Yes, you didn’t read that wrongly. It’s near the end of 2012 but now I am just starting to write about my Top 3 Anime of 2011. Before you call me late, I am preparing to write a 2010 and 2009 one just because I felt like doing it.

Now, if you ask me what’s my top 3 anime for 2011, I would just tell you that they are Un-Go, Mawaru Penguimdrum and Ano hi Mita Hana no Namae wa Bokutachi  wa mada Shiranai(not really sure if that’s really how you spell the title) off my top of the head. I can’t really think of any other 2011 anime other than those 3. They left quite an impression on me.

Then if I think harder, I can come up with names like Yondemasuyo Azazel San and Tiger & Bunny. Other than that, I know I have vaguely watched some other enjoyable stuffs but I can’t quite remember them without checking the internet.

But first, before I told you why I liked those three, I would like to address why I omitted some shows.

I omitted Hanasaku because it has terrible, cheesy and generic dialogs that doesn’t interest me and their characters make no sense and are very boring.  For example, that angry bitchy girl is always angry because of what again?

I don’t like how the show thinks that cooking tons of stuff your enemies dislike even though you secretly want them to like you so you get all passive aggressive with is some cool and brilliant non generic stuff. I groan and felt so  corny when I saw them doing that with their generic execution. It makes matter worse because the scene is presented in a way that  gave off the vibe that this is suppose to be cool and funny and edgy even though it’s not.

Talking about trying to be edgy, this show apparently think that making everyone a unfriendly douchebag who sprout non imaginative curse like “GO TO DIE” without much of a reason is edgy. I say fuck that and they really fuck that and change their “GO TO DIE” curse into something worse and that something worse is presented in way that we suppose to think that it’s funny because it’s a Japanese abbreviation of  “you are a big dumb potato” or something when it’s entirely generic and unfunny.

There’s also this supposedly inspirational scene about trying to motivate someone not to commit suicide. Hanasaku, trying to get all inspirational and stuff, start sprouting these generic inspirational speeches without feeling embarassed. Then the suicidal guy fell into the river and your usual quiet shy girl did the “unexpected” thing by diving into  river and save him because shy and quiet girl aren’t suppose to know how to dive so she did the unthinkable and now we are suppose to think that this character is cool. I say fuck that and fuck shoehorned personality.

Hanasaku has tons of cheesy generic executions like these. It’s an uninspired show.

Then we have Madoka. Madoka is this dark tale about magical girls having shocking genocide and angst.

First problem I have with this show is the barrage of manipulative music cues to signal you that this scene is so so sad and you should  feel so so sympathetic. I especially hate it when these musics are on during a scene where this Sayaka(the blue haired one) girl is so sad because her friend like the  guy she love but she can’t profess her love because she is this fucked up magical girl( which in this world means zombie girl with big sword).  I hate it because I don’t care about this Sayaka girl  but this music and that in your face animations kept on hinting at me that I should feel sad even though I don’t.

Now, her story can be compelling if we care about the characters but we don’t… … or at least I didn’t. Madoka has full of these type of characters that I don’t give a shit about. It’s a sad and dark tale but I need to make an emotional connection with the characters in order to actually feel something if terrible things happen to them but I don’t really care because they all are very boring to me.

They being all sad and angsty just seems so distance and doesn’t make that much sense for me. I pretty much laugh when they go all out and try to be all dark and sad because what I see is a bunch of melodramatic teddy bears crying their eyes out while having a frowning face.

Before you fry me with your Madoka’s defense, I would admit that I am to blame for not liking this show. It’s my fault that I don’t care about the characters. The show has done nothing wrong, I just don’t find the characters compelling. It’s all my problems, not the show’s fault.

However, I do have reasons for not caring about any of the characters and I mostly blame it on the dialogs.

For me, there are only 2 types of dialogs in Madoka. The first kind are these generic, unfunny, anime-ish slice of life, cute girls talking about girls things dialogs. All of them are about this cool transfer student or what you ate for lunch or “you talking like anime” unfunny self aware comedic bits and all that jest. It’s terrible and no one I know really like those when they appear heavily on the first 2 episodes.

Them the second type of dialog is character babbling expositions. We will always have scenes where we have like 2 talking heads and a little kyubey dumping all these expositions about magical girls, aliens and time traveling stuff. What the fuck happen to  the concept of”show, don’t tell”?

They go so far with it that even threw in exposition dialogs during sad introspective scenes  like when Madoka got so confuse about being a magical girl in episode 8 or 9. After Madoka sprouting some “I AM SO SAD AND CONFUSED” lines like a wimpy girl she is, Kyubey went on with his long ass explanation about entropy, alien stuff and rpg style of gather all the hate to fuel my energy talk. God damn it man!

They even have the nerve to give you a last minute exposition of the sad back story of Miami(that yellow hair big breast girl) before she fucking got her teddy bear’s head bit off and die. What the hell are they thinking when they did that? Am I supposed to be sad because you suddenly gave me a back story of this dying character that suppose to add more to her bland character? Now I am suppose to feel sorry for her death because of something you told me 3 fucking mins ago? If that isn’t manipulative then I don’t know what the fuck is!

If we are not suppose to feel sad, then the only interpretation I have for that dying scene is that it’s supposed to be shocking.

You see, when Madoka first started up, you are supposed to think that this is a generic, happy frill magical girl anime. You are not suppose to know that it’s dark or twisted or shit like that and get really surprise when this shit happens. You are supposed to go in with zero to no expectation so they can wow you with this shocking scene to show you how edgy they are.

It’s trying to manipulate your expectation by showing you the unexpected, except that I already know what I am expecting when I first got into the show.

I don’t really know who the fuck think that this is going to be happy generic frill magical girl anime when they first go in because I certainly didn’t! It’s very obvious from the start that it’s trying to be dark and edgy. The noise the fans are making aren’t helping.

And god damn it if this shocking scene only works if you are fooled by the show’s lame attempt in trying to look  like something but be something else.This is why shock value is bad for a story because if you anticipate it beforehand, you would lose all the impact. That happens because shock value is a very shallow and insubstantial plot device  that add nothing else if you know that it’s coming.

On the other hand, a non shocking, well written  and more substantial plot device like a character’s death still has its impact  even if you know it’s coming because with this device, it’s not about the result(his death) but the journey(why he have to die or how he died).  You can’t get any of that from shock value because the “what”,”why” and “how” are all because of the simple reason of trying to shock you.

Oh, and the becoming a god ending and the whole collect energy for alien race is really nothing new. In fact, coincidentally, I just finished Xenogear few months before Madoka and they have similar concepts with the alien collecting energy shit and god related ending with some differences.  Maybe that’s why I am so underwhelmed by Madoka.

The whole seemly happy fairytale gone wrong theme also appears in Windaria. I got paralyzed by Windaria for how unexpectedly hard hitting and tragedic  it is. I would admit that lots of it has to do with shock value but Windaria had an advantage over Madoka by being really obscure and seemly innocent from the look of it without those dark foreboding  Shinbo art-style that scream “EDGY”!

I don’t even want to talk about the time traveling stuff because I have enough of that from Stein;Gate, which now then I remember that it’s also a 2011 anime.

Stein;Gate is very aimless and boring for the first 13 episodes then it got really cool after that. However, I thought the main character is nothing special because I have a very narrow definition on what I deemed as cool character where I compare everyone with Onizuka from GTO so all of them loses out.

I also find his romance with the red hair girl to be very embarrassing to watch because they acted really awkward and out of characters when they did all those kissing shit. It’s like  you got this goofy mad guy trying to act all serious and charismatic manly like saying “I WANT ONLY YOU!” with a straight face when he was joking about being a mad scientist  not long ago.

Other than that, it’s pretty cool and I kinda dig. Stein;Gate would most likely be number 6 or 7 for my top 2011 list which is not as high as it seems to because I only watched like 12 anime from 2011. It’s a good show but I am still bitter about how boring the first 13 episodes are.

I still haven’t watch Bunny Drop. I would tell you why I like Ano Hana next time because that seems rather contradicting after I talk at length how manipulative and melodramatic Madoka is.