Bones is like the recent Germany National Team , always almost the winner but lack that extra push . Due to that , people are either disappointed at them for being a runner up or appreciate their effort for almost being the winner. For me , I belong to the latter group and actually felt that Bones is one of the better studio out there because of their original works and consistency in quality , even if none of their show is in my top favourite list if I were to make one.

I always appreciate original works because they have little restraint and they don’t need to fulfil  unnecessary promises  to please the fans . I especially like how you don’t know what you are getting because there are no clues or reference to back up any speculations . You won’t even know the simplest things like what the genre is or what’s the theme behind it when they first start. For example , Star Driver might appear to be a sci fic robot show but you will never know whether will they will change their direction after that . The path is unclear and the act of finding out which path they will take is interesting itself . With that , let’s talk about Star Driver in an episodic fashion like how I promised.

First thing first , the experiment of episodic blogging had already failed because everyone is doing it already and I can’t add in any other value to it. Sure , I am always doing non value adding stuff like posting impression of shows from 20 years ago or writing unfashionable stuff like Bakemonogatari when everyone had said their piece but at least no one but me does that. It’s not like there are 20 blogs out there writing about Bakemonogatari after one year of its airing right? At the very least , late impression posts are stupidly funny to me because it’s like a crazy man getting excited about play station 1 and raving about it very seriously like there are people listening to him . It’s masturbatory but I enjoy pleasuring myself so there is at least some worth out of it .

However , I will still try to at least do one Star Driver episodic post for the sake of doing it .

Plot Synopsis:

Star Driver is a story about how 9 droplets of sea water can earn you a kiss.

The main character is a fucking bastard because he ate at least 7 plates of meal  in a stranger house!

The setting is a magical one because you have four loaves of white bread here.

One second passed.

Now you are left with 3 .

They also don’t add mayonnaise to their chicken balls .

The main character needs to compete with a death metal band, TELBS( The Elaborated Light Bulb Stand).

Look at the ‘A’ sign , it’s facing <  yes? The head of the character is facing the left side right?

Now look at that ‘A’ sign again! Shouldn’t it be facing the opposite direction(>) when the character now is facing right?

Actually no , I am just fucking with you and hope that you actually waste some time trying to visualise it .

Oh , and the theme is about ass . If you don’t know mandarin ,  the translation actually says that there are four special asses in the world and they are called the square asses.


This show is fucking stupendous!