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After years of trying, I have no idea how to critic shit. I gave up on it because I don’t watch cartoon critically. I watch it for  inspirations so here’s my meaningless thought on stuff I watched recently.


Kill la Kill: It was pretty good, but I am disappointed that it just stay good when there are hints of promises that it can reach a greater height. My issue with it is the lack of a strong core in the story. The central theme of “strange people having the right to live” is kinda tacked on halfway because they have no idea what the hell the cartoon is going to be. The reveal that took 16 episode to build up is lame. I joked about the finale being alien coming down shooting everyone’s asses with dragonballs and I wasn’t that far away from it. Most fights from episode 3 to 16 don’t have any point in them. To sum it up, I think there’s a lack of focus in its plot because they have no idea what to do with it. Are they trying to make a comedy with new sketches for every episode, or are they trying to go for narrative? In the end, they mashed the two together and ended up not excelling in any of them, but they are good enough to provide good enough entertainment in this piece of ADHD Frankenstein sheep.


Galaxy Express 999: I joked about 10 years old committing cold blooded mass murders with no remorse. It’s true but I think that’s just the sensibility of the 70s. However, it’s quite jarring when they delve on about the deep melancholy of the human psyche while not giving a shit that this 10 years old is killing people left and right without giving a single fuck! That’s just a minor funny thing I have on the back of my mind.

For the show proper, I like it a lot. The idea of traveling to space and visiting a whole new imaginative planet is very romantic. There are a lot, and I mean a lot of melodrama happening in these planets. People are just depressed and sad. Couples commit suicide in a formless planet because everything with a form will end up deteriorating, homeless woman wanting to please her parents by pretending to have a husband and every citizen in the planet turned into stone and you being the lone survivor. It contains pretty much all the sad and lonely stories you can think of. I love these kind of melodrama, I especially love the melancholy and poetic summary for the theme of the planet at the end of each episode.

On a side note for the characters, Maetel is MILF moe and Tetsuro is a happy go lucky spoiled brat that don’t like to bath and commit mass murder. I also like how they add personality to the train conductor by showing moments such as having him slept through his work.

Kawai Complex and Whatever the title is: This is like those feel good fluffy romance series with a soft touch that J.C Staff(I know it’s Brainbase) used to love making. It’s an enjoyable show that tries to take harem cliche and turn them around. The seemly perfect girl is an anti social with personality flaw, the usual breast to face  turned into elbow to face and the pervy side kick character is a true masochist.  It’s pretty light hearted fun with excellent use of contrasting colours with semi interesting characters with hints of natural flowing non generic dialogs. It pretty self aware but still not self aware enough to turn it into something different.

Blassreiter: I heard complains about teenage characters in anime. I don’t really mind them as my qualms with characters have nothing to do with their age, I just care if they are interesting or not.  Blassreiter has tons of adult characters,  boring adult characters. It also have a lot of terrible cg in fight scenes. I don’t mind cg animation but I do mind shitty fight scenes and gonzo is not good enough to utilize cg to create impressive fight.

One Week Friend: Same as Kawai complex whatever, soft fluffy romance series with a gimmick that fuels melancholic episodes.  They deal with that depressing melodrama pretty well but honestly speaking, I doubt they will care about her if she’s an ugly fuck. There’s a hint of wish fulfillment in that I, nice guy otaku number 1, is the only human who understand this cute waifu’s flaw and thus provide me a convenient excuse to get easy date with my waifu.

Seha High School Girl: Gdgd Fairies is awesome because it has interesting wacky interesting dialogs that flow naturally. It’s like a conversation I will have with a group of friend. Similarly, Seha girls has the same wacky dialog with an interesting focus in deep nerdy sega references that only hardcore ass will understand. If you don’t get the references, it can still be funny because they have interesting dialogs such as believing everything you heard from the Internet. Oh, and Masayuki Kibe, that writer of Game Center CX and certified Sega nerd is the co-writer for the script so you know the Sega knowledge is true and hardcore as shit.

Captain Harlock: It’sok but not as good as GE 999. I only seen one episode of it. I would like to stay in a world where it’s socially acceptable to watch tv(albeit propaganda shit but I am sure there are gems in there also) everyday without the need to work so I don’t understand why Harlock is so piss that he wants to revolutionize the system by becoming a pirate..



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