the sex scene was to show the issue of sex slave but seriously, Sawa wasn’t even traumatised by it at all. More so , she seems to enjoy it instead! This is so wrong because truth to be told , a raped victim don’t enjoy having sex with the rapist just because she was raped too many times .

If you read real commentaries from raped victims , most if not all of them will  go through this traumatised period and suffer some sort of mental breakdown . The unlucky one might have their whole life ruined for them while the slightly fortunate one may recover from it . However in Sawa’s case , she was brutality attacked by the same rapist again and again since she was young but she still can live life normally and didn’t have any hint of serious mental breakdown.

Now with that ,people will say that Sawa is strong willed but I call it bullshit .

Please think hard about it , Sawa was only a child when all the nasty stuff happened to her. Being a child without much experience , you will think that she will be shocked to death or suffer a huge mental breakdown  but no , nothing traumatising really happened to her and she sure as hell can live life normally. This is especially so when Sawa didn’t seem to have any time to recover because she was consistently being abused by the rapist. Come on man , you can’t just toughen up because you got raped too much . That’s like saying your injury will not be painful any more because I am consistently conflicting more injuries onto you without giving you any medical attention.

To add a final blow , the amount of unnecessary sex scenes which didn’t centre around Sawa were present just because sex sells . This causes the show to lose all its credibility . Not to mention , the last sex scene where Sawa put up an act is just ridiculous because there isn’t even a need to do it because she intend to kill the rapist already .  So why is it there? First , for sex appeal and second , for the contrived grittiness of how life is so bad for the two assassins so that people will buy it . Simple exploitation in other word.

As for the aspect of child soldier , let’s remember that child soldiers were trained when they are still naive . Lots of brain washing were done when they don’t even know or understand anything . With that in mind , when did it happen when Sawa was trained as a “child soldier”? From the flashback , it seems like it happened when she was 10 to 12 . By that time , you will think that she won’t be brain washed easily because I will think that you will sort of understand right from wrong when you are at that age. Not to mention , what did the rapist did to brain wash her? Nothing , just rape her more . Truth to be told , the brain washing session was so successful , Sawa can still remember that the rapist killed her parent.

Let’s not even mention about the pathetic attempt of forcing Sawa to kill someone because that make as much sense as saying that you can force a child to kill just because you took her most precious toy . Really , real life doesn’t happen that way.

In other words ,it doesn’t really shed any truth about child soldier , it’s there because it’s there . The graphic violence felt like simple graphic violence because it’s nice to look at rather than trying to tell you something . For one , the assassination attempts are too elaborated and not stealthy enough like it should be. I don’t see the need of close combat with explosive bullet when a long range sniper will do a job more cleanly .

With all these out-of-the-way , all that is left is a half ass attempt in trying to tell you that the world is a nasty place just because. If that’s  what you call a good and strong theme and story , then it will be easy to create an awesome story just by mentioning child abuse , rape ,evil people , brutal sex scene and war without going deeper into it.

With that , Kite really is just a trashy ova about gun and sex. A simple story about revenge with gore and violence for the sake of gore and violence. However , you will be wrong if you think that I hated this ova. Even though I think that everything from the mood to the theme of this ova is contrived bullshit, I am not bothered by it . It may look like I am bitching and trashing this show but I am not , I am just saying what I think is true .That however doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy the amazing action choreography and such . Also as nasty as this sound , especially when the girl featured during the sex scene was supposed to be under-age , hot anime girl having hot sex is always a joy to watch because it is pure pornography. Not to mention , even though it was imply that she was under-age , she doesn’t look like 12 years old ! I swear !

Now I feel guilty for enjoying this ova because truth to be told , this ova is really disgusting . In other words ,I don’t recommend you to watch it because it is fucked up in a bad way.