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Worst show ever? Not worthy for that title.

Mars of Destruction is stupid, weak and a waste of time but worst show ever? Man, people from MAL disappoint me. Do they even watch anime? How can Mars of Destruction be the worst show ever when it was so tame and not really that boring? I can easily name 30 series that are worse than MoD.

Now we all know that” the worst show ever” have two meanings. The first being that it is so boring that it’s bad and the other one being that it is not actually terrible because it is the most awesome thing in life. In other words, so ridiculous awesome that idiots who think that they are sophisticated can’t comprehend. Some called the second type of worst “so bad, it’s good” but I don’t buy that because I think they are genuinely good because they entertain. Not to mention, it’s paradoxical and illogical for something bad to be good.

Anime like Hoshizora Kiseki, Mizuiro, Yotsunoha, Kowarekake no Orgel and Del Power X belong to the first definition of boringly bad. They are boring because nothing substantial happen. They are too tame and mediocre but they are so meh, you don’t even have any expectation for them to be disappointed or get angry about.  These mediocre series are also not morally corrupt or popular enough for you to hate because nobody likes them and they tanked like they are supposed to. For one, Del Power X is so obscure that the fansubber tried really hard to get a LD version of it. For the other shows, have you even heard of them?

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  • That's the biggest bs on Russia hacking story. They act like it's not normal when we all know USA gov is the most powerful hacker. 9 hours ago
  • The ransomware attacks are build from NSA leak. Every gov is hacking everyone, it's hypocritical to cry Russia when you probably also do it. 9 hours ago
  • The most surprising thing about Tokyo Xanadu is probably the lack of romance. Think a little more of that will make it a lot better. 17 hours ago
  • Tokyo Xanadu Ex+ tags on a sequel bait which might happen since it sold OK. Not sure if I want to play another of it though. 18 hours ago
  • People swear up and down it will never be allowed due to pornographic material when the issue really is no one actually tried. 22 hours ago

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