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Study has shown that men are more likely to litter the floor with 8% admit that they litter while only 2% of women admit to the fact. This is certainly a disgusting, appalling and terribly ingrained act of sexism. When a man litter, he does not gives a fuck and expect others to pick up the garbage for him and stats has shown that cleaners are most likely women. This is a blatant act that shown how ingrained the patriarchy system is and how men are empowering themselves by dominating these poor woman cleaners.

We should stop this terrible act and ignore the fact that littering is just an ungraceful act because it’s an attack to modern day feminism! Here we have a video of a man and woman committing the act of littering and the result will shock you! NO ONE GAVE A FUCK WHEN THEY LITTER THE FLOOR BUT THE MAN STATED THAT HE FELT EMPOWERED BECAUSE HE CAN DO WHAT HE WANTS WHILE THE WOMAN ACT ALL DAINTY AND DISGUSTED BECAUSE IT’S NOT AN ACT THAT SHE IS COMFORTABLE WITH AND PEOPLE TOOK PICTURE OF HER BECAUSE SHE’S A HOT BLONDE WITH HUGE TITS AND PERFORM STUPID LOOKING STUNTS WHILE LITTERING. LITTERING IS SO FUCKING SEXIST!


  • Especially when I am just riding the coat tail of being in a group which I don't think was that great anyway. 14 hours ago
  • I sometimes feel underappreciated for works I have done but I have a stronger disdain for being over appreciate for shit I don't care for. 14 hours ago
  • Like paying 800 bucks per month with 60 hrs work week kind of blood and soul. It's fucking ridiculous. 14 hours ago
  • I believe that the reason why anime and manga are so good is because they feed on the blood and soul of their creators literally. 14 hours ago
  • ffbe story is better than I thought. The last few updates are pretty good, it has more focus and omph than a lot of FF for one. 15 hours ago

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