Sometimes , my friends are amazed at my skill of finding obscure shit to watch and thought that I am some old virgin living in some subway watching anime whole day long . Little did they know that I am not the skilled the one , the Japanese are .

So how to find anime to watch? The answer is very simple , you just watch amv . No no no no , not those shitty one made by stupid teenagers .  You need to find those made by the Japanese , especially those animator oriented one because most of them featured things that you don’t normally see . So how do you do that?  I don’t really know how I did it but clicking around youtube helps.

Here’s an example of how an amv helped me to find more anime to watch:

After watching that amazing amv , I googled to find out who the fuck is  吉成曜(Yoshinari Yoh)  first. Then I look at the ann list and check out  the anime that I never heard of then do some research on it . With that , I may just chance upon something of my interest from my research .

However , for Yoh Yoshinari case , I heard of everything he did but that doesn’t mean that the amv was useless . After watching the amazing animation of the amv , I am now motivated to finish Diebuster. Not only that , I also kinda interested in Tetsujin due to interesting animation I saw from the amv.

From my limited knowledge , I sort of know that Tetsujin is one of the earliest giant robot show and I think I heard that there’s a reboot recently . I researched it and found out that the 2004 reboot was directed by Imagawa Yasuhiro , the guy who did highly acclaimed stuff like Giant Robo and Shin Mazinger . Now I am very interested in it and it’s only 26 episodes so I am planning to watch it . After finishing it , I may just garner enough inertia to finish Giant Robo and Shin Mazinger as well .

You see , the snowball from a simple amv just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

My next reward from the amv is RE:Cutey Honey . I am sort of iffy about the whole Cutey Honey franchise because it sounds like Charlie Angels and it’s so fucking long . But then I know Gainax (Hideaki Anno specifically) did a 3 episode ova and it was an alternate version . After watching the amv , I know I am definitely interested to watch it now because the explosions looked as good as my semen exploding ,which is of course a spectacular sight .So in the end , I decided to give it a try and who knows , maybe I will like it enough to watch all the other iterations . This again showed how a simple amv may help to expand my viewing list.

Things don’t just end here . In the related video section of that amv , there are a lot of other animator oriented amv so there’s a high chance for you to find more anime that you are interested in as the easiest way to decide on which anime to watch is to actually watch cool footage of it .

You may also learn more about the animators along the way like how I know that Yoshinari Kou is Yoshinari Yoh’s brother and they did this and that . Then from what you learned , you may just find out more works that interest you due to their involvement  . So the snowball starts rolling from a simple amv to you researching on the animator to knowing more about the animator to becoming a fan of the animator to watching something that the animator involves in .

Not to mention , it’s also good for bragging rights. Next time when I mention their names ,  you will think that I know them because I am a fucking loser but in reality , all I did was just leaching the amazing power from real otaku .

On a serious note , if you think about it ,  otaku are really sick because they actually know which particular scenes belong to which animator . The only thing I can say to that is ” I sure have a lot to learn and just knowing Itano Circus can only bring you so far”. With that , you should also understand how you aren’t actually an otaku because if you are one , what do you call those who can link scenes to animators? They are still losers though.

Now , I hope that you can see how important it is to know who made your cartoon because it’s actually one of the biggest source to help you expand your anime knowledge and find more interesting anime to watch .For example , I will never be interested in stuff like Eternal Family if I didn’t know who Koji Morimoto is , nor will I be motivated to watch Paranoia Agent if I didn’t know Satoshi Kon worked on it . Not to mention , now I have seen what Yoshinari Yoh can do , I am interested in watching Trava just so I can look at his amazing animation .

Last but not least , the chances of enjoying the stuff from the same creator who have works that you enjoyed is high .