Windaria is the happiest animated movie of all time! The vibrant colours, the celebrated atmosphere and the smile everyone has on their face will warm your heart till you think that your life is so wonderful because Windaria is such a cheerful film.

If you haven’t heard of Windaria, it is this family friendly happy tale about people living in a peaceful and beautiful country. The whole 100 minutes consist of happy things like sweet romance and people living life happily ever after. There are no hint of evil and no one dies during the whole 100 mins. It’s as cheerful as the most cheerful children cartoon out there .

People living in the Windaria world are all happy farmers who live happy life. There are no worries, no war and nothing bad ever happen. It’s the depiction of paradise and the epitome of happiness.

Now after watching this cheerful and happy movie, it became my ritual to watch this film every festive season to cheer myself up. I will watch it whenever I have a downer to remind myself how happy life can be. So what are you waiting for? Watch Windaria now to be the happiest person you can ever be!

You see! Happiest film ever.