Yesterday, I was in a very deep sleep. I love deep sleep because it always means awesome dream. I dreamt of the perfect town last night.

At first, the dream starts up normal and I was in my home, lazing around. Everything look so normal until I decide to go to some real life bookstore. Then boom! My town changed into the best town ever

Just within 50 metres around my house, it has every facility I wanted. It has some carnival plaza going on which look like a glorified supermarket that sells everything. Someone told me that finally we have some good carnival plaza and it should never stop because our shithole of a town deserves better after years of being shithole.

Then I somehow dated some hot chick which is a renowned bitch and we are roaming around the plaza. Through interacting with her, I found out that she’s not that bitchy. She’s just a fun loving girl who isn’t aware that she is bitchy.

We walk around the plaza, which I must emphasize that it’s is just 50 metres apart from my house, and saw some digimon and angry bird plushies.

We then venture outside the plaza which has some weird arcade cabinets laying around. She went on and played some difficult rhythm game which somehow has some 2 huge wooden sledgehammers as controllers and I am supposed to use one to help her control the game. She said to me that if I fucked up, she would give me hell. Hell might be sex but I am not sure because I fucked up easily and she just went on and inserts another coin to continue the game.

As if trying to make fun of me, she perfected the game and shows me the victory sign. We went into the plaza again and met her friend then boom! Scene change and I found my friend who wants to know the direction of a spectacle shop that is just right at the end of a corridor of my home.

I didn’t know anything about the shop but I somehow gain all the knowledge about it went he told me the name of the shop. I told him that the entrance is sealed off and he needs to go to the backdoor to enter it. Then I realize that the shop is already closed because I went to the backdoor and boom! It turns into a football field where my hometown professional team was playing.

I must emphasize again that all of these happen within 50 metres around my house. Oh, and I think I housed my friend but he disappears all of the sudden.

I saw Zidane and some Italian players playing. Then they kick the ball to me and I showed some skills. They want me to play with them for the next match then boom! I suddenly have a sister and we are biking around town after going to some mall. Her bike fucked up and she was going to ram into a car. For some reason, she just glides above the car and come up safe. Then BANG! I return back to my home where I am suddenly housing the girl that I am secretly in love with.

Somehow, I think that the image of the bitchy gamer girl I spoke of earlier is mixed into the girl I secretly like, which makes no sense at all but I just go along with it. Alongside are some Zidane and other people.

Then my mom came back home. The mom is not really my mom. They looked and acted totally different but I just assumed that she was my mom. I have to hide my entire guest for some reason like I am doing something wrong so I set up a portal that separates my bath room from living room.

How this portal works is pretty interesting. When cast upon, it would change the room into the state of a certain time period. For example, if today was the 19th of July 2012, 12am, I can set the room to its state of 7th July 2012, 3am, and everything that happens and anyone that enters the room would be the same as 7th July 2012, 3am. So with that, if my mom enters the bathroom, she would be in the state of 19th July 2012 while my guest would be in the state of 7th July 2012 so they would never meet.

I just realize that that is a brilliant fucking concept and I should work up a movie from that.

All of the sudden, BOOM! Scene change and I went out with the guests I am hosting. We went just outside my house which looks identical to the outside of my real life house.

There’s a hill that forms a grass field just 50 something metres away from my house. We all lie on there. It’s 3am and we saw some dogs fucking.They are supposed to be some near extinction dog breed so it’s good that they are fucking.

Then boom! Best part coming. Naked hot chick that looks like some JAV I watched last night is masturbating in front of us. My guest turns naked and jerks off to her. The woman glance at us but didn’t give a shit and continues rubbing her vigina.

Then I am also somehow naked but I didn’t jerk off because the scene suddenly changed into the focus of my laptop screen where I hastily close all the porn tabs while my father is watching. All my desktop icons and browser tabs are full of porn that I remembered leaving on last night( I actually did, in real life, leave tabs of porn open before I went to sleep). I just assume myself that my pops is near blind so he can’t see all the lewd pictures of women sucking cock.

The End.

Now if you excuse me, I need to resume to my Google Chrome Browser’s tabs.