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1) This anime tried to be (a) Ghilbi/ Ghibli-eqsue /Ghibli ripoff

How many times have you heard people calling something a Ghibli ripoff just because an anime has a fantastical setting with bright colours? Every fucking time! Ghibli this and Ghibli that, apparently, Ghibli invented everything anime. How about everyone and everything is a ripoff of IWICSYI?! I am a  human and there are a lot of humans in anime, they fucking ripped off the idea of human from me!

2) This anime subvert this and subvert that.

How about I subvert your ass and turn you inside out to make you a subversion of human yourself! Fucking hate this phrase! Gave me tons of false hope entering a series expecting something special but disappoints me ultimately. If people really care about subversion, Book of Bantorra and Windaria will be huge by now! Subversion my ass.


How about expecting your mouth to be stuffed with shit so you will be too busy wiping off shit to type bullshit like this? How about I slice your life apart to show you the true slice of life? What the hell does slice of life means anyway?! I live a badass life like Onizuka  and run up a wall every single day. GTO is my life! Onizuka is a realistic depiction of me. GTO is slice of my life! Fucking hell.

Now if you can spare me some moments, I need to piss blood till the end of time now because I read my own blog 24/7.  Oh, and if you want to stay awake, drink Chinese Tea. When I was born, I prepared 5 million cups of Chinese Tea and drank them all in 5 second. I have not been sleeping since then.


Have you ever wonder why there are only magical girls and no manly hair wizard men as a genre or in Madoka for that matter? That’s because it will be too good of a show then!

If Madoka Kaname were to be a manly hairly man, he will definitely pull out his calculator and start calculating with calculus to devise a miracle that allows him to slack for his life. Something like being the ability of being having a huge penis to attract all the women out there to ask them to do your dirty work of fighting filthy witches while having the ability to actually wish for anything, anytime, forever.

Then she(he now?) and her friends won’t get all emo pansy about her crush couldn’t play piano(violin? Whatever) and the show will be half the length.

There’s another thing that I don’t get. Why are they so upset that their body don’t have a soul? Isn’t that awesome? If my body is indestructible, I will run down the road and get hit by a car and ask for medical expenses. I won’t need to steal apples to eat then,  right, Kyouko? But then if I were them, I could wish for anything, anytime, forever anyway so maybe I won’t do that. Maybe I will do it out of spite to disturb Kyouko because her dancing sucks and her head looks like a potato. Actually everyone’s head looks like a potato. No wonder Mami’s one got bitten of.



After living my life happily without touching my television set for almost 2 years, I have this  urge to browse through the teletext to look through the program listing to reenact what I always do in the past.

I was pretty late to this whole internet boom where I only got a broadband connection  just 4 years ago. Before that, my only entertainment was to hoard the TV all day long while searching through the TV guide to find anime to watch. That was the day where I would get really excited about anime because they were like the best thing in the world. My perception on anime was so bias, I will most likely think that shit like MD Geist is an amazing piece of art if I had the chance to watch it on TV back then.  I will also not believe you if you told me that there are actually shitty anime out there because that will be impossible.

One of my favourite moments in my life is when my local TV station had this programming slot called Filmart where they will feature animated movie every now and then. That was the time where I will search through the TV guide everyday so I won’t miss any of it. I am able to catch Black Jack and Spriggan and they left such a huge impression on me, I still love Spriggan even though I now know that it might be shit. I never revisit it again because I don’t want my great memories to be ruined.

Another fantastic moment is when the local cable TV provider decided to provide Animax for free for a limited period of time. I accidentally chanced upon it and since then, I had been switching over to that channel even after the free period is over, in hope of being able to catch a glimpse of anime with all those fuzzy signal lines.

That period of time is the best days of my life because I sat down in front of the TV for almost the whole fucking day. Even till this day, I still remember most of the programs and advertisements I watched.  Wolf Rain OVA, DNA2, Saiyuki Reload, Ghost Stories, Princess Tutu, Gundam Zeta, Area 88 to name a few.

But then came the internet and I was spoiled with so many choices, the drive and passion I once had is lost. Never have I been touching the TV for anime since then and never have I been as excited about anime as I was back then.  I still love anime but the anticipation, hype and expectation were all lost. Anime doesn’t look like this best thing ever cool stuff anymore. Contrary to popular belief, I will think that it’s not the fault of the type of anime they are producing nowadays but rather, the overexposure of anime.

This transition of enthusiasm to listlessness is just like getting a new gaming console. Before you got it, you will imagine all the amazing stuff you could do with it. Watching movies with it whole day long, playing those fantastic games and never get bored with it. This is the stage where I am for anime before the internet. After that, we all know the ritual, you got the console, got really excited, pop in one game and after 1 hour, all your passion and enthusiasm were lost because the console wasn’t as amazing as you thought it would be. It was good fun sure, but it wasn’t as awesome as you imagined and you most likely will leave the console to collect dust after a few days. All those thoughts of never getting bored with it were never fulfilled and the gaming console that you thought was once so great was not that cool after all. This is the stage where I am now with anime.

I have been thinking of getting the drive and passion back so I came up with some plans. I decided back to off from the internet and start to browse through the television guide once again in search of anime to watch. I am also starting to flick through channels in hope of catching a few glimpses of Animax or any hints of anime for that matter.

I theorized that TV is the only hope to get the drive back because the scheduled time slots and the inconvenience it caused was the only way of building up anticipation for a show. I actually love the idea of the fixed scheduling of TV programs more than the idea of watch it anytime in the internet. Watch it anytime in the internet will cause you to be too specific in what you watch because you already have an idea of what you want to watch. There’s a high chance that you won’t just randomly chance upon something you watch because you have a control of it.

Compare that to TV where everything is decided by the TV station. There’s a chance for you to be surprised and chance upon something good because you got too bored and decided to flick through the channels aimlessly. You don’t have as much control in deciding what you want to watch and are more willing to watch something randomly because there are no other alternative.

This restriction might look stupid but it definitely builds up anticipation. The act of finding an anime in the TV guide or while you flick through the channels randomly has so much more novelty than just watching it on internet after deciding to watch it consciously. It’s just like finding water in a desert will make you happier than going down some store to buy a can of Coca Cola willingly.

With that, I will now end this post so I could sit in front of my TV to flick through 99 channels aimlessly while reading the TV guide to see if there are any surprises waiting for me.


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