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Ranking your top favourite anime is a trend made popular recently for some reason. By recently, I of course mean 3 years ago because I am a laggard who couldn’t catch up with any trend. So to continue the traditional of being a fucking slowpoke, I have decided to write my own top 10 anime post for real this time.

Reason on why I held back for so long is because anime continues to impress me, a merely 400+ completed anime is not a good enough gauge to decide on my top favourite because there are still a lot of classic which I haven’t seen

Generally speaking, TV series have the upper hand with lengthier characterization and grander plot as compared to animated films and ova. However, to me, or to anyone for that matter, art will always be so much more impressive and beautiful if there are limitations.

This is why novels will always be seen as something superior than say, cartoons because it can convey so much with so little. What I am getting at is that I love animated films more than long running TV series because encompassing deep character development and compelling stories within 2 hours is much more impressive than doing so in 13 hours.

Another point I want to make is that all my ratings in MAL are bullshit so never  use that as a reference. I also don’t have any rigid rating system that make sense. This is something I need to remedy next time but who cares about that shit, let’s just start my top 10 list with my number 1 because I love to be anti climatic.

1. Royal Space Force : Wings of Honneamise

The most spectacular show must have the dullest picture.

I kid you not but Wings of Honneamise is literally a 2 hours build up for a fucking rocket launch. It is not a show for everyone but I love it because it encompassed everything I love about anime.

Be it is historical value, interesting production back stories, the plot, the characters, music, directions, theme or lessons, I love it all.

It is a story about a simplest man taking on a complex task. It is a story about progression in humanity and how far we should go and what steps we should take. It’s a story about evolution and its cause and effect.

I love them all because it speaks to something close to me. It questioned and challenged me. It even provides a satisfying answer to these questions.

The history of this anime – the rise of Gainax – is another factor that propels me in giving this show its number 1 spot. For more information, read Notenki Memoir.-

2.Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

It’s difficult to find an image with some decency for a hentai game adaptation

Wow, did I just throw a curve ball here? What the fuck happen? KGNE? Hentai game adaptation? What the hell?

It’s sad but it is no secret that I love teenage angst and this show is the master of teenage angst. This is also the only show which pains me for its weekly schedule because I can’t wait to know what happen next.

It also makes my 13 years old mind back then, wants to escape reality and enter the world of KGNE because it seems to have so much more emotions and depth than the real reality that I lived in.

Yes you heard that right. The only time where I wished that I live in a anime world is when I watched KGNE. I am fuckup.

I am always embarrassed with the fact that a flawed hentai game adaption is one of my favourite anime ever, especially so when I pride myself in having taste. But here is it, KGNE makes me cry like a baby, be it 6 years ago or now. I can’t help it, call it nostalgia or whatever but this cartoon hits every soft spot of mine. My shipping( or whatever it is called) loses and that just make this cartoon so much bitter sweet that I can’t forget how much I love it.

3. Omohide Poro Poro aka Only Yesterday

Simple, real and heart warming. Who will have thought that the only anime character that I could relate to is a little 10 years old girl named Taeko.

Only Yesterday is a story about  childhood and the little painless histories of it that forms you as a person. It’s all about nostalgia and introspection of what you really want to achieve in life.

I love it. The talk about agriculture and how nature are beautiful because man made them beautiful is still my favourite anime line ever. This line is better than the heavy handed environmental message found in Nausicaa and Princess Mononoke.

Oh, and like Taeko, I totally couldn’t figure out fraction when I was young. Why the hell do you get more when you divide  and get less when you multiply is something the 10 years old Taeko and me can’t figure. That is the perfect touch in the film that make me think that man, this shit is so true to life and close to reality.

The Ghibli I love is the pathos one. Miyazaki’s films have lots of flair but I prefer the tiny quiet and mellow  world of Takahata’s Only Yesterday.

4. Planetes

Glorified Garbage Collector

I love rockets and space. I to wanted work in astronomy when I was young. But then I realise that it has lots of complicated math and boring tough shit like training in zero gravity while we spin you around so I gave  up. I have motion sickness.

Before I watch Planetes, I always thought that it will be this convoluted, dialog heavy show that no one understands . To my surprise, the first few episodes were so light-hearted and fun, it’s actually very easy to watch.

Of course, not everything is fun and sunshine because shit gets serious very fast.

Planetes is like roller coaster ride. It can be light-hearted and it can also spiral down to the nastiness and tragedies.

I particularly love the episode of the El Tanika engineer where he created his own spacesuit. His last word, “There are no boundary lines on earth in space” always resonate with me and give me the chill, . Before that, his words of gratitude for his fellow men during the final test made me cry like a baby too. I occasionally replay that segment because fuck it, it is so brilliant.

5. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann  Legend of the Galactic Heroes

I will not be surprise if you told me Yang Wenli is inspired by Zhuge-Liang.

TTGL was once my top favourite series of all time but now when I look back, it was just all right because I can’t remember any memorable scene that makes my hair stand. However, the gratification it gave me reached such sky-high level, I can’t help but to place it in my top 5. That is until it got over taken by Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

There need to have a better wiki for Legend of the Galactic Heroes. It is such a massive series but the documentation for it sucks. This bothers me a lot because 12 episode stuff like Madoka has a much more robust wiki than this massive beast. What the hell man?

Regardless, if I have to say, LoGH is technically and objectively, the best anime out there. It is well composed, every characters are well written and it doesn’t rely on any cliche. The dialogs are smart, the animation is competent and the theme and lessons are just so mature and compelling. It truly deserves to be called an epic.

I think every anime fans should watch this show once in their lifetime but I won’t force it down to anyone’s throat. 110 episodes of deep, hard to swallow and challenging material is something you need to get ready for. Diving into it in a whim might just cause you to give up anime forever because you get so burned up. I know because I was burned up by LoGH.

It is too good a show so everything else pales in comparison. But at the same time, it can be so taxing to watch. Add that to a one two punch of it being compelling and awesome, it makes you hate yourself for being unable to  garner enough energy and motivation to watch one episode of it.

In the end, all your interest in anime may just perish like a a moth in fire while being bogged down with other real life matter. This little story is the reason why I went missing for almost 5 months.

After episode 65 or so, it gets really easy to watch though.

6.Millennium Actress

I have nothing to say about this. I need to rewatch this again but the dvds are way beyond my budget now, considering that I just spend $200 on Steam and $200 on Amazon.

7. Mind Game

Mind Game celebrates life like I do. Out of all the Yuuasa’s work, I like this one the best. I haven’t seen Kemonozume though but I don’t think it can take the place of Mind Game. Enough said.

8.Umi ga Kikoeru aka Ocean Waves

I have talked at length about Ocean Waves and it was once my favourite Ghibli film before I watched Only Yestarday . The subtity and non overarching romance are things that I yearn for in anime but not many of them could execute it like Ocean Waves. I just love how mellow this is.

8. Martian Successor Nadesico

Yes! It is totally a harem show... .. or is it?

It is either Gungrave or Ocean Waves that will get the cut for Nadesico. I choose Ocean Wave in the end because Gungrave has just more staying power. I still love Ocean Waves and do rewatch it occasionally but Gungrave is more of my type of thing.

Now onto Nadesico. Nadesico is just so god damn awesome due to its multiple layers. You can enjoy it as a fun hijinks or you can dig through deeper and find a story about self doubt and the true meaning of justice. Everyone have their own perspective on Gekiganger III and everyone wants to believe that they are the good guy.

It is also has a very interesting introspection on the Otaku subculture and get really meta about it.

I particularly love how all the characters are asshole.

Oh and that ending? Classic.

In actuality, Nadesico can be tied up pretty well but in the end, the asshole casts choose to say “Fuck it! We are more important than protecting the universe so let’s just leave the whole universe fuckup.” That is a ballsy ending if I see one. Good stuff.

I also like the direction of Nadesico. It goes through things bit by bit and save you from all the expositions. Then when you think you finally got things figure up, they gave you a unpredictable twist in episode 18.After that, it just became insane fun.

Not all questions are explicitly explained  but the series drop enough hints for you to figure shit out. I like that and this style of directing appears in Shingu as well. I don’t know if this is how Sato Tastuo handle shit but I think this is the way to go in terms of directing. Little exposition and mostly “show, don’t tell”.

Nadesico is my favourite among the trinity of 90s anime. The other two being Evangelion and Utena.

I like Utena, it can be easily in my top 20 but I am not emotionally attached to it enough for me to list it on my top 10.

Evangelion I just don’t understand. I still don’t get the plot and I can’t relate to the characters at all. I just see people moving and shit happening without feeling anything. Does this shit even make any sense?  Is it even possible for someone to tell you how this show go from point A to point Z? I don’t know, I tried very hard but I still can’t figure shit out.

Utena is at least coherent until the last 3 episodes for me. Even then, I still kinda get the idea what Ikuhara want to show and how Utena is a coming of age story.

Evangelion? Shit happens is the only thing I got from it.

The Evangelion movies are awesome though. I watched the second one like 5 times.


I ripped off this picture from gaguri’s blog

I never really expect Gungrave to make the list when I first finished the show.It is just too flawed to make the list.

No, you don’t need to tell me how this show has a lot of plot holes and  character motivations because they are obvious. I also know that the animation suck badly so you don’t need to tell me how stupid I was to include this show in my list.

With all that said, it is also a fact  that I weep like a baby from episode 10 to 24.The final 6 episodes especially because they are just so captivating and emotional.

I can pretty much forgive all its flaws because it ended so beautifully. Damn, that ending is now replaying in my head. God damn Brandon HARUTO and Harri Makekudoorwell, how can both of you infiltrate my brain and make me cry just by thinking about your end? God damn you!

I also like how it explores the theme of friendship and Mafia and if you don’t know, I take manly friendship in anime very seriously.

I still cry whenever I remember this epic tear jerking scene

10.Tatakau Shisho – Book of Bantorra

Shiron, Colio and Noloty are my favourite characters from BooB

Bet you didn’t see this coming.

Book of Bantorra has one of the best written plot I ever seen in an anime. It works on the macro level where every shit is planned up since episode 1.

Yes, I do agree that episode 4 has that shoddy moment that make not much sense but god damn is it beautiful that they killed their “seems to be” main character just like that.

I also love all the characters from this show. They are all unique and well written. But I love nothing more than seeing how this show kills them. Sometimes I can see a character death coming from miles away but god damn did it always blew my mind when it really happen.

This is just good shit because it constantly blew my expectation with its devastating moments. I especially love Volken’s death because it is so cynical. His hopes and beliefs are all lies and he died a remorseful death. The end! Just like that! Man! What balls!

To be frank, rank number 4 to 10 are interchangeable. I  also don’t see much change to this list as I pretty much watched everything I want to watch that had the chance of entering my top 10 list.

Maybe there will be some future contenders but my mind is pretty much set with this list.

Also, all images ripped off fresh from google image search as I don’t have the habit of keeping  gigabytes of cartoon pictures on my computer.

Finally, some shout out to anime I omitted:

Haibane Renmei: Haibane Renmei is flawless but I like flaws in my anime because perfect thing just doesn’t sit well with me. Even though I said above how LoGH is perfect, it really isn’t and I am just being hyperbolic about it.

Haibane Renmei however is just so flawless that it is unreal. I am a flawed human being, I need flaws in something for me to relate to. Haibane Renmei is just too anti me. I love Haibane Renmei but I just can’t allow myself to include this perfect anime. It may not even enters my top 20 just because of how perfect it is. God damn Haibane Renmei, please has some flaws so I can relate to you better.

Akira: I personally don’t think too highly about the movie. It has some interesting concepts but I don’t know what the fuck is happening. The manga is awesome though. It’s like a good Hollywood action movie from start to finish. It captivates you from page 1. Read the manga if you haven’t already.

Miyazaki’s film: They lack humanity for me. I can’t sense any personal emotion from his movies. They are either too grand or have too much flair that it lacks a certain subtlety that speaks to me personally. It’s my fault that I can’t connect to his movies. I don’t know why but I just can’t.

For example, Whisper of Heart, even not directed by him had his finger prints and I couldn’t feel anything but boredom from it. I liked Princess Mononoke but its subject matter and how it was presented is of no interest to me.  All his films are great films, I like Spirited Away and shit like that but I don’t really love them.

Totoro is just plain. It is delightful for sure but nothing fucking happen. There are no conflicts at all. If it is more true to life, it can be the most deserving title to be called a “slice of life” because there are no character development, no plot, no conflict and no anything. It literally can be a slice of someone’s life. I kinda feel the same on this about Whisper of Heart too.

Oh and Howl Moving Castle totally suck. It’s incoherent, it jumps the shark, the ending makes no sense, the acting is kinda dull and I got fucking sick, like real sick with fever after I finished the movie. God damn Howl Moving Castle. I hate it and I can’t stand people praising it.

FMA/Gintama: FMA is always a manga for me. I have seen most of the first series to understand the gist of it but I have only really completed the manga.

Even then, the manga is not top 10 material for me. It got too rpgish and shonenish towards the end. The whole ordeal about god and shit like that is just too overdone.

Some stuff like how they drew this circle to anti the god lacks any technical explanation which they did so well in the early part of the story. This just makes it look lazy.

Gintama, I have never laughed once throughout 30 episodes. I felt that they dragged their punchline for too long and each episode is just too stretched out.  I also can’t handle anime comedy if they are no broken up into small bite size pieces. My friend who has similar comedic taste agrees with me. He told me that there are like 20/201 good episodes of Gintama and the rest is kinda meh.

From what I have seen, I can’t help but believe him. He and I also agree that stuff like Cromartie, Sexy Commando and Fumoffu are way better as a comedy.

These 3 comedies I listed are all top 20 materials by the way because I take comedy very seriously. Louis C.K is my favourite comedian but that is another topic all together.

Madoka: No, just no. I find it to be ok. I really have nothing to say about it other than it being ok. I can tell you how the characters bore me and how heavy handed manipulative it is but I won’t.

I will tell you this though. I find the dialogs to be very cheesy and how the character designs sucked because after all the shock values( like oh so edgy and did you see what I did there? Having all this innocent looking girls in this edgy nasty shit? Isn’t that awesome and subversive and whatever?) that did nothing to me, they just ended up  looking like teddy bears and it is hilarious when they get all emotional and sad.

It is an ok show and like a lot of ok show, just saying that they are ok is all the effort I want to put in. Episode 10 is kinda cool but I really don’t care about Homura or her motivation in shit so yea. I don’t find it touching.

The ending is totally Xenogears too, just not as cool. The whole I am an allien thing is also overdone. Come to think of it, Xenogears also totally did that.

Windaria/Osamu Tezuka’s Shorts/Princess Arete/Chirin no Suzu/Night of the Galactic Railroad/Mamoru Hosada’s Works/GITS/Other great movies that I missed:

Go watch them, they are all worth it. Even if you did not like any of them, they are movies that make you go,”Well, I am glad that I watched it once.”

Other stuff you think should be included in my Top Ten List:
Send them in! If not, I can go on forever with this shit. There are just so many great anime that I omitted. Stuff like Black Lagoons, Samurai Champloo, Aoi Bungaku, Cowboy Bebop, Genius Party, Eden of the East and whatever you had. I have seen a little for most of them but I still have lots of backlog, namely Giant Robo and stuff like that.

Deathnote, Naruto, School Rumble, Bleach, DBZ, Adachi’s work, Hajime no Ippo and Major are all considered as manga for me even though I watched some of their anime.

Even then, I will only consider some of Adachi’s work in my top 10 and maybe Hajime no Ippo and Major as top 20. Oh Genshiken is top 20 as well and I only love Welcome to the NHK in novel form. I think the manga sucks and destroyed the nuance and brilliance of the original.


Chirin no Suzu, The Spider Thread, Nobody’s boy Remi, Dog of Flanders, Night of the Galactic Railroads and The Little Match Girl have two things in common, they are all old children stories and people die.

Comparing to the old days, we human pride ourselves as being more progressive and open minded but god damn hell we are sheltering our children with crap and not exposing them to the real horror and tragedy in life. There is even a tutorial on how to tell your children about 911 here like it is some big deal.

We should all be like the children from the 19th and early 20th century and get exposed to hardcore shit like Night of the Galactic Railroad and Dog of Flanders so we won’t have all these crap.

In a modern children story, there are always some cheesy shit lessons that are useless like love your friends or be happy and such but what does the good old Little Match Girl teaches us? You will die if you are hungry, and there are no hope in this world if you are poor  You shitty 5 years old have zero asset now so you will be hungry and die  like that girl in the story without my help so don’t be a shitty child unless you want me to send you out in the winter cold to sell matchsticks. That’s the valuable lesson we should instill in our young to make them hardcore and manly and guide them in not being some stuck-up shitty kid.

I suggest that we should propagate hardcore tragedy at the age of 5 so everyone will drop their naive idealistic thought and sprout meaningless nonsense like ” When thing seems more difficult to achieve, you will know that is really what u want to achieve.” Yes, that is an actual quote from one of my “friend” on Facebook and it sucks. Now if she were to be exposed with Chirin no Suzu instead of Hello Kitty, like how all children should be, the quote will be something more awesome and credible and true to life like, “I need to sell my kidney for 5 cent today after I buried my dead father with shitty soil to buy bread and sugar for my sick mother”.

The moral of the story for this post is to watch Night of the Galactic Railroad with your son/daughter and tell them that people will bully you if you are poor and you will most likely die when you are drown. The END!

My New Year doesn’t really start until I know I have at least 3 months of vacation ahead of me. This might be the last time for me to have the rights to be a bum for 3 months so I have decided to push away every requests from friends, jobs, schools and family to fully indulge myself  into my own pursuit to rediscover or pick up new hobbies. And of course, constant masturbations.

With that, I have set some goals. You need to have goals in life so you won’t kill yourself because you can’t find any meanings in life. So goals are good and you can go on and kill yourself after achieving them because achieving them will just get you back to a meaningless life. That’s why you should set impossible goals like the one listed down below to delude yourself into thinking that you are constantly pursuing for something, even though what you pursue can’t be attained. It is fun that way like how Millennium Actress teaches us.

Goal Number 1: Finish off the essential UC Gundam.

I want to watch stuff like Gundam 0080 and 08th MS Team but god damn hell I am anal about sequences. I can’t bring myself to play Dragon Quest 8 because I haven’t complete DQ3 after I finished off DQ1 and DQ2. Gundam in this regard is worse because it is a continuing line of linear plot progression. Jumping straight towards stuff like Char Counter Attack is definitely ok but hell you won’t have the full experience without experiencing Gundam 0079 and Gundam Zeta first. I got the same feeling for spinoff ova like 0080 and 08th MS Team as well so I need to fire through the TV series quick.

For now, I have completed the First Gundam TV series. It is dated and very boring but I have to plough through it to understand Zeta. More importantly, I am an elitist fuck so I must earn at least the cred of finishing off the First Gundam even though I am pretty cold with Robots cartoon. Though to give First Gundam its credit, it gets a lot better after episode 30 when all the super saiyan crazy metaphysical bullshit start spewing out from Tomino’s ass.

My plan is to complete Zeta, maybe skip ZZ then go right straight to Char Counter Attack then I am in free range to pick out any other Gundam after that.

Goal Number 2: LoGH Gaiden

A lot of people pretty much gave up on these after finishing the main series because hey, LoGH is awesome but I had have enough of it with 110 episodes now.  I am thinking of just buying the 4 Gaiden novels instead of watching the 50+ episodes of it, I don’t know.

Goal Number 3: Watch more 90s Anime

I always find that the 90s to be strange period for anime because I feel that there are lots of awesome shit in there but when I try to list them all out, my list turns out to be quite empty. There is this strange void with the 90s anime where the actual amount of good shit isn’t quite what you have expected.

For now, I have completed a handful of 90s cartoon that isn’t based on manga. I love all of them and would like to seek more  because I love the 90s art and storytelling style. It is a cool transition period where the line of dated and modern is blurred so you get this piece of mess that look so cool but still kinda corny.

I already have a few targets in mind but I won’t list them out because listing them out will revoke my anime cred. Hint: I didn’t complete Cowboy Bebop… … and I totally skipped the 1995 GITS and have only seen the GITS 2.0 movie.

Ok, I want to complete these series:

Captain Tylor

Crest/Banner of the Star

Giant Robo

Cowboy Bebop

Legend of Black Heaven

Ginga Sengoku


Gao Gai Gar

Mahoujin Guru Guru


Goal Number 4: Watch more Classic Cartoon

I recently wrote a long comment on someone’s blog about how it is very important to know the history of anime and how we should all watch the classic to learn how anime got from point A to point B.  I haven’t seen Rose of Versailles, Harlock, Yamato and Galaxy Express 999. I should go kill myself. I did watch the first commercial Hentai ova called Lolita though. It is very interesting. I should watch Lemon Angel next.

Last Goal: Read all the Manga I Bought

Look at my collections page. I only finished a quarter. They are all now  in my toilet, waiting for me to complete them while I shit.

To quote Wikipedia, “There is no evidence on any link between the modern romantic connotations of modern Saint Valentine’s Day and the rites of the ancient Roman festival, despite many claims by many authors.”

Translation: Marketing people made up bullshit and tarnish the fucking name of one or more early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine just to make money. I am not a Christian yet I find that to be very offensive and insulting.

Valentine day is just a marketing tool that was forcefully pushed down your throat and encouraged consumerism which programs you to splash big money on this shallow, meaningless day. You shouldn’t conform with this bullshit and let greedy corporate earn your hard earned money by jacking up their price during this “Special Day”.

So if your girlfriend asks you for a Valentine celebration, fuck her and dump her (figuratively and literally) because she is stupid. Otherwise, educate her so to make sure your future offspring won’t become a dumbass. There is no reason you should follow something made up by someone and let them control your life.

Anyway, take your anniversary and make that your Valentine Day instead, that will be more meaningful.

Shingu is a weird show; go watch the first 3 episodes then drop it because you find it to be slow and nothing happen for long stretch of time. I wrote this because this is supposed to be an anime blog so I must force some anime shit out of my ass.


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