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I am about to recount a story of horror and fear, where truth will befall and the world will crumble.

Recently, I have been doing a lot of research on Piccolo but I dug too deep and went too far. I found the truth of the world and how Dragonball came before the Bible.

Now some crash courses. Akira is the boy who gained god like psychic powers while Toriyama is a bird mountain where bird humans reside during the proto-culture.  Sum up these two sacred names and you will get Akira Toriyama, the author of Dragonball. Coincidence? I don’t think so. From these clues, anybody can conclude that Akira Toriyama is the real descendant of sacred beings and held the ultimate prophecy in the form of cartoon drawing.

Now, let’s go in deeper. We all know that the Namekians don’t have a penis but do we really know the reason why? From my years of research where I held Akira Toriyama on custody from rapid haters and allowed him to explain to me the true meaning behind all the plot holes, I finally know the reason but I regretted as it nearly drove me towards insanity. However, being the one who knows the truth, I have to tell the world at large about the horrible origin of life relating to Piccolo.

The universe we are living in now is actually the continuity of the universe of Dragonball. 10000 years before the universe of Dragonball where Goku was born, the ancestor of Namekians, having the ability of god and the power of know it all knew that destruction will soon come. To minimize the sure to come catastrophe, they took some extreme measures and pass it down to their descendants.

Fast forward it to 10000 years later and we see Trunk  used the time machine to cross through time spaces. As we all know from Dragonball, every time frame has their own alternate dimension, this is why future events will not change even if you tried changing the past. In other words,a  new dimension will be created every time you use the time machine.However,little to we know that this simple theory leads the whole civilization of Dragonball towards destruction.

One day, Trunk took the time machine back to the past. During his journey, his bladder was full but there are no toilets inside the time machine. Unbearable, he zip off his pants and stand outside his time machine for a pee while it travels. At the same time, the time machine just happen to cross the boundary of the dimension to the next alternate dimension,  resulting in the pee crossing over two different dimensions.

How can one pee exist in two different dimensions while being the same pee? What will happen when one sane pee crosses between the dimension resulting in to half a pee in this dimension while the other half in another one?  That’s right, destruction came because one pee cannot be separated into two dimensions.

Floods and meteorites came down to earth and the extreme measures done by the ancestor of Namekian are finally brought to life. The detail of the extreme measure is that the ancestor of Namekians cut off their penises, resulting in their descendants having no penises. Why did they do that you asked? Now, we all know that penis is full of sperm because the primary function of a penis is to transfer them. We also know that Namekians can spit out eggs whenever they want. So what if we poke holes to the penis and the Namekians blew eggs into it? Ah ha, the eggs and sperms will merge and form embryo. These formations of embryos will result in babies. When embryos are form and babies are born, it will form a wondrous shrieking sound that will minimize the catastrophe caused by Trunk’s pee like how Peruvian music make huge hamsters go to sleep. These penises are of course what you called Piccolo.

When the catastrophe strikes, all the Namekians held up the penises passed down by their ancestors. They blew them for days after days until all the  catastrophe went to a halt. They blew it so hard, the Piccolo turned brown. After 9 years of doing these blow jobs non stop, the universe was finally safe but every beings were killed by the catastrophe. The Namekians fell as well and everybody die.

Then the dinosaurs came and died, the ice age came and went and it’s now our time where the only things left behind during the Dragonball universe were the Piccolos from billions of years ago. Archaeologist, Jackie Chan found the left behind Piccolos somewhere near Italy and the rest is history. Many years after that, the sacred beings, Akira Toriyma was born and wrote  the facts and concepts of Piccolo and Namekians in the form of cartoon drawing. People are blinded by the plot holes and failed to see the real messages of truth and life behind it until I was born to decipher it. So now here I am, sharing these scary truths about life to all you readers out there because I was born with this task of forcing bulls to have their bowel movements so people will be educated and understand the real origin of life via well researched scientific facts.

So,who am I? I am CEK, Christophroical Egerian Kendeyrrial.

This is a magnified view inside a Piccolo.


About a month ago, I was wary about the degeneration of my physical strength when I gone out of breath after 5 second of sprinting. Yea, you heard that right, 5 fucking second. Not being able to believe that I have become so weak, I tried playing a game of basketball with my friends and holy shit! My whole body ached and I couldn’t even stand straight after 1 min of casual play. It’s so scary that I forced myself to train every single day since 1 week ago. Now my body is back to an ok condition where I can at least sprint non stop for 1min plus. I also can play basketball non stop for 35mins at least.Not too good but  it’s a result akin to what my stamina used to be.

However, those results of sprinting and basketball are just  deceptions of recovered strength. When you start using a more accurate and undeniable metric to test your strength,  you will know the horror of how weak you actually are.

About one week ago, I started to jog around my house for 10 minutes. Being the first session, it’s of course difficult and tiring . However, for the subsequent jogs, I started to increase the time to 12 min then add a min to it every single passing day. So I have been jogging for 15mins a day since three days ago. The subsequent jogging sessions were a breeze compared to the first run and that made me believe that I have regained my strength. Then a horrible thing happened.

I used 20minutes to finish a 2.4km run.

Thunder claps and the earth shaken. What the frigging hell happen? 20 minutes for 2.4km is the result of the weakest among the weakest who walk for the whole run! So how the hell did an average 60kg guy who can run 2.4km within 13mins without training 2 years ago degraded to such extend? It’s not like 13 mins is a fantastic result but compare that to 20mins? What the hell is that?

It’s so shocking to find yourself so slow when you thought that you are quite fast with your pace. So when I found out that I used 20mins for a run, I pretty much gave up because I know I am doing it wrong. Having past experience, 1 whole week of training should make a difference, so when the result is not apparent, it just means that you are wasting your energy. So now instead of training recklessly, I decided to take the approach of watching more sport anime to motivate myself to train like how they do. If not, then I can just go to sleep everyday while dreaming that I could actually run very fast . Watching a lot of anime should help in facilitating such dream because dreams are no more than faint and fantastic reflections of our waking experience.

In other words, anime solves everything, including global warming.


People always think that I am some internet hunter out there having too much time by giving them too much shit . They always thought that I fucking discriminate their hobby. People always wonder why I lament about moe even though I have mentioned so many times that I am just apathetic about it. They also couldn’t understand why I thought moe is fuckup and sinister.

This is why! This is fucking why! People who go around proclaiming that they are the anime know it all are fucking having this kind of conversation. How the fuck can I just go in and enjoy the interaction of a fandom when the fucking thing is full of fucking people like these.

I am a fan of football and even when there are some retards around, they are likable and passionate. I am a fan of story books and people don’t go around having conversation like these.So why the hell is anime this way? Why the fuck are people watching anime for sex appeal only? WTF happen to “I watch anime because it is cool and have lots of non overly sexual adult themes?”.

Can you honestly not be jaded when almost every fan you met in real life are like that? Can you honestly stop lamenting and be disappointed by how shallow people are when such conversations happen in a daily basis. Can you honestly not be pissed off when 90% of the fandom out there are devaluing your hobby into some sexual tool?

Come on man! Imagine this, you are a fan of film but 90% of those self proclaimed expert are liking shit in the bowel stuff like Epic Movie just because it has sex appeal. If you are a fan of football yet 90% of the fandom care more about the wife of the footballer than the real actual game itself, what will you think?

“If you don’t like it, you can stop reading right?”. As if I can! All these annoying stuff kept on entering into my brain like some shit machine churning out faeces non stop in front of my face. I wanted to ignore and I wanted to accept but every time without fail,there are always there reminding me of their annoyance.

“People who look down on others’ hobbies are the worst kind of people”. Then don’t fucking give me chance to look down on you by stooping so low! You thought that it is fun? No man, it’s not fun, it’s both disappointing and annoying to know that the medium I love are full of fans like these.

Stop discriminating people’s hobby!” You stop devaluing anime into a solely merchandise driven sex appeal tool first.

Really people, you can sometime watch anime for sex for all I care, but never never stoop it down to so low that you are only watching it mainly for sex. That’s what porn and shitty movie are for. Sexual appeal anime are just some side menu and appetizer, don’t fucking make it into a main course and let others think that anime is pornography. Also don’t sexualise your characters! Sometime I always wonder why the hell are people digging their own grave when they post sexy pictures of Nanoha while defending it and say that it has a awesome story and they didn’t watch because it has sexual appeal. WTF?!

Each and everyday, I find it harder and harder to defend the “anime is not pornography” statement when most of what I read are conversations like above. If you think that I am overeacting, look at the pictures I posted above and multiply them by 7 times and that is what I usually get when I try to look at what the fandom is doing. Can you seriously not be bitter? Can you seriously not be anti social and lose touch with the fandom when people are like that? Can you seriously just accept it? Can you seriously just embrace it all and say Halleluya? Sorry I can’t and this is why I am getting really tired and bitter about the anime fandom.

So what can or what shall I do from now on? I guess I should stop blogging now to spare people from reading my bitter whines because I can’t help but be bitter like how you can’t help but be shitty if you are being pour with shit every single second. I guess I will come back to blog every once in a while if I felt like doing it. I guess I will also reply a 1000 words comment every time someone comment on this blog. I guess I will still comment on blogs if I felt like it, though it’s not like I comment often. Of course, I will still watch Japanese cartoons because fandom is totally unrelated to cartoons themselves.

So yea, take this as a semi goodbye. It’s a fun run. Thank you Rocketham, thank you Moe Sucks, thank you Baka-Raptor  thank you totoum ,thank you  the 11 subscribers, thank you the 20 daily visitors and thank you everyone who commented before.

Look forward to next time where blogger IWICSYI and his team mates, Snakey and Vertist talk about the finest Japanese cartoon in a collaborative post where everyone shares their ideas and rip on moe fans. Stay tune next time! Nah, not going to happen.

First , some history of mine where I talk about my anime convention experience.

Singapore do have lots of smaller fan made conventions such as Cosfest and EOY which I never attend  because their main attractions are cosplay,  which to be frank, is something I kinda dislike about the anime community. However 2008 came and we finally got our first official anime convention. AFA 2008 is actually the best event since its inception because they are just starting up and so they try a lot of things out without catering to any crowd of people. During the event, the thing I liked the most is that we have a panel room where we actually hosts Japanese industry guests like Koji Morimoto, Eiko Tanika and Kunio Okawara.

Too bad, I was pretty ignorance back then and missed up the chances of attending most of their panels to hear wonderful stories about their works. I do however luckily attended Eiko Tanika’s panel and managed to listen to interesting anecdotes about Studio 4°C and animation studio in general. That one panel that is so educational and interesting, it pretty much became the freshest and biggest event I remember for AFA08. I can still remember the things Eiko Tanika said even if it’s 2 years ago when I know nothing about anime and that should sum up exactly how much of an impression it left me with . To be frank, even May’N’s concert doesn’t leave such a vivid mark in my mind.

I also attended another panel of Imaginary Friends which isn’t as interesting as Studio 4°C one but it did leave quite an impression for me where I felt like listening to more of such experience. With that, the thing I really anticipate for subsequent AFA is actually the panels and interview of industry guest.

There is also a live screening of Genius Party Beyond apparently but I failed to attend it because I didn’t know they are screening it.

Then AFA09 came. I just started IWICSYI and if you read the pre 2010 post, it isn’t hard to conclude that I am someone who don’t know what the hell I am talking about. I am still in the stage where I am not exposed to enough ideas and opinions about anime to formulate my own stand so I just went on and attended AFA09 he experience while taking everything at face value. It’s after the recent announcement of AFA10 that I notice that the seed has been planted since AFA09 and now the convention will most likely spiral into something that I don’t particularly like.

First thing first, during AFA09, the panel room was removed and the only worthwhile Japanese guest is actually Mamoru Hosada. With that, it means that there are no more industry insider panels, no more aspiring experience sharing from individual and lesser interviews and talks that I look forward to the most in an anime convention. There are no live screening of special anime too.

Another disturbing trend is that there are a huge amount of focus on cosplay and otakuish trends like moe seiyuu and maid cafe. 3/4 of our guests are made up of seiyuu, cosplayer and moe related guest like Danny Choo. There are also lots of booth with moe merchandising .Sure, there are still studio booths like Production IG and such but they are just some pathetic exhibition with no host attending to it. Worse still, no attendees even go near there. I know that because my friends and I camped near there to read manga because other areas are too fucking crowded to even walk. I also pretty much stand there for hours, looking and having nostalgia trip when I watch the interesting trailers of Production IG’s work being shown. I came to know of the existence of this crazy Mamoru Oshii project called Tachiguishi Retsuden where Shouji Kawamori and Kenji Kawai starred in due to the trailers.

Moe areas/booth and events like the Maid Cafe, K-on live dubbing and cosplay skids are well received though. People have made it clear that they are willing to fork up triple of the entrance fee to attend them. These moe related events garner a lot of hype even before the convention starts.Sure, Mamoru Hosada’s talk did garner quite a crowd in the end but it is definitely not as heated as the K-on live dubbing or the cosplay skids . Not to mention,  I never heard of anyone getting excited about Mamoru Hosada before and after the event . It’s also pretty clear that K-on is pretty much the big thing here and from the things people do and like, it isn’t hard to notice that fans here are geared towards the moe fandom.

Then the final blow came when people are getting real high with the elaborated youtube video of Hatsune Miku . I should have notice something weird from that but it never crosses my mind that I am looking at something that I will hate in later part of my life.

So now the seed has been planted. It’s clear and obvious now that people want moe and cosplay. Large amount of people also couldn’t care much about animators since they are willing to fork up more money for AFA09 than in AFA08 even when there is a lack of industry insiders. People hyped up moe stuff, affiliated blogs that promotes AFA are mostly moe oriented. People are buying more dolls and figurines than dvds. People talk more about K-on and moe series than they talk about Aoi Bungaku. So in the end, what’s the result? A total event all relating to moe and cosplay.

Look at the fucking guest lists! There are no more animators coming down. All of them are frigging moe seiyuu and cosplayers. The concert wasn’t too bad but the only thing that has a hint of manliness is JAM project. Not to mention, not only do you have a Maid Cafe, you also have a fucking Butler cafe now. What has the world come down to? What the fuck is this shit? Why are they catering to the moe crowd now? Why the fuck are they leaning so towards cosplay? How the hell can they not bring anime insiders to educate about the process of making anime? Why are there no more panels for people to share their experience and discuss interesting anime topics?!

There is one thing that they did right though and that’s live programming of special anime that no one has seen yet. Too bad, it’s Gundam OO movie and The Disappearance of Haurhi Suzumiya. Out of the vast amount of stuff such as King of Thorn, Colourful, Redline, Mardock Scramble, Uchuu Show e Youkoso , Karigurashi no Arrietty , Lopus=Garous and such, they just have to fucking screen Haruhi and Gundam OO.

I hate to say this but it is obvious that the state of the anime community here has definitely became moe oriented. People are buying merchandises like moe dolls and figurine than dvds with actual contents. People are more interested with the latest niche moe trend and series than the next landmark series to hit the mainstream. People are more interesting with the glamorous side of seiyuu and singers than the real production staff behind it. People are getting into anime now with K-on rather than Eden of the East.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Gundam was pretty huge here as well and it constitutes another half of the anime community  other than moe and cosplay, all thanks to the vast amount of toys it has. Most of the fans are in for the gunpla and character design than the actual show itself though.

Of course, the guest and event lists aren’t finalised yet but I don’t believe that there will be any major change when it is only 19 days away from the event.

It’s funny that I am the minority now because I don’t watch much niche moe show.


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