Super robot show should be hotblooded, passionate and courageous. It should have stake so high and adversaries so huge that it seems impossible to overcome.

Then with guts, passion and manly speeches( in this order), our heroes would then harness just enough will power to beat the boss until the next boss appears and beat our heroes down.  Repeat this process until you get so manly that you can’t be any manlier. Some of our heroes die in this process but we will learn and benefit from their death and place them forever in our heart.

At least that’s what I expected out of a good super robot show and GaoGaiGar has little to none of that for 35 episodes.

The fundamental flaw of GaoGaiGar is that all but 2 fighting characters are AIs. That itself lowers the stake because AIs are not human and can tolerate high strain while being able to get repair midway during the battle. This took away the joy of seeing the grit of our heroes after their humanly body gets abused.

It removes tension since who the fuck care if robots are destroyed?  They are just robots so you can always rebuild them! Even still, after 35 episodes, they only have 2 near destroyed instances and they came out all right without having the chance to say manly speeches during their revival. Their revivals are always anti climatic because they just appears out of nowhere and sometimes even fully repaired.

Now, I agree that being able to repair midway during battles and using AIs to fight aliens make logical sense and that itself makes GaoGaiGar a pretty smart super robot show. In fact, GaoGair answered a lot of our questions that we have when we watch robot show.

For example, we always ask, why don’t the enemy just gang them out and not always deal 1 on 1? This was actually answered and there are instances where we have 4 on 4 and 2 on1 where our heroes have numerical disadvantage.

Then there’s also the question of why not use your final move or change to your final fusion when you  first encounter your enemy? Why even change into power ranger when you can change into your super robot form and unleash your final sword cutting move? GaoGaiGar answered this shit since episode 2 because sure as hell they change to their final fusion and unleash their final move as fast as they could.

After watching GaoGaiGar tearing through enemies with no buildup to the final move, you would finally understand why power rangers took their time to transform into ranger first then fight with robots for a while before unleashing their final move. Unleashing your final move without buildup is anti-climatic.  Doing it once or twice is maybe cool and subversive but having 20 over episodes of final moves after 50 seconds of action buildup is painful.

Here’s another instance where you know that GaoGaiGar’s characters are very smart.  Midway during the show, after they found out that the final move cause lots of strain to the user’s body, they came out with a new special move that get rid of all repercussion . As smart as that sounds, this further lowers the already low stake and make things very anti-cliamtic and unexciting.

They took away all tension and drama with that plot point. Imagine this, finally, our heroes might die anytime and things are starting to get a little tense but they went on and remove this repercussion which led to killing off any tension that we might once have. What a killjoy that is.

Oh, and that big reveal that every GaoGaiGar’s fan hyped up for during that legendary episode 31 is not that big of a deal as well. I expected it to be a plot twist where our main characters are actually fighting the good guys that are trying to prevent the destruction of earth by extreme means or something epic like episode 15 of TTGL but what we have got is that the enemies they are fighting are just the scouting units and there are actually bigger enemies out there. There, I fucking spoiled the huge reveal because honestly, you would be disappointed if you expected too much out of it.

These bigger enemies are just 31  robots that only seem threatening for 1 episode anyway so who the fuck cares. Fuck, they even told you the amount and it isn’t something impossibly massive like 1 million. What kind of number is 31 anyway? Bleh!

Then after episode 31, they gets into the formula of fighting one or more of the 31 robots, introduce new partner AI robots/tools , fight enemies robot with slightly more buildup again and again and again. The only change is that they make the formula of monster per week into monster per 2 weeks! How incredible non-formulaic like how all the fans told you.

Fuck it man, I heard that it gets awesome after episode 36 because they fight in Jupiter or something but by now, I don’t even believe anything anymore after so many failed “it gets good after this episode” promises.

I personally think that GaoGaiGar is not worth it considering it needs so many episodes to build up to the supposedly good part. Some find it good after episode 27,  some episode 20, some episode 13 and some episode 30. For me, only episode 28-31 are good because they have what I stated in the first paragraph. Other than that, it has a lot of middling episodes and many downright boring one.

Ah, how I wished I can get all pumped out and passionate about GaoGaiGar when I sing along with the opening theme, too bad that never happens after episode 28-31. I still have that tiny hope of the Jupiter arc to do good because please, at least make this last 13 episodes a good memory for me where I would say that 23X49 mins of my life is worth it.