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I started this blog when I was 16, almost 6 years ago. I thought I was smart whenever I posted something. Then I read back after 3 months, or even 3 years later and found them to be utterly embarrassing. It’s difficult to be smart or even coherent by the age of 16, or 17, or 18, or 19 or even 30 for that matter. Luckily, there are large amount of rubbish in here to obfuscate¬† the more outlandish rubbish.

So I thought to myself, how should I clear this shit up? Then I came to the conclusion that I shouldn’t give a fuck because if I do, it will mean that I am taking this too seriously.

In life, there are only a few things you should take seriously. One, your life, two, your responsibilities as a human being and three, other people’s life. I might miss out on ten other more important things in life but I am certain that opinions in anime, blog, games and other form of entertainment are few examples of things that you shouldn’t be too serious about.

Being too caught up on unquantifiable opinions that are all too common for media is unhealthy and judging a person by what they have written on the internet is a terrible practice because you are making too many assumptions from too little information. Light hearted ridicule as you may but never judge.

For example, if someone likes twilight, you might assume that he or she is dumb for not noticing the obvious flaws of the movie but in reality, he or she might just not give as much shit as you in movie. You might argue that they are intellectually lazy but aren’t we all with things that doesn’t seem important to us? I am sure food connoisseurs are utterly disappointed in the rubbish we consume and lament the laziness in our effort of finding good food when they are so obvious in their eyes. We are intellectually dumb to them because only stupid idiot put rubbish in their mouth when good food is just like right beside them.

With that say, I believe that everyone of enough importance or maturity would at least has this level of sensibility so I am not really worry about how people judged me by how or what I wrote on my shitty blog when I was(am?) stupid.

Of course, you can be enthusiastic but if you bring your passion so far that you feel anger and legit mental strains then you know you are in some deep shit.

But how do you know that you are in too far? For example, if you look at the giant bomb quick look of Ultra Street Fighter 4 and felt that they are doing the disservice to it by not promoting the intricate mechanics of the game and get angry enough to response to it, you might be insane.

Why? Because it’s not important. You are just feeling angry because you think that this “sub standard” review will harm the game you love so much and you have the duty to protect with all you got because isn’t protecting the shit you like the ultimate test of love?¬† Shonen manga( the ultimate barometer for the most important lesson you should learn in your life) teaches us that all the time but if you get out of the realm of shonen manga, you just sounds like a little shit that takes unimportant things too seriously.

However, don’t misconstrue what I just said. Anime, games or other form of entertainment can and do implicates on serious issue and I think that treating these implication with certain level of seriousness is commendable. Yet do suggest or expect that everyone to give a fuck about it might be a little too much. Regardless, what you should do in this instance is to share but not preach because you can’t convince those whose mind are set but you might interest those who are curious.

I think that I would regret this post right after 3, 2,1… …

and thus the endless cycle of pride-> self hatred-> regrets after posting something on the internet begins.


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