I seldom blog now because I just write stuff on facebook.  Facebook forces you to summarize your thoughts and comment them in  a bite sized, witty and to the point manner because no one would read a facebook post that seems too long. That satisfies me enough and constructing sensible long essay really isn’t my forte. I am better with one liners. However, Deadly Premonition is not something that can be summarized because I had that nagging feeling of needing to write something  but couldn’t come out with words to describe it. I can only call it crazy, messed up, fuck up and other one liners like these because it’s just too much of a strange experience to put it into bite size commentary. I just can’t leave it at that because it’s so much more.

I mainly want to write about the experience of playing it and the fucking ending. Disclaimer, this will be just me rumbling because I need to do it. There wouldn’t be any explanation or detailed plot synopsis of what I am talking about because that’s not my motivation for this post. This post is just a mental exercise for me to digest Deadly Premonition because I HAVE TO FUCKING WRITE THIS SHIT! So I would think that this post would ended up akin to some confusing babbling of a madman.

First the ending. God damn the ending. The ending is so repulsive that it affects me so much even though I had seen way worst stuff than this. I am not sure if I like how the Emily thing goes because I would like it if they go for a happier route and cut all those disgusting implied rape scene.

Forrest Kaysen makes me boil with hatred. If you scrutinize the way he was written, it’s so obvious that he is cheaply written and very emotionally manipulative. Swery65 just used the cheap way out and disgust you by implying that he raped Emily. It’s fuck up, lousy and overbearing way of writing a character.

His origin and motivation is also a mess because there’s no substance or justification behind them. He is evil just because he is a ball of evil. No explanation, no justification and not much sensible motivation. He is too shallow to invoke any feeling other than passing him off as lousy silly writing.However he managed to overcome that, he managed to cross the cold logical part of me and make me angry. I am angry not because he is written lousily (like how I was angry of Lelouch from Code Geass not because of his action but how stupid he was written) but because he really makes me angry. Swery65 had managed to use the simplest, cheapest and vilest trick to truly enraged me.

I fell into the manipulation because I like Emily as a character a little too much. She is interesting and her interaction with York is natural, funny and quirky. I want to see them together and hope nothing bad happens but god damn she got the worst hit. What Kaysen did to her just make me sick to the stomach and makes me wonder how much better if Swery didn’t just go to this route.

It doesn’t make much sense anyway to make the shit turns for the worst. It’s there for the twist and shock value and sure as hell it works because I am still affected by it. But from a storytelling point of view, it doesn’t really work, why did Kaysen choose Emily? What’s the motivation behind all this other than to shock the player by taking the most repulsive route? It didn’t work as a redemption for York/Zach too because what the fuck did he do other than failing at saving someone? He also couldn’t manage to adhere to his father’s word because he didn’t managed to kill Emily. The theme isn’t established and the message is not delivered so what’s the point of all that other than making you feel like a piece of shit?


I really hope for an alternate ending where things get better. I also refuse to believe the implied rape because it’s only implied.  The ending doesn’t work. the story doesn’t work. If you think about it, Zach is just a failure in life because all he does is fails in his mission and imagine shit up to make him feel better. He is a weak and shitty character.

If that’s what the story is going for then it’s fine. If all the forrest Kaysen, otherworld shit and emily death are like what his daughter implied in the credit scene that it’s just Zach own imagination to overcome his traumatic life then it would make an amazing story. However, no, that’s not what it is. All the white room red room talk shows that the afterlife bullshit is not just  mere imagination. Then they have to go on and spoiled this plot theory by telling you that Forrest Kaysen might be some kind of alien that spread the red seed disaster.

There are many ways to make things better. For one, giving York a supernatural edge where he  an enter the world of the dead/dying would solve and explain things better. His origin of power can be from his mother because it’s mentioned that his father killed his mother to purge things not from this world. Having this power will also explain exactly how the fuck he can profile the criminals and know what excatly happen with tiny stupid hints. It will also explain the large amount of zombies that only he can see in the otherworld because they are the spirits that died 50 years ago from the event.

With that, Forrest Kaysen can also be explained as a spiritual entity that lived 50 years ago as a nihilistic military commander that conducts a purple gas hallucination superweapon experiment on a reclusive town.He died when the rain coat killer managed to garner his last ounce of sanity and finishes him off after ascending the clock tower.

Forrest Kaysen can only be seen by York and a selected few. Polly and Jim can see him because they have gone through the event  50 years ago and faced near death. Issac and Issiah can see him because they can interact with ghost, which is actually follows the cannon. Town folks think that the Forrest Kaysen Polly, Jim and the twins talk about is just the dog Willie. This will also explain why the Forrest Kaysen you see didn’t age since 50 years ago from Polly’s photo.

The spirit of Forrest Kaysen goes around the world and haunt people that can interacts with him. He plants seeds into them to cultivate the red sapling which is the ingredient for the superweapon that he never managed to experiment fully as he was killed by the raincoat killer. York’s mom is one of the many victims of Forrest Kaysen. This will also explain all the other red seeds related death that York is investigating. York father killed his wife because she will bring about the red seed sapling which he knows is harmful due to it appearing in a case that he is investigating. He talk about purging the world from thing that doesn’t exist because he knows his wife can interact with the spiritual world and that’s how she got the seed planted into her by Forrest Kaysen.

The ingredient of the hallucination superweapon is the red seed, which is a parasitic plant that can only be cultivated in a womb like condition. The purple gas he emits still resides in the town soil and every time it rains, the gas will slow leak out and takes its effect. A mutated form of  the red sapling can also grow in town due to the contaminated soil even without a womb like  condition. Its effect is like a ecstasy drug that makes people goes though a short burst of irate. Due to it being a mutated form and not as strong as its original, the short burst of irate only happens sometimes.

George, a local sheriff found the effect of the seed when he went hunting for deers. He shot the deers but they don’t appear to be dead. After he cut open the deer stomach, he found that the deer is ingesting the red seed. The deer doesn’t appear to be dead because of the drug effect but George misconstrued it as the seed to immortality. He wants to be strong after being abused by his mother so he start to eat these seeds. He turned crazy and start that crazy ass cult that Anna, Becky, Carol and Thomas is in.

York’s saw the scene of his father killing his mother and repressed his memories and power. However, his repressed memories is leaking and that motivates him to investigate the red seed case that his late father conducted because through his leaking repressed memories, his intuitive told him that the red seed case is something important to him. He came to Greenvale one day while following this case. Thanks to the purple gas that resides in this town’s soil, the red trees that bores the red seed and being the whole origin place of Forrest Kaysen, it starts to elicit his repressed memories and power.

Spending so much time with Emily and Emily being a near dead victim once( that’s why the comment on how York said that he had seen Emily before when she shows him her back) causes some of York’s power to transfer to her. This is why he can interact with Kaysen who came back to town because he found a new target for his sapling in Diane. Too bad Diane was killed by George so he changed his target to Emily.

Then the game ending happens and everything is as followed (except of maybe Emily being able to died without getting the seed implanted into her). Now with him becoming Zach and all his repressed memories and power coming back to him, he can interact with Emily and they will have this bitter sweet ending where they are shown together. The dialogs of him with Polly about how he was reminded of a great friend that kept on fighting with him when he saw Kaysen photo will also make more sense since this “great friend” can be Kaysen and his fight with him finally allows Zach to overcome his inner demon.

This also opens up the possibility of a sequel in how Zach have to control his leaking power.

You see, just by giving York this ability, we can construct a tighter story than the original. Not only that, all the above paragraphs are totally canon and it’s a possible conclusion if not for that shocking stupid ending that try so hard to tie everything together and Kaysen being a fucking alien that was shown interacting with too many unnecessary characters. I have a faint idea that this might be more or less be what Swery really aim for due to the clues and how canon this story might be but I guess he couldn’t really fit into the game due to development hell issue. I heard stories about alternate endings and DLC stories before the director cut came out but I guess he couldn’t really do it due to some reasons… …

Whew, how did it end up like this? I have no fucking idea. I am satisfy now and I will just treat what I wrote as the true story because it’s more awesome that way. I found out that I haven’t even tell you my experience with Deadly Premonition but I had exhaust all my energy. I might do it the other day because other than the ending, it’s such an unique and quirky game that it might become one of my most memorable experience in life. Thinking of it, I think I won’t do it because so much raw emotion is put into this post. I think I have already shown you how Deadly Premonition is an experience that transcends game and I want to believe in that because the gameplay mechanics suck and it crashes on me 100 over times but I still managed to fully complete(100% achievement) it because it’s crazily awesome even though I might not like how the ending goes.