Outlaw Star:

The first episode seems like fun. I like how it utilize live action cinematography namely the focusing in and out of a character. The animation is also top tier with fluid fights and gorgeous character designs. The characters visit prostitute and such so it’s quite interesting. I heard that the plot only happen in episodes 23-26 but I don’t mind interesting hijinks of characters fucking around if they could maintain the level of direction and animation. I have enjoyed stuff like Haruhi, Kill La Kill, Champloo and Vandread when they are just fucking around without moving any plot forward. I don’t know if it’s fun like the shows I mentioned though so I need to watch more to find out.

G Gundam:

I don’t hold Gundam as this highly regarded real robot show that is heavy on its realism factor. Hell, the first Gundam has super robot like gattai sequence so I don’t really think G Gundam deviate that far from what Gundam means. However, I don’t really know if G Gundam is worth 49 episodes of my time. I like hot blooded manly stuff but I don’t think my idea of manliness= macho. I hated GaoGaiGar for example and think that it’s a piece of shit. I can’t find anything to convince me that this stuff is worth it.

Seiha Girl:

It’s still good. Very hardcore in sega references. For example, I don’t even know the existence of Border Break because it’s a 2009 Japanese arcade game. How deep do you need to go to know about that? I think this shit is the real nerd show because your enjoyment really depend on how nerdy you are.

Blue Blazes:

Blue Blazes is the best anime in 2014, even though it’s a live action show. Go watch it.