I’ve watch some spring season cartoon to kill time. Here’s is what I have seen.

1. Accel World

Accel World has a pig playing squash and some sexual innuendo of “linking up”. It was ok.

I don’t know how people can feel so strongly about this show to plot out a 500 words post for it. Will you write a 500 words post about a bland youtube video?


It’s about a dog wearing sailor uniform and act like a 14 years old girl. It has 30 second of actual content.

To relive the moment of watching this show, just look around your room for 30 second, it’ll have the same amount of effect and content you get from this show.

3.Kuro Majo-san ga Tooru!!

This show is about some girl who chanted the wrong spell and summoned Paku Romi.

I don’t know what happened next because I close the show after 3 mins. This is a 7 mins show.

4.Medaka Box

It’s Studio Gainax!

So what?

If you watch enough anime, you know that the studio of an anime doesn’t really matter; it’s the staffs behind it that matter. You are right to assume that the same studio has the same personnel so you can expect a certain something from a studio but ultimately, the focus still boils down to the personnel, not the studio.

The group who made Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann can work in Production I.G and the result will be the same because the studio is just a tool, not a creative force.

Oh and Medaka Box has Nishio Ishin.

I personally think that Nishio Ishin is a hack who can only cater to the niche otaku crowd. Place his work at a higher pedestal outside of the anime realm and it will crush and burn because no one gives a shit about self referential “subversive” dialogs on Tsundere. If you like his stuff, more power to you but I am not his target audience.

So Medaka Box. The first few minutes have enough energy for it to be watchable. Then I just couldn’t care after 4mins. I fast forwarded it and found nothing special. It has a Kamina-look alike and some ok fight scenes.

It was ok overall. People say that it will have a tone shift and became awesome afterward but can you believe people?

Nevertheless, I heard that the manga flopped badly on Shonen Jump. It nearly got canceled when it was the lowest ranking manga in the Table of Content for several weeks.

5.Lupin the Third Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna

James Bond-esque is a good way to sum up Lupin except Lupin is a morally ambiguous thief and I am not too fond of James Bond.

Lupin the III didn’t leave any good impression on me. I watched the TV series when I was 10 and I hated it. At that time, I felt like it’s anti anime because back then, anime was all about overarching storyline with a definite end. Lupin III has no end because it’s an emotionless, episodic, monster of the week hijinks.

All in all, I am very skeptical about Lupin the III because of this prejudice I have when I was 10. Many years had passed and I still can’t shake it off and this new Lupin didn’t really change my mind that much. In fact, it’s just like how I remember it: James Bond-esque Hollywood action series with lots of explosion and logic defying moments except this time, I can see all the nipples because it’s not child friendly anymore.

They just need to make this new series “monster of the week” again for all my disdain to come back. I hope they don’t since it’s only 13 episodes.

Now, I am not asking for an overarching deep story because that will make it not “Lupin” anymore but I really do hope that this time round, they have more interesting stories with actual emotions.

So yea, the first episode of Lupin didn’t blow me away; it made me more skeptical instead. I guess childhood memories die hard and this Lupin really needs to be very good for me to finally cave in and rubbish away my senseless childhood’s prejudice.

I do remember liking one of its movies so it’s not all bad memories. I can only remember the scene where Jigen fought with some bad guy who can read minds. I would like to know the name of that movie because I kinda dig it but I can’t be bothered to dig through millions of Lupin show to identify it.

6.Shirokuma Cafe

You have seen this kind of comedy before. It’s very generic and base. Place some misfits in a realistic setting and let them do their things to create a discrepancy.

However, sometimes a basic and generic concept is not that bad of an idea at all. For one, I think Shirokuma Cafe did it pretty well here. The panda is very cute and he is a slacker. I love slacker characters.

With that said, I think people wouldn’t like it as much I as did because it’s not edgy, subversive or cynical enough. Not to mention, it relies a lot on fluff and cuteness so I can’t see it blend very well with edgy intellectual elitist anime fans.

Nevertheless, this is still my favourite spring series for now because it doesn’t take itself too seriously and is genuinely fun to watch.

Now, even though I love this show but I don’t have much to say about it because I can’t quite explain comedy and I refused to do it because of its contradicting nature.

For example, on one hand, it’s easy to explain how I like edgy and smart comedy like those from George Carlin, Louis Ck, Jon Stewart, South Park and etc. They are good because they make light of very taboo and complex issues on politics, relations and religion. There are deep social commentaries and practical observations layered behind the funnies so it’s easy to deconstruct an act to point out these layers in order to make your point.

However, on the other-hand, the hardest laugh I got is from this video:

Live like a Windrammer as you Fuck

There are no justifiable reason for this to be so funny. Live like a windrammer as you fuck and MA the god are just senseless ridiculous words with no context at all. This is not smart or deep but why can’t I stop laughing? I don’t really know and before I can give you an intelligent and justifiable answer on why I think that video is hilarious, I don’t think I can talk about comedy.

You know, people love Dane Cook, Gallagher and Carrot Top for some reason and I can’t fault them no matter how much of a hack I think they are because I laugh at “live like a windrammer as you fuck.”