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So yea, go watch Nekojiru Gekijou.

I love ova because it reminds me of eggs. Eggs are cool so ova are cool as well.

People have very interesting concepts and ideas but most of the time, these concepts and ideas couldn’t be drawn out enough to support a 13 episode TV run. That’s when movie,ova, tv special and web series play a part. They’re also great mediums for independent animators and amateur studios to come in and show off their skills and make it big.  This is where we get people like Makoto Shinkai and studio like CoMix Wave. All in all, ova, tv specials,movie and the interweb are good venues for hard sell concepts and interesting experiments. That being said, sometimes, hard sell concepts are unmarketable for a reason so do proceed with discreet.

Movie #1

Nasu: Summer in Andalusia

Nasu is an adaptation of a 3 volumes manga of the same name directed by Kitaro Kousaka, some important animator from Ghibli. You see, Ghilbi has a part to play and everyone love to their Ghilbi-esque ( more like Ghibli’s ass right?) so it should be very popular right? Fuck no man, Nasu is as hard sell as it can get. No one really want to watch a bunch of 20 something years old buffed guys, riding their bicycle down a Spanish route for 47 min because  bicycle race is as boring as it sounds. However, thanks to my past experience of reading the manga, Over Drive, I know some of the tactical approaches for a bicycle race so I could appreciate the thoughts behind some of the actions the cyclists took.

Regardless, Nasu is a story about Pepe Benengeli, a cyclist from a rural country side of Andalusia, racing in Andalusia. He is a whiny bastard who left his hometown to become a cyclist  because his brother stole his girlfriend. So in this movie, we are shown his struggle and his love/hate relationship while he races through these familiar street. It’s a story about acceptance, reminiscence and the warmth of your hometown. Most of the enjoyment comes from the support of his hometown members and the sense of nostalgia, or adolescence nightmare if you may, of Pepe Benengeli. It also uses some symbolic motif relating to eggplants to show the growth of Pepe .  Anime fans love their symbolic motif so there you go.

The combination of awesome substantiate symbolic motifs that are actually cool and Ghilbi-esque animation standard, I don’t know why no one really wants to give it a try. It’s a cool little movie and I liked it more than Madoka. Man, Madoka is this uber cool genre busting, motifs shitting, head busting anime of the highest caliber and I like Nasu more? That’s some seal of approval there.

It also has a sequel ova which I haven’t watch.

Tv Special #1

Kawamo o Suberu Kaze

You see, I care a lot about woman rights and such so I watch cartoon that caters to 30 years old women.

Kawamo o Suberu Kaze, if you are interested, is a TV special for the Otona Joshi no Anime Jikan (Old Bitch Cartoon Time) time slot on NHK, aired just not long ago.  It is an adaptation of a  novel about some 30 years old MILF going back to her hometown with his son from USA.

If you haven’t notice the trend here, I have a soft sport for stories about people going back to their hometown because the setting itself gives a lot of off screen back stories and character growth. By that, I mean you can fill in the character development and drama of how the characters felt when they leave and return to their hometown by yourself without much exposition from the anime. It also gives off the sense of nostalgia which appeals to me a lot.

The plot of Kawamo is very straight forward. It’s about a 30 years old woman, wanting to see her old lover again because she is struggling with her current marriage. With that, you should be able to know what to expect because if I write any more than that, I will have spoiled the whole anime for you.

To say the least, it’s pretty awesome and I love it a lot. It’s the bitter sweet mature romance between 30 years old adults. People always complain about teenagers romance and yearn for romance pertaining to adults so there you go, 27 min of awesome adult romance. Short and sweet.

Web Series #1

Meguriau no Sekai

I don’t think you can find a entry in ANN or MAL for this short web series because it is like this doujin production. Meguriau no Sekai is a story about a girl, thinking back about her past relationship with a boy. It’s about remember and and cherish the past and look forward to the future, a classic coming of age theme that never gets old. I love it when it happens in Mind Game, Millennium Actress, Only Yesterday,Ocean Waves, Sentimental Journey and I love it when it happens in Meguriau no Sekai.

To sell Meguriau no Sekai is very easy because it’s totally like a Makoto Shinkai’s work. The poetic dialogs, the amazing arts and great music are all very similar to works like Voice of a Distant Star and some of the early one shot works from Shinkai. I liked how the arts are depicted with a wide ranges of animation technique and style. It’s hard to describe it so just look at the screen shots above to get a feel on what you can expect.

All in all, it’s only a 15 min sweet anime so do watch it. If I didn’t hear wrongly, they used Hatsune Miku to sing the ending song. It’s Hatsune Miku in an anime man, what more do you want? If you are a Miku fan like you said you are, you have to watch this.

Hastune Miku sucks.



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