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The four Young Animator Training Project Specials

Actually, there already exist similar projects like, it’s called the Animax Taisho competition where people are free to submit their own scripts and the best script will win the chance of getting their script animated. Stuffs like Shoka, Super Kuma San, Hotori, and Takane Bicycle are the products of this competition.

Sure, most of them may not be memorable but they are definitely unique and worth watching. For one, Super Kuma San is the story of this possessed teddy bear saving his town while fighting off its inner demon and learning how to coexist with humans.

Sure the writing may be a little weak sometimes and some of its themes aren’t explored thoroughly but hell was it entertaining and unexpected.

Anyway, let’s talk about the Young Animator Training Projects.

The YATP is different from the Animax Taisho because the YATP targets young animators who are already in the industry.

Bannou no Yasai Ninninman is definitely the weakest among the bunch. It does not have any core direction or themes. All we ended up with is a cliche ‘resuce a dog’ story.  In the end, our main characters remained the same and no lesson were learned. Well, that’s pointless. Still, it’s only 24 mins and the vegetable heroes are quite interesting so it’s worth watching.

Tansu Warashi was great, it may be too slow or mundane for others but I like this pathos shit. Its theme and message of being independent is explored well and the characters are interesting enough for you to care. I felt really emotional and heartening when all the little guys in the drawer disappeared after they are done their task. I was glad that it took this direction because this drives home the point they are making. Getting independent learning from others is definitely a good message that we should all learn. I ranked this second among the four shorts.

Kizuna Ichigeki is as purposeless as Bannou no Yasai Ninninman but unlike BnYN, Kizuna Ichigeki at least has likable main characters. Not to mention, it’s definitely the most exciting among the four considering the amount of sweet action scenes it has. Seriously, I have nothing much to say about this except that it was all silly cutesy fun about badass cats and kungfu fighting. Very high in entertainment value and may work very well as a children cartoon that runs forever.

Ojisan no Lamp is my favourite among the four. Getting all so serious and over the top about some silly lantern may seems stupid but I can relate to that. The advancement of technology obsoletes those who are left behind. I am fascinated by this because I have a unexplainable passion for all things old so I know how the characters felt when they have to make the decision to move on.

Sacrificing old, unworkable ideals for newer more progressive one is part and parcel of our life. That being said, we must also never forget about the past as we can learn from histories and keep our happy memories that make us what we are today. The last scene of this anime where people rediscover the history of their grandparent drives home this point and marks a satisfying end point to the message it wants to convey.

Finally, the last anime I watched this season is Tiger & Bunny episode 1.

Tiger & Bunny is one of my anticipated anime for this new season.

The concept of T&B is very novel. 30 years old man trying to do his job and kept on with time in a super hero industry is very interesting. It also takes on lots of superheroes conventions and injects some reality show logics such as product placement into it.

However, as much as I like the first episode, T&B still seems like it will be better off as a 3 episode ova than a whole full length TV series. Sure, the concept is interesting and he show is entertaining but how will the go from here? From the first episode I seen, I don’t get what T&B want to be? A serious drama? A comedy? Or an action series?

There are no foreshadowing for interesting events that would come and gave no reason for you to keep up with the show.

The only solid direction that I can see is to tackle the problem between the generation gap of both the main characters and add some solid back stories. That can definitely provide some dynamic and interesting interactions to keep the show going strong.

With that, I have nothing else to say about this season. I heard good things about Stein;Gate and Hanasaku but I can’t be sure. I will wait for further reviews and reactions from others to decide. In that case, every reviewer will be my dog and slave, working their ass off in order to please me, their king, by telling which shows are worth watching.


Recently, I rerouted my internet connection to obtain an USA IP address. Don’t ask me how because it concerns some nuke threats and political terrorism.

After days of negotiating and working with Mr Obama, I sat down, naked and sweaty, stared at my computer screen and started watching some Japanese cartoons. Now Hulu kicks ass but I have some idea(s) to make it more badass.

Do TV programming, have a list of pre-planned episodes on channels like how you do it on TV.

When I visit the Hulu page, there are like almost 5 million shows on there. So instead of me choosing what to watch, Hulu can set up a Channel mode and choose it for me by planning programming slots. With that, people can still choose what they want to watch or just go to something like a channel mode where you can flick channels and let Hulu do the job of deciding what to watch for you. Of course, they can insert commercials break like how they are doing now for videos. I will actually like that because that will further emulate the feel of watching television, something which I haven’t do for god knows how long. It also helps us to discover new shows or shows that we wouldn’t have watch so it might garner a new wave of fans.

Sometimes, shows expire to prevent the abundance of free alternative that may affect DVD sales. However, if we can put all this expired shows onto these channels, where there will be only certain amount of episodes shown in a week on a certain timeslot, it might nullify the effect of abundance of free alternative because you have to actually wait for a show to air and doesn’t have that much freedom to just click and watch.

Why it can’t work? There are just too many shows out there; doing programming scheduling will be a hassle. For one, should we mix different mediums such as Japanese cartoons and American TV serials together? Or do we do them separately? If we do them separately, how to we deal with dub and sub if both are available? Not to mention, it will be a lot of works. You need someone to do the scheduling for god knows how many channels every day. If not, you need to devise a new algorithm to automate the process which is as difficult as it sounds. Worse still, all the effort might not payback at all.

Also, the reason why people go to the internet for their entertainment is due to the freedom it provides, so I don’t think a restricted programming schedule will garner any attention. I also won’t be surprise that people find this idea totally stupid because you can always watch the television instead of going on to the internet for that. Last but not least, I bet that there are some legality concerns and such as well.

Thanks to my experience of live streaming for football matches, I kinda like the idea of watching television programs on restricted schedules. I got to watch some interesting obscure German drama and some weird German commercials thanks to that. That’s why I kinda wish that Hulu will spoon feed me on what to watch rather than me clicking on something to watch.

To make it clear, I don’t mean to discard the current system of Hulu but rather, add a new system that emulates the feel of watching TV while keeping the old “choose what you want to watch” option.

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This guy has a life.

My mal says that I spend 56 days on anime with 380 completed series and people are telling me how I am spending too much time on anime and don’t have a life. Now take out your calculator and do the maths to see if that’s true or not.

I got my broadband in 2007 so technically, I have only been watching anime for 4 years even though I did watch anime before on TV but those only added up to at most 20 completed series and dozen others non completed one that I don’t bother listing such as Godannar ( to think that I am so near to completion for it except for a few episodes. I have no desire to rewatch the whole series to find which one I missed though.)

So I completed 360 anime in 4 years and spend let say, 53 days on anime. Out of this 1460 days, let say I spend an average of 8hours sleeping per day so technically, I am awake for only 973 days. I spent another 1460 hours in school, having social life and fucking mother bitches since the age of 10, so you can say I spend about 53/913 days on anime in my free time which is 5% of my 4 years life. 5 %! In other words, I spend 95% of my life without touching anime! That’s lesser time than I used for studying! Which is kinda pathetic when I think of it.

So what’s the conclusion? The conclusion is that I have a life! Let’s not dwell on too much on how I spend the rest of the 95% because I couldn’t believe that jerking off can take so much time.

Also, don’t dwell on too much on how I can complete 100 more anime than you even though you spend like 20 days more on anime than me. I don’t want to let the secret of me stuffing my list with shit like hentai, 1 min specials, 1 min ova and such to be known.


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