Disclaimer: I had only read/watched less than 10 shoujo titles so my views may seem narrow minded or off tangent.

I always seems to deter myself away from shoujo/josei series because I know that I can’t enjoy them . This assumption was further fortified when I put the highly acclaimed Honey and Clover’s manga on hold after 3 volumes because the plot felt uneventful and I don’t understand what the author is trying to do because she is always jumping around with her stories.

The only chapter that I like is the one where one of the main character went back to his hometown and met his new dad . That chapter is the only chapter that felt like some kind concrete plot is going on . Even the much  lauded chapter where the guy with spec piggybacked that girl didn’t affect me at all when it was supposed to be emotional . With that I am curious of the reason why I felt that way. So I decided to list down some problems I have with shoujo series.

Out of the few shoujo manga and anime I seen , most of them tend to lose its focus and wander off randomly. That might be due to the fact that shoujo tends to put more focus on the characterisation rather than the plot . This can be good if the characters are relatable or admirable , but sadly , most of the time they are not  .The reason is that those characters were more female oriented and my Y chromosomes is too strong to understand their thought process. This lead to my second point : I don’t like or understand the characters ,especially the male one.

You see ,all the male characters are so fabulously wonderful with pink , it makes my penis shrink . They are all so prince like and gay ,I couldn’t stomach it because well , it is gay. Most of them are all so sweet and sensitive , I felt queasy because that’s fucking unmanly. Also , being a male , I know how all these characters are highly unrealistic to the point that I can’t fathom what are they doing or thinking.

Also, I hate the art style . There are too many fluff and flowers , it makes me cringe . Not to mention , the character designs ( especially for the female characters) are too unattractive for my taste  . I mentioned that because most of the time , the male characters love the heroine because they thought that she was cute. This makes me goes bonkers because I don’t get what’s so cute about the heroine . Case in point , Hagumi from Honey and Clover . Hagumi is so unattractive , it’s hard for me to understand how can two guy fall in love with her during first sight .

Finally , there aren’t any tropes in Shoujo  that grasp me . Most of them are queasy emo romance which makes no sense to me . Not to mention , there aren’t any dynamic in terms of plot hence resulting in it being really pointless and empty for me.   I really can’t understand the appeal and motivation of such plot line and there isn’t any mono no aware mood to hold me around so I really cannot appreciate it .

With that , to end off , I will like some recommendations of shoujo title that you think can change my mindset . It will be best if it’s a pure romance shoujo series because my problem with shoujo mainly stem from the romance genre. In other words , I will appreciate it if you could recommend me stuff like err  I don’t know , Kaichou wa Maid Sama rather than Utena . I decided to watch Utena soon anyway so it is rather unnecessary to bring it up. Also , it will be good if it is less than 25 episodes . Oh , Josei is fine as well.

Post Notes:

This  is actually a revision for a post from 1 year ago . I found out from the statistic that people are reading it so I decided to tidy it up .

Man , now I look back at some of my older post , I am really just brain farting and info dumping everything that’s on my mind . They are sometimes so incoherent , I myself don’t even know what I am writing (not saying that I am any more coherent nowadays though).

Though , it’s definitely fun to see my growth of ideas and philosophy as an anime fan when I look back at my older posts.