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I bet that you’ve heard a lot about cloud technology and how it can change your life. Too bad, most country are very wary of copyright issues and moral ethnic to fully utilize it. Xunlei being a China company just doesn’t give a fuck and provides you the best tool for piracy using cloud technology.

I have been using xunlei for quite a while, it is one of the few choices you have if you want to download chinese media. They have a cloud storage sharing site like your mega and rapidshare. It’s called Xunlei kuai chuan. It’s pretty nifty and you can use it for free with decent speed of around 200kb/sec provided you use their personal download manager.

That was the max speed I had before I upgraded my broadband to fibre. But now it’s just too slow and I am quite fed up when I am downloading files that are 20 over gigabytes. I was using their bare minimum lite version of download manager but I said fuck it, I would just download the full version to see if I can optimize the speed or something. Then a whole new world was opened up to me.

The full version of xunlei had its own video streaming app and an offline download option on top of being a nifty download manager. Too bad, in order to use these services, you have to pay a membership fee. They do give you a 15mins trial period to show you how fast their max download speed is. I was hooked instantly with that 3Mb per second speed and I could never turn back to that slow ass speed of 200kb per second anymore so I tried to look into their membership scheme.

It costs like $3 per month so it’s definitely a great deal but unfortunately, its payment system allows only transaction within Mainland China. However, I have found a workaround that requires you to purchase their xunlei prepaid mobile card akin to your psn cards on third party sites. One of the more reputable site is, a domain name so shoddy you will think it must be a scam but my credit card information is still safe after 2 long years.

After all that wooha and to my surprise, xunlei premium account provides you with 2 Petabytes of cloud storage. If you don’t know, 2 Petabytes is around 2000 terabytes and that’s fucking crazy amount of storage. For an analogy, it can fit the whole library of Ps2 games and has like 99% of storage left. It can have 26 years in length of HD videos, 26years in length is  227911 hours in full HD. I was curious so I look it up and no companies provide you with 2 petabytes of data storage, especially not when it costs like $3 per month.

On top of that, xunlei also provides you with their ultra fast server to download whatever shit you desire into this 2 petabytes of storage. What that means is that you can download terabytes of data within seconds using their own xunlei network. In other words, it can download the data of your whole computer within seconds.

So you might ask what so great about that? The answer is you can pretty much download the whole internet into this storage for backup if you so desire. Download links die like flies nowadays but with this storage, you wouldn’t need to be afraid because all your download files are stored in your personal 2 petrabyte of cloud storage till the day xunlei died. You can always retrieve them later on.

The best part is xunlei also provides you with this nifty internal streaming application that renders almost any type of video format. What this means is that you can download video files into this cloud storage and stream it with this app. So naturally, normal people like me would download terabytes of porn collections from torrent sites and view them on xunlei, thus creating your own personal and reliable porn streaming site within minutes.

I am cautious with how good of a deal it is. Questions like how could they have the budget to provide normal users with this kind of service and secretly became the best cloud storage system that offer services that overwhelm huge companies like google and dropbox with just $3 per month starts floating into my mind. It’s shady business and everyone knows it but the benefits it offers you make me choose to stay oblivious with whatever shady shit is going on willingly.

It also begs another question. Is this the future of cloud storage technology? Giving normal users petabytes of storage and ultra high speed servers with browser apps to stream services to your home computer with little to no cost? If that’s the case, the whole pc industry would change drastically as this would obsolete the needs for hard disk.


Chuuni is not a good thing.  I think people have misconceptions on what chuuni really is. Chuuni is the mental state of a 13 years old kid who thinks that he is so edgy and special when he is not. They are people who try to act mature and utterly failed. They think they are sophisticated and have deep and meaningful understanding on life but in reality are just little dipshit who understands nothing. Chuuni is irritating. People on facebook posting deep sounding philosophical quote and act as if they understand shit are chuuni. People trying too hard to act all melancholy and introspective, thinking that they are oh so sad and filled with emotion when they lived in a first world country with all the comfort in the world are chuuni. Type Moon in particular is 10/10, break through the heaven kind of fucking chuuni.

428 is an awesome game. It might not deserve a 40/40 famitsu score but I think that score is out of good will to encourage people to pick it up as it will just descend to obscurity without its special recommendation. It’s the spiritual successor of chunsoft previous sound novel, Machi. It utilize real actor and a story telling mechanic where you can change between characters and the choices they affect the stories of the other characters. You might think that using real actor photographic stills is lazy and budgeted but when they show you their behind the scene in the credit, you would be shocked that they actually acted the whole scene out. In other words, they have real time footage of scenes but instead, chooses some of the still shots from these scenes instead of playing it all out as a video.

The game is great throughout with memorable characters, hassle free mechanics,  interesting take on cause and effect and generally tongue in cheek but with lots of lots of heart and sincerity.

For example, one of the story is about an asshole reporter who is all hot blooded and professional but doesn’t give a shit with how he deals with people. He pisses off a waitress with his erratic antics and ordered a pasta with tons of cheese and the waitress served him a pasta and with a mountain high of cheese, thinking that she had one up him. He didn’t give a shit and chow that noodle down thinking that shit is fucking good.

Then there’s this mysterious part time worker who was stuck in a cat mascot suit. It’s is very adorable and the situation she was in with her boss being a victim of countless of fraud pyramid scheme products and her struggle to make sure that their next product will be successful so she can received her pay is hilarious and light hearted fun.

There is also a gangster looking guy who loves shibuya so much that he went around picking garbage and being ecologically aware. In one of the many bad ends, he tried to help a girl(main heroine who is really moe but is depicted by a real actor so no animeish moe moment) to carry her heavy suitcase that contains ransom for the kidnapper of her sister because he is too nice of a guy. Too bad, he looks like a hooligan so the police arrest him, thinking he is the kidnapper.

You also have this badass professional taxi driver who can drive you anywhere even when the traffic is packed like a densely accumulation of ants that surrounds a dead cockroach who died from eating too much shit.

The game is filled with these colorful characters and you can see how they work together to save shibuya from a terrorist attack. The many bad ends are hilarious and they include near death from diarrhea, cat costume travel through dimension, hypnotizing customer to purchase useless product, losing in scissors paper stone and many others. Yes, the game went all nuts with its plot but in the end, it culminate into something heart warming, funny yet suspenseful story. There’s also the true ending of how a poorly drawn plastic bottle sacrifices himself so he can make a methane gas monster made up of pollution self explode in midair without any harm to shibuya.

Then there’s that Type Moon guest writer bonus scenario which is a prequel to that Canaan anime. It’s terrible and fucking self indulgent. It contrasts with the main game by being all overly serious and edgy. You have exposition after exposition of complicated sounding shit to explain simple stuff like social engineering which they called social hacking ingame because Nasu Kinoku really don’t know wtf he is talking about.

Social engineering can be easily explained by giving a simple analogy on how you can just act like the owner of a site and asked for a password from customer service or something but no, they went all edgy and uses serious sounding sentences like detective procedure to exploit lapse in the depth of the human mind as humans are the only possible security errors when system has perfect mechanical security. It is needlessly complicated and tries to hard to make the author look smarter than he really is.

It also spend tons and tons of time explaining how Canaan uses all her five senses so she can smell words and therefore is a dangerous primitive beast and best assassin ever. After that, they went on on how Alphard is all emotionless and cold hearted because she wants revenge and gets all psychopathic as she needs to throw away all emotions. It’s filled with dry passages after dry passages describing human nature, revenge, evil and all other deep sounding philosophical issues like the author had figured up everything in life when in reality, all of what he said sounds overly angst and melodramatic.

It’s insufferable, dull, self indulgent and outright pretentious. I read Kara no Kyoukai and it is filled with these kind of shit as well. It’s typical Type Moon stuff but people thought it’s meaningful when it really isn’t. It’s just Nasu Kinoko suffering from chuunibyou and can’t stop acting all self important in his prose.

I lie and told everyone how I have been just playing hentai games after hentai games. Which is kinda true but in actuality, out of all the text adventure games I played, only 4 of them are eroge and the rest are all age wholesome stuff about brutal murders or quirky courtroom drama. Muv Luv, Muv Luv Alternative, G Senjou Maou and Yuno are the only eroge I completed so far.

Yuno is the father of eroge. It’s a pioneer and it revolutionizes how a hentai game can be played. Common eroge has contradicting endings because most of them have you choose a girl you want to fuck and show you her story while ignoring the other endings. Yuno provides the idea of jamming pseudo science and lumps all the endings as part of a huge multi-verse. It even provides you with a gameplay mechanics where you can make way points to jump around in these multi-verse. It starts the trend where you see eroge trying to make an effort to explain its multiple endings structure and culminate the whole story to its true ending.

Too bad, modern visual novels such as Muv Luv, Ever 17, 999, Little Buster and the huge amount of one true end visual novel  have further perfected what Yuno had done so the impact of it isn’t as huge as it was during 1996 if you played it today. Its main character is also a pervert and 90% of his lines are about panties and tits.

The sexual content are needlessly prevalent and sometimes can be in bad taste. In the end, you pretty much feels like he would just fuck everyone, including his own elf daughter which is like 5 years old but in an 18 years old body, which unsurprisingly totally happen near the end of the game. Through some twist of fate, you also fuck another of your half elf daughter and also your stepmother. You pretty much fuck all the girls that appear in the story. Either that or you see them naked.

G Senjou no Maou is a battle of wits story. However, like most battle of wits story, it fell into the trap of trying to make a character look smarter than they really are. The number one way of doing that is to have charcter make ridiculous assumptions that are totally correct through baseless observation. First, they let you on to the details of a crime. then they  bring in a detective character that reveal the plan through deduction from tiny clues. Since you as a viewer already knew the details of the crime and knew that the detective deduction were correct, when the detective link these tiny clues to reveal the big picture, you were make believe that it’s logical to make these assumptions from these tiny clues even though they are in actuality, very far-fetched. Hence you were tricked into believing that the detective character is smart even though they just used your preconceived knowledge to make sense out of nonsensical baseless assumptions.

Either that or they just make the character somehow know things through vague and baseless things like knowing your opponents so well that they can predict every second of his moves, which I might add is impossible in real life.

Still, if you don’t scrutinize it, you might be tricked into thinking that it’s really smart and enjoyed the ride, which I did. The final chapter though is quite abrupt with its revelations. People suddenly just became your childhood friends and you suddenly had an older brother. True, they had some foreshadowing but the foreshadowing are not build up enough to make it less abrupt. Childhood friend promise is also the stupidest thing to romantically link seemly unrelated characters because as a real person living in a real world, you should understand the notion that children are fucking stupid and no sane person would or should take their words seriously.

G Senjou does not understand subtlety as well. Metaphors are jammed into your face, explained throughly and repeated constantly to remind you how awesome they are to make such an awesome metaphor that is in no way not awesome.  The final epilogue also have sledgehammer like words, picture and music to tell you how to feel. People actually feel something about it and feel the power of love through clumsy writing like those. What the fuck.

I ended up not very impressed by these two works even though I still appreciate what Yuno had done and how G Senjou could sometimes tricked me into thinking that it’s quite smart.

I also ended up playing Ever17 and 428. They are not eroge. That’s enough for today because I love 428 so much that this might ended up in the range of 5000 words.




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