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To be honest, I never know what the hell Halloween is or care about it because if you want to talk about the special day relating to ghost, we pretty much have 1 whole month of “7th month” where parents scare the shit out of their children by telling them spooky mystical tales on how ghost will do nasty things to them if they disrespect the deceased or stay out late at night during the 7th month of lunar calendar. That of course is the Chinese way of imparting good values through scare tactics but damn hell does it works. Due to all those scary stories, I am always wary during the 7th month and live life in distress and anxiety because I am a fucking coward.

I however also learned the deeper meaning behind it and the good virtue it imparts. The 7th month originated from a story about a filial son finding out that her dead mom is a hungry ghost in hell. To free her from the suffering, he tried to feed her but failed. Buddha told the son that he needs the power of other luohan to succeed. After some hardship and rituals, his mom finally got freed and reincarnated during the seventh month. With that, people celebrate the “7th month” where they believe that the hell gate will open and ghost will gain freedom from hell during July to remember the importance of showing our respect to the deceased and the filial piety shown by the son. That of course is the simplified version of the story where I skipped lot of crucial plot points.

Sure , even though it may look idiotic or delusional with our vibrant concerts and grand ceremonies to celebrate with our deceased one just because of some bullshit religious story that may or may not be factual, the thoughts and messages behind it are true and sincere.

So as you can see, with such a cultural and big event like the “7th month”, no one in the past really care about Halloween because it really isn’t a part of our life. To be frank, it isn’t until recent years when all those obnoxious teen shout and getting all annoyingly excited about Halloween that I actually recognise its existence. However, before I know it, the “7th month” is pretty much gone in the mind of teenagers as table has turned and Halloween became the big ghost event while the “7th month” is chucked aside where only the older generation cares about it now. Most of the teenagers pretty much forgot all the great values imparted by the “7th month”. They are swept by the Halloween wave because Halloween supplies them with more fun and parties to widen their social circle (nicer terms of finding more sex partner) while “7th month” is dull and uncool. It’s all about fun nowadays and less about the value behind the special day.

It’s ok if teenagers understand and appreciate Halloween while partying but that’s definitely not the case. We just don’t have the culture of Halloween here and it is definitely not an integral part of our life like how “7th month” is. Most of us don’t know the epic lore of Halloween, nor do we know the implicit meaning behind it. People are celebrating it because it is cool and everyone is doing it.  People are celebrating it because nightclub and pub promote special events that are fun and exciting for teenagers with raging hormones. Now it’s more like some fashion parade using the name of Halloween to promote and motivate horny teens to party and look at weirdly dressed chick than a traditional holiday. That to me is insulting, insincere and really shows how shallow most teenagers are.

With that and being a traditional Chinese man who uphold great moral and cultural values like sex after marriage and receiving red packets with a smile , I can’t help but be disappointed with shallow teenagers again. I can now only pop in some Japanese cartoon to comfort my bitter soul.


Tomomi Mochizuki stated before that it will be difficult to kick start your career with Studio Ghibli because they don’t produce smaller scale TV series for directors to gain experience with . Suzuki refuted that by saying that it is all about talent and used Takahata Isao(Only Yesterday ,Grave of the Fireflies ,Jarinko Chie), the highly acclaimed director but somehow got overshadowed a bit too much by Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli as an example where he stated that Takahata début with a full length movie and did really well with it .This début movie of his was so highly acclaimed ,it was revered as the first Japanese animation that  was better than Disney production . This legendary movie is of course Horus : Prince of the Sun .

Horus: Prince of the Sun is a 1968 animated film by Toei about a young man named Horus/Hols trying to go back to his village that was once destroyed by a devil after his papa died. His mission is of course to defeat the evil devil .

The story is pretty straight forward and nothing out of the box actually . However as a 1968 film , it features animations that are so fluid , it makes stuff like Akikan and 11 Eyes look like the 1960s production instead. That’s not saying that it doesn’t use loops or static images to push the story forward though but I will say that at least 70% of the animation still holds up well for today’s standard.

Though as great as the animations were ,the plot and the structure are too dated for contemporary standard. For one ,it was very simplistic where a lot of stuff happens without any explanation. Characters are heroic or evil just because they are heroic or evil ,there isn’t any motivation behind them and everything was touches upon too lightly. There are no great theme other than your usual work together and fight the evil found in your usual children adventure stories.

I did however enjoyed it hugely due to being awe by the fluid animation where I can’t believe that I am watching a 1968 film . Though, it was still hard for me to put in my full 81mins of attention into it .This is why I won’t recommend anyone to watch it unless you find it to be historically interesting. If you do watch it for its historical values ,you can really see how it influences subsequent Ghibli works where similar character design and personality( like how little girls love to show their cute little white bloomer for no apparent reason) were used. Not to mention ,everyone favourite , Hayao Miyazaki contributed a lot for this movie and it does show.

That’s really about it , I don’t know what else I can say except that there are talking animals ,a big ice elephant and a very scary yet badass giant golem who somehow has this legendary badass sword plunged in his big bold manly rock shoulder for the main character ,Horus to pull out and reforge it to claim the title of Prince of the SUN!

What can I say to that? You just look at it and laugh while feeling all the awesomeness swelling inside you.

More technical information which makes me wonder why the hell I am blogging this when I can always find the stuff I want others to know else where :

I had times where I don’t understand why people praised Studio Ghibli so much and thought that it was that bit of overrated. I knew and could related to some of my friends who shared the same sentiment where they are baffled at the popularity of Totoro when it was so mundane .  However that was the past as in recent years , I started to understand and appreciate Ghibli and know where the praises all come from.

It all actually boils down to the technical side of things. Ghibli is the master of animation and can do amazing feat with anything about making animated films from techniques to screen play to well written script . All these are indisputable facts that no one can complain .It’s something objective and concrete where you can easily highlight any part of the film and provide factual support on why it was a well written film. This is why Ghibli films work well with critics and film major because they love to rationale their thoughts on a film and they look  at the more technical side of things .

For example ,when they look a string of animated frames ,they don’t like subjective thoughts on how these frames resonate well with their emotion just because . They look at how good these frames are drawn and other technical aspects to support the emotion they felt. Same goes with the plot . When they see a film ,they look for depth and decide whether it relates well with social issues and such because they are strong backups to support what they say .

However as someone who doesn’t really appreciate films with such regards , I don’t really subscribe to the complete rationale and objective ways of doing things .For one , I love what I love due to solely subjective reason , I have no objective means to justify why I love cartoons so much and why I prefer to watch Sword of Stranger than to like say ,Godfather .All I can say is that I prefer cartoon over live action film . That’s not saying I can’t tell you why I love Sword of Stranger more but all the reason I gave are really subjective and  technical side of things doesn’t factor in much .

This is why as much as I can understand and appreciate the technical facts about why Ghibli is one of the best studio out there ,I couldn’t really say that I love their films or place them as a favourite .For one , the only Ghibli film that resonate well with me was Ocean Waves , which ironically is one of the cheapest and hastily produced TV special by a bunch of young and unpolished animators from Ghibli which went over budget and hence causing it to be one of the least successful work from Ghibli that took the longest time to break even(Though please be aware that the least successful work of Ghibli still earn more than some of the top grade works from any other studio).Not to mention , even as a fan , I agreed that it was the least inspired film from Ghibli where the story is something everyone had seen before .

However , even with such facts , I can’t help but mellow when I watch Ocean Waves. It was so pure and subtle, it appears to be very realistically written even though the animators themselves know that it was too  pure to be true. Even so ,I think it resonate well with teenagers like me where it depict the non overarching realistic ideal of romance . Realistic ideal is a contradiction but it is this contradiction of half fantasy and half realism that make it so appealing because the story might really happen even when the possibility is small .

People love to make comparison of Ocean Waves and Only Yesterday due to similar style and similar fate of being the few works of Ghibli that weren’t licensed for release in America or so I heard. I haven’t watch Only Yesterday so I can’t comment on that but I will believe that Whisper of the Heart was the better choice for comparison .

If you had watch the documentary of  Ocean Waves produced in 2003,  long time Ghibli producer  ,Toshio Suzuki speculated that the reason why Hayao Miyazaki was furious after the test film of Ocean Waves was because he know he can’t produce such work .Suzuki also speculated that Ocean Waves is one of the reason why Whisper of the Heart was produced . The 5 main animators for Ocean Waves also think that the reason why Hayao Miyazaki green-lit Whisper of the Heart is to put an end to the whole realistic romance story from Ghibli and is some sort of challenge to Ocean Waves. The whole premise and feel of Whisper of the Heart also compares well with Ocean Waves too. Even before I watch the documentary , I always thought that Ocean Waves was the big sister for Whisper of the Heart because they are so similar and I guess I am sort of correct with that .

It’s widely accepted that Whisper of the Heart is better in terms of technical side of things because holy fucking god, Miyazaki helmed the scripting task and Yoshifumi Kondō [1],the promising animator revered by Miyazaki and many directed it .With such superior production value, it is normal for you to think that I should like Whisper of the Heart more right? Unfortunately , that’s not the case really.

The dialogues and personality of the characters of Whisper of the Heart just doesn’t work well with me. They don’t have the semi realism of Ocean Waves and they are just too mundane for my taste. When I watch Rikako being a bitch in Ocean Waves , I can relate to it because my image of a teenage girl fits in well with that . However on the other hand , when I watch Shizuku , I can’t think of her as a junior high girl because no realistic people act that way.  Same goes with the comparison of Taku and Seiji.  Not to mention , in Whisper of the Heart , there aren’t any memorable scenes that moved or impressed me because it just felt flat.

I will think it is my problem with Hayao Miyazaki’s script because as much as I admit that Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away are well written, I felt that they are too technical and isn’t “human” or sentimental enough  . That’s still ok for Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away because they have fantastic plot and amazing action to make up for that but I felt that Whisper of the Heart is all about immersing in the sentimental side of things and enjoy the relationship of the characters so if you could not get into them , half the battle had already lost . However , all these are of course all subjective preference because others actually find Whisper of the Heart to be touching while Ocean Waves being a snore feast.

This is why as rationale as being objective with facts about production value can be , I still think that subjective views of whether a film touches you is much more important . That’s not saying production value and such aren’t important because most of the time , they are important elements that reach out to pull your heart string .

Side Notes:

[1]Unfortunately ,Yoshifumi  died at the age of 47 in 1998 before his career reach another highpoint when Miyazaki decided to let Kondo be his successor to lead Ghibli. [<-]

I always stand by the notion of you are free to do whatever you want if you don’t harm anyone .So moe fans , do what you want and go fuck your pillow , fap to moe series , collect loli doujin , buy sissy dolls and be unknowingly creepy for all I care.

To be frank ,  even though I said that ,I have to admit that I do make fun of moe fans because they are easy targets. I don’t know why but most of them get really defensive when someone criticise some moe series even if the criticisms are reasonable . Their reactions are annoying yet hilarious and fun to watch because the things they wrote are all so unintentionally entertaining. It’s like someone getting real excited about some shitty film like Epic Movie and defend the shit out of it when people say it sucks. This is especially so when most of the retaliations are either illogical or  ad nauseum copied and pasted shit like how  you don’t get it because it’s fucking slice of life .

Firstly , they don’t know that calling K-On a “slice of life” somehow degraded its comedy value because eh , it’s slice of life and not what it actually is – a comedy . They also imply that it was meant to be bland and pointless so you shouldn’t be offended  or get bored by it when it isn’t funny or didn’t manage to see any worth of it because “it’s slice of life” makes everything ok.

Secondly ,  do they really think that people don’t understand the charm of stuff with no conflicts? That’s real insulting because people love and understand relaxing stuff with no conflicts like My Neighbour Totoro .It’s not rocket science so don’t go around assuming that people don’t understand mono no aware .

Most moe fans also somehow don’t understand the notion that any criticism is just the writer’s opinion and when they talk about moe otaku exposing their penis to wank while watching Nanoha , they didn’t mean that all moe fans who watch Nanoha masturbate when Fate got naked or something . The writers are just stating that images of otaku fapping to Fate disturb them because some of the scenarios are just outright pandering and scream “Fap at me!” .

In other words , they are not criticising the  moe fans who watched Nanoha for non sexual reason but those who really fap to Fate so don’t get all angry if you are innocent . But then if you watch Nanoha for non sexual reason yet still proclaim that you are the biggest lolicon  , which is something a lot of people do for some reason ,  then you are really courting your own demise.

Another trivia for you , people who have  images of otaku wanking when they watched a moe series are those whose mind are defiled  because they understand that Akihabara is no otaku paradise but a place with buildings after buildings of shops that sell sex toys .Trust me , know enough of such stuff and all those wanking otaku images will appear in your mind naturally.

Finally , it is really hilariously annoying when moe fans get really serious and excited about something as shallow as the shimapan of Mio.

To sum up ,getting excessively excited about minor stuff plus the constant annoying yet hysterical retaliations are the reasons why I can’t take most moe fans seriously. Though I have to make it clear that the annoyance is more of the main reason here.

So the truth is out! You now know my constant deride of moe fans is partly due to their annoying yet hilarious retaliations . Seriously I don’t hate moe for being wish fulfilling or stuff like that as that’s something really self righteous to say . Sure , the images of otaku wanking after noticing some pandering from a moe series does distract me a little but the biggest reason why I dislike moe is because the abundance of pandering that doesn’t work for me . This resulted in a banal and boring experience when a series played up their moe pandering while totally neglecting everything else. It is especially true when I prefer the pandering of decapitated heads and awesome shonen battles because you know , non sissy badass things happen .


It’s strange that there aren’t that many good old down to earth Samurai/Ninja anime that exploit your usual hack and slash tropes when it’s like the Japanese thing. I can only name Sword of Stranger , Ruroni Kenshin ,Shigurui ,Ninja Scroll and maybe Dagger of Kamui off the top of my head. That’s pretty sad because I have soft spot for historical action flicks of ninja and samurai. So what to do? I stooped down so low by watching Kage .

So what is Kage? To put it simply , Kage is an original 4 episodes ova produced in 2004 by studio APPP who brought us classic like Jo Jo Bizzare Adventure(2000) , Project A-ko and Robot Carnival .

To be frank , I don’t really know any of the production crew but most of them did some all right stuff . Marco D’Ambrosio did the music ,  Takahashi Shinya , the veteran who did a whole lot of animating for family series that run forever and some other great stuff did the character design and Masashi Abe who directed a bunch of run-of-the-mill stuff directed it. Pretty all right crew as far as I know .

Now first thing first , even though Kage was labelled as a hentai ,  it doesn’t really fit with what you call hentai . Well for one , it tried to be really classy by showing little to no genitals .Not to mention , as random as the sex can be , they are sort of justified because women ninjas kill their target while having sex or being rape right? They are really just like the slightly extended sex scene from Ninja Scroll so it wasn’t really fair to call it out right porn . Though it was pretty misogynist but whatever , that’s what I am looking for anyway .

As for the story itself, Kage was exceptionally coherent even though it has a hentai label . Though it was because it’s so simple and bare bone , there isn’t anyway to fuck it up . It’s just a hack and slash ninja flick with lots of decapitated  heads , random sex , revenge and nothing else . It’s a true “it’s what it is” series where you get what you asked for and it did what I asked it to do pretty well done. That’s not saying it was good or what but considering the lack of watch-able series with such genre , it was pretty decent.

The story follows a ninja girl who hides on a roof and see some hot girl having sex with a man . Then she threw a needle down but the hot girl dragged the man to dodge it then proceed to use a string to decapitate his head , implying that she was a ninja as well . Blood flows and the hot girl suddenly turned into a blond and have a small confrontation with the hiding ninja girl , naked! After the hot girl escape , the scene shows the hot girl bathing and getting all excited about blood while a man washes her body . The story continues by following the link behind the ninja girl , hot girl and washing body man’s past and missions. Simple and easy .

Though when they are not having sex or fightings , the plot meanders around some of the most useless characters ever . They are frigging boring but it was only a 4 episode ova and so the runtime for those boring characters add up to about 15mins . Totally tolerable.

The action was aplenty but it wasn’t really phenomenal. It was good enough to satisfy me though so all is well . The production value was quite high as well and the pacing was really fast because there are little to no heavy boring dialogues. All in all , pretty above average production .

Now don’t get me wrong , as much as I enjoyed it , it’s sub par if I wanted to be objective . It just so happen I had the urge to see some blood and ass so it was decent . So if you expect too much out of it or didn’t have the right mood , it can easily be the most laughable and offensive anime you watched.  Even as a ninja/samurai flick , it wasn’t top grade stuff like Sword of Stranger but it was decent enough for me to invest my time with .

All in all , I will still say that it was a pretty good addition for the far and few between down to earth ninja/samurai flick out there so if you are a fan  then well , you really have nothing else more to choose from .

I have been watching so much anime nowadays , I am kinda mixed up in my mind . Not to mention , the abundance of South Park episodes didn’t help as well . Now to go straight to the point , I need help in identifying which anime or south park episode did they show people watching the Son of Godzilla film. I remember the Son of Godzilla reference being quite significant because it has something to do with the 1967 era . The scene goes on about how it’s the 1960s and people are watching the Son of Godzilla film . Though it’s just a few seconds scene. Due to that , I am pretty sure that it is not a south park episode but I may be wrong . It’s also something I watched recently . Here’s the list of what I watched recently.

Yesterday (1)
Moonlight Lady ep. 5 Edit Yesterday, 5:39 AM
Tuesday (6)
Major S6 ep. 8 Edit 10-12-10, 10:06 AM
Major S6 ep. 2 Edit 10-12-10, 3:17 AM
Millennium Actress ep. 1 Edit 10-12-10, 2:18 AM
Man & Whale ep. 1 Edit 10-12-10, 12:04 AM
Kid’s Castle ep. 1 Edit 10-12-10, 12:03 AM
Bavel no Hon ep. 1 Edit 10-12-10, 12:03 AM
Monday (5)
Ame no Hi ep. 1 Edit 10-11-10, 11:43 PM
Karo & Piyobupt: The Sandwiches ep. 1 Edit 10-11-10, 11:43 PM
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt ep. 2 Edit 10-11-10, 11:14 PM
Perfect Blue ep. 1 Edit 10-11-10, 5:06 PM
Macross Frontier: Itsuwari no Utahime ep. 1 Edit 10-11-10, 2:06 AM
Last Week (10)
Paranoia Agent ep. 13 Edit 10-08-10, 9:06 AM
Paranoia Agent ep. 6 Edit 10-07-10, 4:12 PM
Paranoia Agent ep. 1 Edit 10-06-10, 11:43 PM
Shinryaku! Ika Musume ep. 1 Edit 10-06-10, 7:38 PM
Dai Mahou Touge Omake ep. 4 Edit 10-06-10, 5:07 PM
Dai Mahou Touge ep. 8 Edit 10-06-10, 4:23 PM
Dai Mahou Touge ep. 2 Edit 10-06-10, 4:30 AM
Bakemonogatari ep. 15 Edit 10-06-10, 3:19 AM
Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto ep. 1 Edit 10-04-10, 8:19 PM
Kara no Kyoukai ~the Garden of sinners~ chap. 1 Edit 10-08-10, 10:46 PM
Two Weeks Ago (22)
Bakemonogatari ep. 1 Edit 09-29-10, 10:21 AM
Ookiku Furikabutte: Natsu no Taikai Hen ep. 13 Edit 09-29-10, 9:24 AM
Ookiku Furikabutte: Natsu no Taikai Hen ep. 11 Edit 09-29-10, 6:26 AM
Ookiku Furikabutte: Natsu no Taikai Hen ep. 8 Edit 09-29-10, 4:22 AM
Ookiku Furikabutte: Natsu no Taikai Hen ep. 6 Edit 09-28-10, 8:21 PM
Ookiku Furikabutte: Natsu no Taikai Hen ep. 4 Edit 09-28-10, 1:18 PM
Ookiku Furikabutte: Natsu no Taikai Hen ep. 3 Edit 09-28-10, 12:43 PM
Sentimental Journey ep. 12 Edit 09-28-10, 1:20 AM
Sentimental Journey ep. 12 Edit 09-28-10, 1:19 AM
Karo & Piyobupt: A House ep. 1 Edit 09-27-10, 5:09 AM
Perspektivenbox ep. 1 Edit 09-27-10, 4:35 AM
Hyakka Zukan ep. 1 Edit 09-27-10, 4:29 AM

I have a hunch that it’s one of the Satoshi Kon’s work and it’s highly possible that it’s either Perfect Blue , Paranoia Agent or Millennium Actress. However I maybe wrong . So please do help if you remember which anime or south park episode did the film “Son of Godzilla” appear in .

Or maybe it’s all just a dream?

Paranoia Agent looks like a critical commentary about moe but then  sort of whizzes out in the end and became a story solely about facing the reality . Yes , it’s ok to have a cute cat but not a cute dog because now the designer isn’t using the cute dog to escape her childhood trauma . Does that imply that moe is ok if no one use it to escape reality? I guess so .

Well , that’s all right and I pretty much agree with that but I will prefer it to be totally one sided and show that Tokyo was destroyed due to that moe dog because all you fucking moe otaku watching this show are relying too much on the false peace to escape from your trouble.

Nevertheless , it was still bold and spectacular. Even without the moe commentary that I pulled out off my ass while I watch the show to pleasure myself with my “intelligence” of being able to get the deep message , the plot itself was solid and gripping . The life of the characters are also pretty fucked up and we all know how fucked up characters are really interesting to watch because everyone is a sadist deep down inside . If not , we won’t think that the rape jokes of DMC are badass nor will we laugh at episode 8 of Paranoia Agent because they made suicide hilarious , right?

That’s all folk as I don’t think I need to mention how animator is such a shitty job , everyone and their mother are hoping that some kid will swing their bat to knock them out of this shit .

Sometimes , my friends are amazed at my skill of finding obscure shit to watch and thought that I am some old virgin living in some subway watching anime whole day long . Little did they know that I am not the skilled the one , the Japanese are .

So how to find anime to watch? The answer is very simple , you just watch amv . No no no no , not those shitty one made by stupid teenagers .  You need to find those made by the Japanese , especially those animator oriented one because most of them featured things that you don’t normally see . So how do you do that?  I don’t really know how I did it but clicking around youtube helps.

Here’s an example of how an amv helped me to find more anime to watch:

After watching that amazing amv , I googled to find out who the fuck is  吉成曜(Yoshinari Yoh)  first. Then I look at the ann list and check out  the anime that I never heard of then do some research on it . With that , I may just chance upon something of my interest from my research .

However , for Yoh Yoshinari case , I heard of everything he did but that doesn’t mean that the amv was useless . After watching the amazing animation of the amv , I am now motivated to finish Diebuster. Not only that , I also kinda interested in Tetsujin due to interesting animation I saw from the amv.

From my limited knowledge , I sort of know that Tetsujin is one of the earliest giant robot show and I think I heard that there’s a reboot recently . I researched it and found out that the 2004 reboot was directed by Imagawa Yasuhiro , the guy who did highly acclaimed stuff like Giant Robo and Shin Mazinger . Now I am very interested in it and it’s only 26 episodes so I am planning to watch it . After finishing it , I may just garner enough inertia to finish Giant Robo and Shin Mazinger as well .

You see , the snowball from a simple amv just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

My next reward from the amv is RE:Cutey Honey . I am sort of iffy about the whole Cutey Honey franchise because it sounds like Charlie Angels and it’s so fucking long . But then I know Gainax (Hideaki Anno specifically) did a 3 episode ova and it was an alternate version . After watching the amv , I know I am definitely interested to watch it now because the explosions looked as good as my semen exploding ,which is of course a spectacular sight .So in the end , I decided to give it a try and who knows , maybe I will like it enough to watch all the other iterations . This again showed how a simple amv may help to expand my viewing list.

Things don’t just end here . In the related video section of that amv , there are a lot of other animator oriented amv so there’s a high chance for you to find more anime that you are interested in as the easiest way to decide on which anime to watch is to actually watch cool footage of it .

You may also learn more about the animators along the way like how I know that Yoshinari Kou is Yoshinari Yoh’s brother and they did this and that . Then from what you learned , you may just find out more works that interest you due to their involvement  . So the snowball starts rolling from a simple amv to you researching on the animator to knowing more about the animator to becoming a fan of the animator to watching something that the animator involves in .

Not to mention , it’s also good for bragging rights. Next time when I mention their names ,  you will think that I know them because I am a fucking loser but in reality , all I did was just leaching the amazing power from real otaku .

On a serious note , if you think about it ,  otaku are really sick because they actually know which particular scenes belong to which animator . The only thing I can say to that is ” I sure have a lot to learn and just knowing Itano Circus can only bring you so far”. With that , you should also understand how you aren’t actually an otaku because if you are one , what do you call those who can link scenes to animators? They are still losers though.

Now , I hope that you can see how important it is to know who made your cartoon because it’s actually one of the biggest source to help you expand your anime knowledge and find more interesting anime to watch .For example , I will never be interested in stuff like Eternal Family if I didn’t know who Koji Morimoto is , nor will I be motivated to watch Paranoia Agent if I didn’t know Satoshi Kon worked on it . Not to mention , now I have seen what Yoshinari Yoh can do , I am interested in watching Trava just so I can look at his amazing animation .

Last but not least , the chances of enjoying the stuff from the same creator who have works that you enjoyed is high .

If you fap to this or think that this is some sinister shit that can be made into pillow, then you are really fuckup.

People always wonder why moe hater can like Azumanga Daioh when it’s just cute girls doing cute things , isn’t that like moe? No , Azumanga Daioh doesn’t quite fit the moe mould, it’s just innocently cute like Aria . You can’t evoke any sinister desire of wanting to draw hentai doujins or wanting to protect.

Seriously , can you imagine some otaku fapping to Osaka or Chiyo while watching the show? Can you imagine Osaka being made into oppai mouse pad and dakimura? I can’t and if they do that , I will puke in disgust . Will I feel the same when you see Mio from K-on became an oppai  mousepad then? No. Why so? That’s because Azumanga Daioh is not there to pander and there are no scenario to evoke the paedophile in you . It’s really what it is , an innocent naive light hearted comedy without any sinister pandering . Yes , I said that while knowing the existence of Kitamura and how devilish Azumanga Daioh can be .

Still , I don’t quite adore Azumanga Daioh but I don’t mind watching it .

With that in mind , Shinryaku! Ika Musume is the 2010 answer for Azumanga Daioh . It’s the same naive and innocently light hearted comedy with more hints of evilness all over again . The only problem is that it was aired during midnight 2600 , the dark otaku hours. Other than that , there’s nothing really otaku-ish about it , except maybe a few references that I didn’t catch.  It actually can work well in a children timeslot because it’s just a cartoon about a  evil squid girl who wants to conquer earth while getting a little too distracted because she’s too stupid .

This cartoon is split into many parters in an episode , each took up about 8 minutes. The comedy timing was good , if not better than Azumanga Daioh because the director is none other than the genius behind Magical Witch Punie-Chan , Dokoro-Chan , Genshiken Ova and the oh so moe Ookiku Furikabutte . He is the one and only director that understands the true meaning behind moe , the one and only director that can make moe comedy funny because he don’t mind choosing excessive violence over cuddling cute women showing their school swim suit because he knew how moe is truly evil. He is awesome and his name is Tsutomu Mizushima . Remember that you bitches .

That’s not saying I really adore Shinryaku! Ika Musume though as I still prefer seeing the all out evil cute magical witch using human slaves to operate trains than cute naive girls doing light hearted comedy with some hints of evilness . However , it’s easy and  fun to watch and I can see myself wasting 20 minutes per week and dwell in the sometimes evil fluffiness because I have nothing better to do.  However , I think it will be a big hit with others since I will consider myself as being quite strict with comedy series .

Moe is evil and Tsutomu Mizushima understands that.

This fuckup scenario is considered innocent for me because I am dead inside:

How do you become a good moe series? You ditch all the moe jokes and moeness and become Fist of The North Star deep down inside.

Here’s more details on how you do it .

First , the bad example:

The Façade:

What it Truly is:

Now you have seen the bad example , this is how you do it correctly.

The Façade:

What it Truly is:

That’s so fucking moe ! How I wish I can just buy the pillow of Punie Chan so I can worship her all night long while she teaches me how to be as awesome as she is.



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