What is it about?

Two young men collaborating to pursue their dreams of being a Mangaka . Lots of friendship , guts , passion and love.


-The Bakuman anime was almost a page to page adaptation of the first chapter of the manga .
-Pointy chins .
-Raw passion of I like this girl so much I want to draw manga until I faint.
-Guts , hot-blooded , friendships and lots of Weekly Shonen Jump trivia.
-Non parody One Piece and Dragonball references that are actually important and realistic .


-Promote tons of sales for Bakuman.
-Lots of Fenale fans.
-Lose to Death Note in terms of popularity.
-People will complain about its popularity or how it was too shonen-ish.
-One of the biggest hit for this season.

Other Facts

-Original work by the Death Note Pair.
-Original work doing pretty well with the WSJ’s TOC. Constantly within the top 10.
-Aired during 6pm Saturday . The non otaku mainstream hour.

Will I watch it:

Fuck no , I don’t see any incentive of watching something I already read.

Should you watch it?

The production values were all right except for the pointy chins .The romance was a little idealistic though because it was a shonen series after all . However , the main incentive here is the insider knowledge of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump and how it actually works. Quite educational and enjoyable I will say so do watch it.


Ah fuck , I forgot that people thought that Bakuman was misogynist . Disregard all of what I said above , Bakuman will fail pretty hard in the English speaking community .

to be continue… … not because I don’t feel like watching anymore new show until the season is over so I can post reviews that are one year late .