My New Year doesn’t really start until I know I have at least 3 months of vacation ahead of me. This might be the last time for me to have the rights to be a bum for 3 months so I have decided to push away every requests from friends, jobs, schools and family to fully indulge myself  into my own pursuit to rediscover or pick up new hobbies. And of course, constant masturbations.

With that, I have set some goals. You need to have goals in life so you won’t kill yourself because you can’t find any meanings in life. So goals are good and you can go on and kill yourself after achieving them because achieving them will just get you back to a meaningless life. That’s why you should set impossible goals like the one listed down below to delude yourself into thinking that you are constantly pursuing for something, even though what you pursue can’t be attained. It is fun that way like how Millennium Actress teaches us.

Goal Number 1: Finish off the essential UC Gundam.

I want to watch stuff like Gundam 0080 and 08th MS Team but god damn hell I am anal about sequences. I can’t bring myself to play Dragon Quest 8 because I haven’t complete DQ3 after I finished off DQ1 and DQ2. Gundam in this regard is worse because it is a continuing line of linear plot progression. Jumping straight towards stuff like Char Counter Attack is definitely ok but hell you won’t have the full experience without experiencing Gundam 0079 and Gundam Zeta first. I got the same feeling for spinoff ova like 0080 and 08th MS Team as well so I need to fire through the TV series quick.

For now, I have completed the First Gundam TV series. It is dated and very boring but I have to plough through it to understand Zeta. More importantly, I am an elitist fuck so I must earn at least the cred of finishing off the First Gundam even though I am pretty cold with Robots cartoon. Though to give First Gundam its credit, it gets a lot better after episode 30 when all the super saiyan crazy metaphysical bullshit start spewing out from Tomino’s ass.

My plan is to complete Zeta, maybe skip ZZ then go right straight to Char Counter Attack then I am in free range to pick out any other Gundam after that.

Goal Number 2: LoGH Gaiden

A lot of people pretty much gave up on these after finishing the main series because hey, LoGH is awesome but I had have enough of it with 110 episodes now.  I am thinking of just buying the 4 Gaiden novels instead of watching the 50+ episodes of it, I don’t know.

Goal Number 3: Watch more 90s Anime

I always find that the 90s to be strange period for anime because I feel that there are lots of awesome shit in there but when I try to list them all out, my list turns out to be quite empty. There is this strange void with the 90s anime where the actual amount of good shit isn’t quite what you have expected.

For now, I have completed a handful of 90s cartoon that isn’t based on manga. I love all of them and would like to seek more  because I love the 90s art and storytelling style. It is a cool transition period where the line of dated and modern is blurred so you get this piece of mess that look so cool but still kinda corny.

I already have a few targets in mind but I won’t list them out because listing them out will revoke my anime cred. Hint: I didn’t complete Cowboy Bebop… … and I totally skipped the 1995 GITS and have only seen the GITS 2.0 movie.

Ok, I want to complete these series:

Captain Tylor

Crest/Banner of the Star

Giant Robo

Cowboy Bebop

Legend of Black Heaven

Ginga Sengoku


Gao Gai Gar

Mahoujin Guru Guru


Goal Number 4: Watch more Classic Cartoon

I recently wrote a long comment on someone’s blog about how it is very important to know the history of anime and how we should all watch the classic to learn how anime got from point A to point B.  I haven’t seen Rose of Versailles, Harlock, Yamato and Galaxy Express 999. I should go kill myself. I did watch the first commercial Hentai ova called Lolita though. It is very interesting. I should watch Lemon Angel next.

Last Goal: Read all the Manga I Bought

Look at my collections page. I only finished a quarter. They are all now  in my toilet, waiting for me to complete them while I shit.