I am sure technology people starts off with their invention by asking themselves how to enjoy porn effectively. If that’s not the case, then I should start questioning myself because my first step in unlocking the true potential of devices I owned is always porn related.

I am serious when I say that the only reason I purchased an Android phone over an iPhone is because Android has better porn compatibility. It supports flash which many pornsites use and it has better 3rd video player that allows more compatibility with media playback. 720p with clear ass vagina and subtitles of moaning? No problem!

Then recently I learned how to stream media from pc to my android phone, all because I don’t want to transfer porn and hog up memory space. Now I can watch my porn more discreetly and save time transferring 1gb porn. Nowadays porn is going HD and Bluray so shit is humongous.

Password protected file and hidden file on Window 7? Definitely would not learn any of that without porn.

I also have no idea how masterful I am with shit like system restore, reg edit, harddisk partitioning and system formatting – functions and skills a normal person might never ever need/used –  thanks to those viruses I got from pornsites that fucked my computers up with porn popups. What’s with porn popups anyway? I thought popup is supposed to be bad?

Porn teaches me lessons on how to deal with virus. I would never have virus if not for porn. That USB flash memory hogging porn virus sure teaches me how to turnoff autorun for my usb flash drive, fucker.

After all those nightmare of dealing with virus, I learned how to discern legit sites over malware’s one. Tell me this, how in the hell would you venture outside safe sites if not for porn? You won’t, that’s what.

Then I also dabble with homebrew for my devices thanks to good porn app. Porn is why my PS3 and PSP are jailbroken. This is especially true when all my computers broke down and I have to rely on my PS3 for web browsing. Jailbreaking PS3 sure teaches me lots of techy shit that I would never need. Cryptography, primary-private keys, random numbers, ECDSA Algorithm, Wii/PS3/Xbox 360 security systems, decrypting, encrypting, content obfuscation, linux and all that jest.

Also, if not for porn, why would I want to learn how to convert video files into dpg and transfer it into my NDS with moonshell running? Why even install moonshell in the first place? What the hell is dpg anyway? I would definitely not heard of the dpg format if not for the desire of dual screens porn.

I heard 3DS has 3D video capability. Now we just need a hacker who wants their 3D porn bad enough to hack the shit out of it. I sure can learn more about flash cart and 3DS security system.