I would hate it if I took it more seriously. Luckily, Code Geass has make itself clear that it is trying to be goofy after the episode where Norio Wakamoto appears. Every time he appears on screen, I was reminded how this show is so ridiculous that I shouldn’t even consider it.

So what exactly did he first do to convince me that Code Geass is not worth paying attention? He, a 50 years old man, a supposedly wise and noble ruler who conquered half the world , told a 10 years old boy to fuck off to his dead mama and die! Right in his face! You have no idea how much I laugh at that scene and since then, the image of Code Geass being this 12 years old boy who tries way to hard to be serious and cool is forever imprinted in my mind.

Another problem I have with Code Geass is how they set up Lelouch as this smart and tactful character when he is actually one of the stupidest character I ever seen. He fucked things up so much that it’s not even funny. Any attempts to portray him as a smart and plotting character were jeopardized by the inane choices and mistakes he made.

First obvious example is definitely the episode where a cat stole his Zero’s mask. The episode shows how stupid and tactless Lelouch truly is when a fucking cat can fuck up his whole life. This episode is played off as a laugh but the implication of the issue is very serious. You see, the Zero’s mask is the only thing to connect Zero with Lelouch. At that time, in order not to be targeted by Britania, Lelouch tried his hardest to conceal his identity by making the mask. So if people found out that cat stole the mask and hence resulting in Lelouch secret identity to be known, he would be in deep shit. And let me remind you that all this deep shit is caused by none other than a stupid cat.

How the fuck can you take Lelouch seriously after he made such an amateur mistake? Hell, thinking back, is that ridiculous and recognizable mask a good idea in the first place? You would think a simple conventional mask with a voice distortion microphone may work better in case of episode like this. The mask also makes you question the maturity of Lelouch because it looks like something a 12 years old would think is cool. You know, like wannabe superhero with their ridiculously flamboyant outfit?

Then there’s that episode of erasing Shirley’s entire memory of him instead of just asking her to erase the memory of him being Zero. Wouldn’t erasing every memories about him somehow make his life more difficult? Sure, there is that stupid excuse of them having a quarrel to cover the discrepancy of people suddenly forgetting someone they knew for years but how long would that last?

Even if we take it that the stupid excuse worked because every characters in Code Geass are dumb, remember this, Lelouch only told this “quarrellings” excuse to the student council so what about Shirley’s non-student council’s friends?

In one episode, her roommate, a non-student council member, clearly indicated that she knew about the relationship between Shirley and Lelouch. People talk about stuff between them regularly. So are you saying that no one, not a single person talk to Shirley about Lelouch through out the show? If that happens,won’t that result in, I don’t know, fuck things up since that would mess up Shirley’s memories?

So what the hell is Lelouch thinking when he did that? That’s a rhetorical question because I know the answer. You see, Code Geass wants to create drama and tension. First, they want to portray how sad and resolute Lelouch is with his intention of being a terrorist and saving the world. Secondly, the writer is planning for the impending episode of Shirley regaining her memories so we can have this dramatic reunion when that happens.

However, keep in mind that all these drama and character building are derived from a stupid and unnecessary decision made by Lelouch. The complication of Shirley regaining her memories would never happen if Lelouch just erase her memory of Lelouch being Zero.

Not only that, it gave us more reason to think that Lelouch is dumb and shortsighted. Also, by taking this dumb decision, the impending drama of the complication of Shirley regaining her memories would just be be force and contrived because the complication would never happen if Lelouch didn’t suddenly turn retarded and erase all of Shirley’s memories about him. Normal logic tells you that you don’t fucking do things that are unneeded when there’s a simpler and viable way of just erasing part of her memories!

That’s not all, his episode with Mao is also illogical and stupid. There’s this scene where he tricks Mao into thinking that he is in a tower far from him by showing a pre recorded video. Now, you would think that that is a very clever trick by Lelouch but if you think about it, Lelouch is just taking unnecessary risk because there’s no reason to trick Mao into thinking that he’s far away. What’s the need to be on the scene when he can just geass the police officers to save C.C then bring her back to him? There’s no reason to risk Mao finding out that he is interacting with a pre recorded video because there isn’t a single need for Lelouch to be fucking near Mao to save C.C!

This Mao episode just undermines the whole “how smart this trick is” whooha because it’s not smart and Lelouch is just complicating thing so he can appear to be smart. This is like risking yourself through the used of fucking complicated algebra to solve the problem of 1+1. It’s unnecessary.

I don’t even want to go into how the “I can predict all your move” hijinks is just impossible and stupidly risky to pull off. I think I have elaborated enough on how this is just a hoax to cheat the viewers into thinking that Lelouch is smart. Speaking of Mao, how did he survive all that bullet in the body shit again?

There are also some convenient editing throughout the show so they don’t need to give you logical explanation for seemly difficult task. For example, in one episode,  Cornellia nearly caught Lelouch( Lelouch fucked up again, he fucked up all the time) after she suspect that he is inside one of the mech in her army. Next thing, C.C appeared in Zero’s outfit to diffuse the suspicion of Corneliia and escaped.Cornellia decided not to follow C.C after she escaped because she just assumed that Zero would have an escape plan… …

Wait what? You have an entire army behind you and your enemy is just one fellow in flesh and meat yet you decided not to take the chance to pursue him(her) because you think he(she) has an escape plan? You just outsmarted and obliterated Zero’s entire army and you didn’t pursue him because of some baseless assumption that he has an escape plan? What the hell are you thinking?!

Whew, now I have calm down and accepted that Cornellia just over-thinks the situation for no convincing reason, let’s get back to the convenient edit. So Cornellia didn’t pursue the fake Zero and disregarded  her suspicion that Zero is inside her army.  Now remember that Lelouch is still inside a mech with army of mech surrounding him so it’s still not easy for him to escape from there. However, instead of showing us how Lelouch escape from that army, we are cut to the scene in a sewer where him and C.C met up. How did he pull that off? You would never know.

Now this might seem like nitpicking but you see, won’t that be a good chance to showcase how smart Lelouch is by showing us the technicalities on how the did the escape?

Actually fuck all that, how about showing us how smart he is by solving the pinch when he is asked to eject from his cockpit instead of letting C.C magically appears and solves everything?

There are lots and lots of wasted chances like these to really show how smart Lelouch is but they are always solved with some dumb convenient shit. It’s either C.C suddenly have this magical power or people suddenly turn stupid.

I also don’t like how they skip major scenes such as how that tanned woman ended up in the bay after she got shot or how Suzaku and others survived the hadron cannon blast. It’s just borderline impossible and the writer is too lazy to explain on how they pulled them off.

Anyway, Lelouch is not the only stupid one in this show, our aforementioned mentioned Cornellia also did some stupid shit to outplay Lelouch in stupidity. After that episode of letting C.C off easily because she assumed she had an escape plan, her next plan to save the hostages in a hotel is to totally blew a hole to the hotel’s foundation and let it sinks then think of things they can do later on while praying that the terrorist wouldn’t notice that the hotel is sinking and start shooting all the hostages… …

I can also go on and on for the whole day with this. I don”t even mention episode 22 and how contrived it is with the “kill all Japanese” shit after the  geass malfunctioned deus ex machina style. I also don’t want to go on about not how Code Geass tries to tackle important and serious issue like terrorism and civil war without giving the attention they need.

Sometimes I really wonder if Taniguchi Goro intentionally made Lelouch dumb to criticize how laughable and immature real life idealism terrorists are. If that’s the case then Code Geass is indeed a very clever satire but I think I am giving it too much credits.

If you notice it, I am mostly talking about Season 1 stuff. So what about Season 2?

I think that’s enough.

Actually, the more I think about it, the more I hate Code Geass. Fuck Code Geass, I wasted 50 episodes of my time with it. I was so nitpicky about it because I have high expectation for it and it’s 50 frigging episodes. Little kids wouldn’t understand how 50 episodes of time is precious and you can’t waste that many time when you reached a certain age. I gained no enjoyment from Code Geass. I don’t like it ironically. I think it’s a poorly written show with poor characters. I think it’s a show which thinks it’s very smart but didn’t put up enough substance to back it up. Fuck Code Geass.