Food is art, it’s the basis of survival and the craft for top rated cuisine requires talent and passion. Food is essential for society. A piece of bread in a poor man’s hand portrays deep social commentary of suffering. Cuisine requires lots of heart and a good sense of taste to appreciate. A good cuisine is open up to criticisms and interpretation in how good it tastes. Food is beautiful, noble and speaks to everyone.

This is why food is one of the truest art-form. People should take it very seriously and dissect, interpret and analyze the shit out of it.

I always lament when people are satisfied with shitty Mac Donald food. What kind of uncritical imbecile are they for not taking food seriously and understand that a top rated French Toast which cost the same is of better quality and class? Why do they like shitty Mac Donald food so much when it’s objectively shitty and stupid? Why will someone stuff shitty fatty food that give you diabetics and heart attack down their mouth?

There are no talent and redeeming quality behind Mac Donald’s food. Any 13 years old part timer with no experience in cooking can cook up a Hamburger. These Mac Donald foods are made out of cold, passionless and shit quality meat churn out in some factories from China to pander to the lowest denominator. It’s a fucking pandering machine that exploits the primitive nature of human being.

Why don’t they see that a handmade, top quality French Toast made of the best wheat grain and organic eggs are better than that shitty Hamburger? These imbeciles have no class at all and are not critical with what they are eating. They are noobs who can’t provide good and rationale reason for eating Mac Donald’s food.

As a connoisseur of good taste, I should write up long critical essay to tell you how the food you are eating is shitty and why you are a lesser human being for liking what you like. I also demand critical and logical reasons on why you like shitty food.

You suck for not taking food seriously. You are a stupid, lesser and uncritical conforming human being who is easily content with all the shitty food you eat.

Fuck You.

– By a better human being than you.