A central plot is the core of the story, a reveal waiting in line to show itself after all the build up.

I am interested in writing about this because I was watching Kill la Kill and Zankyou no Terror recently. Kill la Kill is visually interesting and outrageously ridiculous without forgetting some tender moment. An episode of Kill la Kill is like the moment of the newest southpark episode where the unsympathetic coach of Washington Redskin earned his redemption by getting mowed down repeatedly times ten. Hilarious, outrageous but very tender and sympathetic for the whole 24 mins. I like it but I can’t seem to bother watching the next episode because it lacks a intriguing central plot.

I have seen 5 episodes and all I got are abstract promises that maybe something with high payoff will happen. However they are weak promises based on the track record of the creator and not from the show itself. Its central plot is quite vague with all the things about uniform and whatever. Kill la Kill is shown to be outrageous so their payoff might just be happen to be ridiculous.

There isn’t any intriguing question for the show to keep the viewers engaged. Who are they? A schoolgirl with a talking uniform. What are they doing? Show you cool moves. What will happen? Maybe a dinosaur will appear in the next episode. You see, if the finale is an alien appears and shoot dragonballs into everyone’s ass, I wouldn’t even be surprised. If that’s the case, the plot direction is definitely unexpected but they are not something I look forward to.

I guess what I want to say is that, It doesn’t seem to bring you to places where great thing will happen and keep you interested in what will happen next. There’s nothing to lure you into expecting some great reveal because everything is all whacked up anyway. This makes individual episode interesting but it doesn’t give you enough reason to click on the next one.

It reminds me a lot of the first few episodes of Guerren Laggan, 7 interesting episodes but no central plot to speak off. It just seems like it will be this hyper active robot show with underground people that goes no where. However, it ended up with a great central plot that kept you interested and that transcend it from good to great. In fact, the track record of TTGL is the only promise I had for Kill La Kill to bring me to great places.
Now Zankyou no Terror on the other hand has one hell of an intriguing central plot. It’s the same as Kill la Kill in the sense that it has a vague central plot. However, this time it works because it’s a mystery that seems to promise a great reveal. It’s easier to believe in it than Kill la Kill because it’s not whacked up and the characters are all very serious so you know the conclusion won’t be outrageous. Who are these fuckers? What will happen to that girl? Why are they doing what they are doing? Is it revenge? How would they fare?I don’t know but I am interested to find out. You see compare to all the outrageous answers I have for the same questions in Kill la Kill, I will not expect anything beside a great payoff because chances of stupid things happening is lower. Instead of alien coming down and shooting people ass, I expect a great reveal because that’s what the central plot demands. If the reveal fails, everything will fall apart! It has a larger responsibility than Kill La Kill to promise you that it’s worth it so I am more interested to know. This is why it’s easier to click on episode 3 of Zankyou no Terror than episode 6 of Kill La Kill and how an intriguing central plot makes a show addicting.