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The biggest problem with football fans is that they are not gracious enough. I am gracious. Congrats Chelsea.

Now I will go and cry in one corner.

P.S. Philip Lahm is one of the best footballer in terms of skill, personality and guts, but he is not getting younger. Please let him win something major before he retires.

I have devised a formula on how to determine whether a show has bad dialogs. All you need to do is quote the dialogs of a show and say them out loud. If you are embarrassed by it then the show has shitty dialogs.

For example, try this:

So how about we become monsters together…
And turn this world upside down?
So that… nothing bad… or sad… would remain.
Destroy, destroy, destroy it all!

I felt like an asshole after saying that. Now I want to kill myself.

Now, try this:

Fuck you

Now I feel good and cool. Clearly, fuck you is the best quote and dialog that any human being can devise.


  • That's the biggest bs on Russia hacking story. They act like it's not normal when we all know USA gov is the most powerful hacker. 9 hours ago
  • The ransomware attacks are build from NSA leak. Every gov is hacking everyone, it's hypocritical to cry Russia when you probably also do it. 9 hours ago
  • The most surprising thing about Tokyo Xanadu is probably the lack of romance. Think a little more of that will make it a lot better. 17 hours ago
  • Tokyo Xanadu Ex+ tags on a sequel bait which might happen since it sold OK. Not sure if I want to play another of it though. 18 hours ago
  • People swear up and down it will never be allowed due to pornographic material when the issue really is no one actually tried. 22 hours ago

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