About a month ago, I was wary about the degeneration of my physical strength when I gone out of breath after 5 second of sprinting. Yea, you heard that right, 5 fucking second. Not being able to believe that I have become so weak, I tried playing a game of basketball with my friends and holy shit! My whole body ached and I couldn’t even stand straight after 1 min of casual play. It’s so scary that I forced myself to train every single day since 1 week ago. Now my body is back to an ok condition where I can at least sprint non stop for 1min plus. I also can play basketball non stop for 35mins at least.Not too good but  it’s a result akin to what my stamina used to be.

However, those results of sprinting and basketball are just  deceptions of recovered strength. When you start using a more accurate and undeniable metric to test your strength,  you will know the horror of how weak you actually are.

About one week ago, I started to jog around my house for 10 minutes. Being the first session, it’s of course difficult and tiring . However, for the subsequent jogs, I started to increase the time to 12 min then add a min to it every single passing day. So I have been jogging for 15mins a day since three days ago. The subsequent jogging sessions were a breeze compared to the first run and that made me believe that I have regained my strength. Then a horrible thing happened.

I used 20minutes to finish a 2.4km run.

Thunder claps and the earth shaken. What the frigging hell happen? 20 minutes for 2.4km is the result of the weakest among the weakest who walk for the whole run! So how the hell did an average 60kg guy who can run 2.4km within 13mins without training 2 years ago degraded to such extend? It’s not like 13 mins is a fantastic result but compare that to 20mins? What the hell is that?

It’s so shocking to find yourself so slow when you thought that you are quite fast with your pace. So when I found out that I used 20mins for a run, I pretty much gave up because I know I am doing it wrong. Having past experience, 1 whole week of training should make a difference, so when the result is not apparent, it just means that you are wasting your energy. So now instead of training recklessly, I decided to take the approach of watching more sport anime to motivate myself to train like how they do. If not, then I can just go to sleep everyday while dreaming that I could actually run very fast . Watching a lot of anime should help in facilitating such dream because dreams are no more than faint and fantastic reflections of our waking experience.

In other words, anime solves everything, including global warming.