Fuck reviewers , I fucking hate them because they suck . Every time I read any reviews about Mind Game ,they always spend too much time talking about how Mind Game has awesome visual and go on and on with their useless analysis and interpretations of the visual symbolism and shit like that , hence resulting in the lack of mention for the best thing about Mind Game – the theme, the message and the plot .

As interesting as the visuals are , they aren’t  really subtle at all .The things that the visuals want to convey are clear cut , obvious and complement well with the plot . It’s easy to understand and it’s not pretentious. Also, a lot of the exaggerated imageries are just there because they are fun and exciting to watch and it conveys the uplifting mood very well . So really , there’s nothing complicated there so people should shut their gap and don’t make Mind Game sounds as convoluted as they made it up to be because that will only deter viewers away.

Mind Game is the antithesis of Kite because it has a strong theme . It doesn’t  laze out with its theme by making it unnecessary dark and grim . Rather , the theme is really optimistic and we all know how optimism is harder to convince since most people think that the real world resides more on the pessimistic side . So the ability of backing up the optimism with vibrant colours and uplifting plot on how the world is so wonderful because there are so many possibilities out there is brilliant. The redemptions and development of the characters are so well written , it really lift up your mood and makes you believe that the world is a loving place and how your life really is the result of your own decision.

I especially adore the second final sequence where the characters run for their life. The segment shows us how the characters’ past actions of love and kindness helped them to escape. One such example is Yang took care of a dog and the dog tag helped her to escape. It was also shown that not only the affection you gave can help you , the affection you received from others may save your life too . This is shown by how Nishi fractured his bone when he remember that he didn’t drink any milk when her mom told him to do so, but then the fractured bone repairs itself when it was shown that his mom add in milk to his food. These sequences again further fortify the theme and message of the film .

The ending is great as well because it ties in with the beginning . At first , the movie boggles you with bombardment of images . Then when all these images repeat themselves during the ending , everything was clear that they are some sort of flashback of the characters. Then extra scenes were added in to show other possible decisions made by the characters . I also like the foreshadowing during the start of the film when Nishi is messaging “Your life is the result of your own decision”.

The comedy is funny as well because it does what Japanese does best , visual gags with a hint of perversion. The constant references to football and World Cup were great too even though 2004 , the year in which this film premiers is actually during European Cup , not World Cup . You know why is that so? Because Yuasa worked on Mind Game for 2 years and 9 months.