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Ah. So I have had just watched finish this girl-wanna-be-boy and girl-wanna-be-boy series. Left quite a few impressions on me, this show.

1. There is an overhead bridge where, somehow, plenty of events take place there. Now, the scenes there usually are quite lengthy, but the background ain’t as static as most other animes usually have. The cars actually move! I mean, they follow a proper traffic system for a full 5 minutes. Now that is something I have not seen in other shows.

2. The very first line. “What are little girls made up of?” And subsequently in the middle, “What are little boys made up of?”. These may seem cheeky, but that is what the main character, Nitori, seems to be confused about, and is searching an answer for. Or not. I’m not a mind reader.

3. Are kids really that outgoing nowadays? Maybe, considering the pre-martial pregnancies rate has been shooting up… But seriously, wtf? Friends with someone who rejected you during 6th grade, and someone you rejected not long after, and going out with a girl a year older at 7th grade. Jealousy over romance and ex-romance. Seriously? These kids have more life than I do man.

4. No tsunderes. Slight tsundere characteristic but no pure out-and-out-I’m-a-tsundere character. At least part of my nerves ain’t wrecked trying to bear with the tsundere girls.

5. Seriously, what is the problem with society at large being okay with girls wearing boys clothing but not the other way round? Not that I’m fine with it, I’m also way against boys wearing girls clothing, but what is the reason behind it? Society stigma? Then why are girls fine then? And yes to be honest I do not mind. Or is this just a mindset ingrained upon our society and daily lifestyles?

6. For the second consecutive anime (previous being Kure-nai) going, they mentioned about a particular food, which is some muffin like stuff eaten with jam. Forgotten the name, but it does make me hungry.

That’s more or less what I remembered. May have more, but oh well, I have pretty much lost my language capabilities after not using them for nearly 9 months.


I don’t think anyone will understand this post but I can’t help but vent my frustration here after today’s Bayern match. It will be a disarray of ramble and rumble that may or may not make any sense at all.

Bayern Munich spend million of dollars on transfer but there are some fatal flaws in their plan. First, they don’t have any left back last season so what did they do? They bought a RB and let Lahm, their only competent defender and best player plays on the left. Brilliant idea! Lahm was a natural LB anyway but the reason he switched to RB was because they have none on the right! In other words, the team now only have 1 RB and  0 sub for their RB position. So what if their only RB  can’t play? If that’s the case, the team can only tap on to their shitty reserve(Koz is his name) that were on the relegation zone in low German league. Guess what happen when they do that? People attack the right side and fuck up the defence that is already weak in the first place. Simple shit.

Koz  can’t play. He loses ball every time, he won zero challenge, his tackling gave their opponent a chance to score. Total disaster. To add salt to the wound, our CB don’t fucking understand marking. They spread out wide and leave  space for opponents like some prostitute leaving their pussy open for penis. The CB don’t understand positioning during set piece as well. One seemly harmless corner kick or freekick can make the penalty box a disarray of shit where opponents are free to score. I can’t count how many balls were given away from set pieces last season. That’s clearly our weakness and one season had pass and nothing learned. Fuck it.

Now, we actually just bought some 22 years old German born Ghana CB named, Jerome Boateng , to solve our back line problems. He is promising and definitely the best in our centre defence now. The keyword here though, is promising. He played only a handful of matches last season and mainly played as a fullback for his career. Worst still, he just come back from some injury. What’s the chance of him failing and fuck up? High. Even if he became awesome, what can 1 CB do? Shit, that’s right, the answer is shit.

Though I hope I am wrong, today’s match is just some pre season fun anyway so no big deal. However, if this is their actual performance, I think we will be  3rd or worst again this season. Hey, Bundesliga just got the 4th CL place, we definitely have room to fail right?

Our attack is awesome though, no problem with that… … mostly… … if Gomez don’t fuck up … … if both our Wingers dodn’t get injured… … if Schweinsteiger actually perform like he  should perform.

Few posts back, I talked about how I thought Persona 3 FES was an ok game, I even compared it to “Romeo X Juliet” in terms of ok-ness, which I agree  is a little too cheap since ok means terrible for anime. I also didn’t go in depth on why I think it was an ok game because the point of the post is not about Persona 3. I even made the most unpopular claim of preferring the Answer Arc to the Journey Arc. All these things are things of utmost importance because claiming that Persona 3 is an ok game and preferring Answer Arc is like saying K-on is better than Princess Mononoke, in fanboys’ mind, that is.

I have to agree that most of my personal disdains towards Persona 3 FES may be rooted from personal preference and choices I made in game so what I will talk about below maybe things that I should blame myself. However, if I have to say it objectively, Persona 3 isn’t as revolutionize as people said it is. Dating sim, Pokemon collecting and high school setting elements are found everywhere in games, just that they are not being combined into one like what Persona 3 did. The only innovative thing I can think about is the knockdown battle system, which itself isn’t that brilliant of an idea to amount to anything anyway I don’t know about you but if you think that combining of done before things together is a brilliant and innovative thing then so be it.

Now, for some evidences of done before game mechanics, one good example of the much lauded dating sim RPG element can be found in Thousand Arms from 13 years ago where you have to interact with girls to enhance your sword power, sounds familiar? In addition, if you have played before dirty otaku games like Tokimeki Memorial and Sakura Taisen, you will know that shit (P3’s dating sim element) is just a watered down version of true dating sim, nothing amazing about it.

Pokemon collecting is just Pokemon collecting, Digimon World for RPG and Monster Rancher for general Pokemon collecting game did the Pokemon collecting a lot better anyway. Hell, even its own fucking SMT series’ innovation is this Pokemon collecting stuff and no one talk about them so I don’t think we should give any more credit than what it is.

High school setting is just high school setting; we all know that no one is interested in those exams and study to increase your academy bullshit. Those are even less interactive than going to work in “The Sims”. If you want to have some radical change in setting, look no further than Earthbound now that is radical enough for us to jizz on. High school setting on the other hand? Eh, not so much.

Now to some of my personal complain and how I disagree on people’s opinion about the Answer VS Journey Arc and why I prefer the former.

The first complain about the Answer arc is it being a grind fest while the Journey is not, which I totally disagree on because the Journey Arc has more grinding than Answer Arc when I played. This is actually all my fault for being a semi-competitionist where I have to complete a certain milestones in RPGs. These milestones are namely, having the best weapons, complete storyline with all side quest and optional boss beaten , left no treasure box unturned, and having strong enough stats and skills(strong or not depends on my own preference) for the main characters. These milestone are actually sane when compare to collect 99x of every items but never have I thought that these milestone is what made the Journey arc a fucking grind fest.

Now, in order to defeat the optional boss and get the ultimate Pokemon (the ultimate Pokemon is my idea of being strong enough for this game), you definitely need to be level 99, which itself took at least a fuck long time to accomplish. If you played the game normally without much grinding, you will reach about level 76-80(I was level 76). Therefore, you will have to at least level up some 20 or so levels.

After level 80, you will most likely need30000- 50000 experience point to gain one level. Most enemies give you about 2000 experience point per battle. If you are lucky and pick some randomly generated and shuffled experience point card and met the strongest enemy, you will gain 8000 experience point or so (which sometime can be a rare occurrence). Therefore, with some 8000 and many 1000-2000, you need the average of 10-20 battles (mostly 15) or so for each level.

At the same time, your sp (which is damn important) degenerate like fuck crazy and the enemies are so strong that if you make one mistake, you will be screwed. The final deathblow to the cock is that your character will get tired after 40 or so battles so have fun wasting more time, going to school, date some girls then go to sleep to regenerate your condition. Therefore, 15-20 battles actually sound longer than it seems to be. I will say it at least took 35mins to level up one level if all things move smoothly.

It’s only after level 90 or so that you can battle with two eyes close even when you are tired but level 90 took 5.8 hours or even more with all the regenerating, game over and such bullshit. I tell you, 5.8 hours of fighting the same monster, using the same tactic, seeing the same view with no story progress or any other purpose other than leveling up is as fun as it sounds.

Now, leveling up to 99 is actually the easiest part and I completed it without much hassle (I secretly love grinding for levels). There are more fuckup stuffs that I hated more. After leveling up to 99, you have to level some of your Pokemon to a certain level to get certain essential items for the optional boss as well. This is more frustrating than training your own level because your Pokemon do not earn all the experience like you do! Sometimes, your Pokemon will be weak against an enemy(which happens all the time), you can’t train it efficiently because you need to switch it out if you don’t want to lose 1 hour of training time due to game over.

That’s not all! Leveling up your Pokemon isn’t even the most tedious part. To be frank, it’s just a tip of the iceberg when compare to the horror you are going to face – fusing your ultimate Pokemon. Now, the ultimate Pokemon (I will call it Ulti for now) is a Pokemon with a set of desired skill that is essential to defeat the optional boss. To have the desired skill set, you need 6 different other Pokemon that each undergoes its own complicated fusions in order to let them all have similar skills to make sure that your Ulti receive the skill it needs. Since the Ulti is like some slut who accepts every skill equally, you will have a hard time to make sure you have your desired skills. It’s a complicated process and only those who played the game will understand how fucking tedious this is. To simplify it, the whole process will be literally just pressing the O and X buttons for 10 hours, if you are lucky.

To understand how tedious all these process are, a normal game completion without all the bullshit I mentioned above took about 70 hours. In the end, I took about 110 hours to defeat the optional boss and I actually cheated!  If I didn’t cheat, I think I will hate myself and threw my newly bought PS2 out of the window by then. That’s 40 more hours of mindless leveling and fusing of Pokemon, with cheat!  40 hours of mindless grinding! How long did I take to complete the whole of Answer arc with all milestones complete? 30 hours!  Even if the Answer Arc is total grinding like everyone say (even though I disagree), 40hours> 30 hours. Case close, end of story, I don’t need to elaborate anymore.

I am a nice guy so I will elaborate more. There are other things that make me prefer the Answer arc to the Journey arc. The main thing is that I love traditional RPG. I love battles, leveling up and learning new skills. I love the Persona 3’s battle mechanics and the Answer arc fleshed it out better than the Journey arc.

The lack of a compendium where you can summon any Pokemon you want make me cherish my Pokemon more. It makes me explore new alternatives and discover the usefulness of some Pokemon due to not having too much freedom now.  The best examples are the Pokemon, Loki and Cybele. Both these Pokemon are useless in the Journey arc because there are much better Pokemon available thanks to the ease of fusing. However, only during the Answer Arc where I found out that they are actually the one of the best Pokemon out there because they have no weakness! The skills they learned also complement one another, which make you unbeatable if you alternate between them. This just adds more depth and strategy to the whole battle system.

I also like how the pacing of the plot goes. You encounter a mystery and you kept on chasing it. You won’t have any distraction and what not so you are always on the run. Best of all, you don’t need to wait for 28 days to progress the plot.

The Answer arc also does the whole “show, don’t tell” part better than the Journey arc. I always hate it when the Journey arc goes all expository with their back-story.  For example, in the Journey arc, Akihiko always go all expository about his orphanage’s day and how his sister or something die so he want power to protect. On the other hand, the Answer arc actually shows what transpire when they go all back-story modes.

The Answer arc also has a better-characterized main character. Aegis when compare to the emo blue hair kid has more personality because the emo blue hair kid has none. The emo blue hair kid is just a silent kid that suck up to everyone by changing his personality whenever it suits the situation. Everyone also loves to suck his cock for no reason and he gets to bang all the women with no qualms.

It’s ok to be silent if you can customize your character to suit a consistent persona but for Persona 3, there aren’t many choices to give your character a personality.  You are forced to give cheesy answers to suck up to others in order to progress and you can’t be an asshole if you want to complete the Social Link. Therefore, in the end, you are pretty much screwed with only one direction of progression.

The most disturbing part though is that I still can’t get over the fact on why everyone is lamenting about Makoto from School Days when our emo blue hair kid is actually no better than him. I am just downright disturbed by this. I can’t get over it even until this day because no one seems to bring it up. Why people? Why? I thought all of you hate harem. So why don’t you have any complains with Persona 3’s main character?

Have you notice how I never talk about the story? I talked about the plot pacing and the method of revealing the plot but I didn’t really go in depth on what is it all about. You know why? Because both stories for both arc suck. Actually suck is too harsh, there are actually ok and serviceable. I really can’t hold any grudge with the story because even the best of the best RPG story Xenogears can’t make a good TV show too.  Hence, you can’t really gauge an RPG’s story objectively; a serviceable story is a good story for RPG. However, you can gauge a RPG by the characterization, which make up one part of the plot, which in turn is a detail of how a story reaches from point A to point B.

In this case, both character interactions/characterization for both arcs are similar. The Journey arc has more characters but you caring about them or not is another whole issue all together.  Out of the whole social links, I only liked the Dying Young man one and maybe the Devil one. The rest are kinda meh.

All the female’s social links are interesting at first but degenerate to them, wanting to suck your cock and bang you in the end. Even the much lauded Hermit link is kinda meh (I hate internet speak) except for the ending part during March 30/31.

Except for the two social links that I said I like, the rest of the male’s social links are just eh. Look around the top favourite list of social link and no one care about Kenji or that Kendo/Track&Field/Swimming guy. The Moon guy is fat so everyone hates him. Keisuke is just some boring shit about being a doctor or musician. Student council guy was actually cool so maybe I should add him to my favourite list as well. The monk and old couple have a strong start but kinda dwindle out. The sport rival guy was just ok but nothing memorable. If I miss any, it means that I totally forgot about them.

E Minor told me that he likes how all the social link interconnected to the main story or something but to be frank, I can just see some shallow connections. For one, Mitsuru seems to be able overcome her embarrassment when she is beside you pretty fast when it reaches the main story progression.

Also, even though both stories suck, I still prefer the Answer arc’s story by giving a new twist to the sacrifice self to save the world from god summoned by some people who find earth to be too disgusting, even though the Answer arc destroyed quite a lot of the Journey’s arc motivation and build up. I didn’t care about the Journey’s story anyway so who cares if it was destroyed.

I still have some minor things to say about Persona 3 but I guess that’s enough elaboration for now. So bye bye for now, I guess. Next post should be about my new favourite, Fist of the North Star or something.


YuruYuri Episode 1:

“Hi, my name is I don’t know. I am stupid and I fell down when I woke up. I am a generic pink hair girl. I wear primary school student’s clothing because I forgot I am secondary student now. I am so Dojiko. * Slant head and hit it*”

Your opening song can’t destroy me! I have a strong penis, it won’t go dysfunctional just like that!

” I am wearing the same panties and I am a lesbian” *grab boob. SO HILARIOUS! What? They are 12 years old?… … Shit just got serious.

Yeah, 8 mins in and my brother is still strong as a bull, hopefully.

Yeah,forwarded to 12 min  and they are still in the same room

Yeah! Fast forwarded it to the 20 min and they are still in the same(?) room! Such imaginative settings!

I lasted 8 mins in total before closing the window! I am awesome! Next!

Double J Episode 1

You see, I am lying in my twitter feed. I actually believe that Double J will be a good show! How can the author of Cromartie High School write anything short of genius prose? Eiji Nonaka, I am sorry to doubt you.

Double J is surprisingly funny and enjoyable for a 4min show. It will be funnier if you know the author’s previous work contains mainly of manly rugged delinquents- the total anti-thesis of what Double J appears to be.  This makes you wonder if he is trying to be funny by poking fun of the moe genre or poke fun at himself for being a sellout. Knowing him from Cromartie High School author’s note, it’s more likely the latter which makes the whole situation  so much funnier.

Looking around the internet, no one seems to share my sentiment so don’t take my words on it. Who knows, maybe I am just overly indulging myself by thinking of what’s going on behind Eiji Nonaka’s head when he wrote Double J. Still, I like the absurd dry humour and the flash animation didn’t  bother me.

“You don’t sharpen the end of a toothpick because it is done by machine ” *show angry serious face*.  Awesome.

Good run! I am rolling like some fire man. Wait a minute! Can a fire rolls?

Ryokubu Episode 1

“HOW CAN I LOSE!” Hot blooded moe loli! Atsui Chi Moechata Moe Loli !!!

Such inspirational show! It teaches us that you can play basketball even if you are 122!  Oh, they are primary school children? Sorry, I am too used to high school children looking like primary school children. Good! At least the show don’t lie.

Oh, maid uniform to seduce? Good good good, preparing to become prostitute since the age of 10. – Japanese Education as portrayed by anime

Primary school children have such huge booby?

You don’t like to be called Master? We understood! Onii chan!” – Ryokobu’s dialogue. Nothing short of poetry.

4mins in and I am out.

So, can I conclude that all anime suck and I  hate anime with all my guts so I can now pursue other non time-consuming hobbies like masturbation? No actually, Double J was at least fun for me.  Ryokobu and YuruYuri are so ridiculous yet honest in their whole “titillation with 12 years old girl” concept, I can’t really bring myself to hate them. You just don’t go and hate on something when its whole intention and purpose are made clear to you within 50seconds. Instead, you are to be blame for continuing watching it when you know it’s not your cup of tea. Like Transformer and Pirate of the Caribbean movies,  these moe moe kawaii shows are here to stay if they make money, so quit bitching about it.


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