I never understood people’s fascination with Okabe and Lelouch . I find them both to be very half assed. They can’t quite follow through what they wanted to do and they always fuck things out. On the other-hand, Toshio Ozaki from Shiki is different. He is so badass that he knew what he wanted to do within 8 episodes and what he did is thorough as shit.

Okabe always wanted to be some mad scientist but we found out halfway that he is just saying that for fun. Now look at Toshio for  a change, Okabe needs 10 more testicles to be half of what Toshio is and 20 more testicles to be as crazy as him.

Toshio is one crazy motherfucker. He is so crazy that he used ice-packs to preserve his wife’s dead body so he can do some actual practical experiment on how to kill a vampire. He is the kind of lead everyone wants in their horror movie because he gets shit done and doesn’t run away.

Normally in a horror movie, people will only find out the monster’s weakness during the last act but Toshio is too much of a badass for that. He says fuck that shit and did what everyone wanted to do – let her annoying wife die and wait for her to turn into the monster then experiment with it.  It’s also not some simple experiment like shitting in her mouth or something. It’s hardcore shit like pumping 1000 types of poison into her then stab the fucking shit out of her heart without feeling any remorse.

Ask any other characters from other anime to do that and they will hide in their room and cry. Toshio is too much of a man to cry. He doesn’t even give a shit that his wife is dead and goes on with life. In fact, he was excited with his findings and didn’t get all depress and whinny. After finding out the fact, he also didn’t do stupid shit like kids in horror movie do because he knows that no one will believe him if he just cry to his parents. He did the smartest thing by using his man charm to lure the monster out to the public and show everyone that monsters exist.

Look at that smirk I posted above, that’s the face of outsmarting your enemy and knowing you can finally kill her by putting a stake in her heart after luring her out using your man charm. Oh and his mother dies after that because other monster wanted revenge and he totally didn’t give a shit about it. It’s like oh, my mom is dead but look, it’s a blood trail! Follow it and kill more monsters! Thanks mom for leading me to monster!

Toshio Ozaki is just too badass for words to describe. It will be better if I give you examples.

If Toshio is in Madoka, he will outsmart kyubey and dissect the shit out of him because that’s exactly what he did in Shiki.

If Toshio is in Code Geass, the season will end within 12 episodes because Toshio will get shit done and not fuck things out. If a cat stole his helmet, he won’t give a shit and just rush into Norio Wakamoto’s house and kill the shit out of him.

Toshio Ozaki is so manly that he cheated death with a smirk. Now look at that grin again. Pure beauty.