GaoGaiGar is nothing like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. The reason why non super robot fan can get into TTGL is because it can be seen as both a parody and a celebration to old school super robot show. It’s also a coming of age story where little boy grows into manly man. Most importantly, the characters are the focus, not the robots.  It also break away from being formulaic very early on.

GaoGaiGar on the other hand is all about the robots. They even make half of their fucking cast sentient robots. That’s why if you don’t like your transforming robots, you wouldn’t enjoy your GaoGaiGar as much as  a robot fan( I am not a robot fan). The formulaic nature is also tedium.

Watching GaoGaiGar is a weird experience because I used every passing minute to wish that their characters will just self sacrifice and  die but that never really happen. Didn’t they watch Gekigangar 3? Super Robot anime should have manly self sacrificial scene where people die protecting their friends. The only death in GGG is for this old man that no one really cares. They even have the nerve to prepare another character that looks and acts like him in case you miss this type of character.

Also, whenever they are in a pinch(which I might add, only happen once or twice), I would want them to use their guts and will power to overcome it but they love to use some science fi bullshit to solve things. Who the fuck watches Super Robot anime to see science? Guts and hotblood is all you need! Kick science out of my robot show.

You also better stay off from GaoGaiGar if you hate kid characters because their main character is a 8 years old kid called Mamoru. Damn, I fucking hate Mamoru. I died a little inside whenever he shouts “WAHA!”.

Fuck Mamoru because he is the character where 8 years old kids insert themselves into. He’s like your self insert harem character but instead of hot chicks, he gets the chance to hang out with transformer robots.

Fuck him. He’s not cool at all. Everytime I watch him, I can’t help but think that some 8 years old kid will be thinking about how cool he would be if he’s Mamoru and that makes me angry because Mamoru sucks. I also can’t help but think that every motive and move made by Mamoru is to pander and appeal to 8 years old so it would be easier for them to insert themselves as Mamoru. That makes Mamoru looks like a ball of contrived and calculated shit.

Now, that’s not to say that there aren’t good episodes of GaoGaiGar. Like I said before, episode 28 to 30 are pretty sweet and hit every expectations you have for a super robot anime. It also explains how robots kill dinosaur and cause ice age which is kinda cool and unpredictable. The last episode was pretty cool as well but they have to spoil everything by making it so anti climatic. A good analogy for the last minute of GGG would be like changing Gurren Lagann last episode and make Simon uses his spiral power to revive all his buddy.

Fuck GGG man. I wasted so many time on it, thinking and hoping it would be cool. I was so hyped up to see some hotblooded super robot cliches but GaoGaiGar didn’t live up to my expectation. I can’t fault it though because it’s clearly a 49 episode transformer robots commercial aimed at 8 years old kid. I can see myself liking it if I was 8 because cities got destroyed and there are some messages about family value with some character development. 8 years old think that’s edgy and deep because they are only exposed to stagnant shit like Barney.

Hell, I remember thinking Spriggan is so deep and edgy and not kid stuff when I was 10. Never know it’s a laughing stock among anime fans. Fuck them because Spriggan is cool and I am 10. It’s still too bad though as I am 2 years older than GaoGaiGar’s targeted audience.