I have been playing lots of Euro Truck Sim 2 recently. My character is a grimed face manly old man named Old Man Chang. Old Man Chang drives a Black Iveco and ravished through the traffic of Europe. He likes to listen to radio. His favorite radio channel plays cutesy anime song because he is a manly old man, driving a manly old truck.

Recently he took a train from Belgium and went right through to Southampton. He is fucked up now because he needs to drive on the left side of the road and British drivers are all assholes who don’t give way and cut lane any old how.

Their warehouse are also located in some old ass farmhouse that only allows 50km per hour. Fuck that shit, Old Man Chang knows no law and just drive 90km straight through that bitch He flipped so he reload an auto save and flipped at the same exact location again while getting a speed ticket penalty. Never mind all that though because Steam gave him a “POWER & Safety” trading card right after that.

He sold that card for 0.13USD and spend like 1USD to purchase it back together with 6 other different card because Old Man Chang can’t resist that OLD MAN NEWBIE badge.

He likes to press enter after spending 5 hours parking the fucking trailer as well. Enter solves everything.