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I am an introvert. I hate being in situations where I will need to interact with another human being. I hate big parties. I have no idea why would people enjoy being together with a bunch of strangers just to celebrate their birthday.

I hate school. Not due to academic reasons, but social. It is clear that people approach the ‘elites’ so they can suck off them by copying homework, getting help with tutorials and tests. But are they friends? The lonely scholar considers them as friends, while the popular scholar sees them as ‘acquaintances-with-potential-benefits’.

To be honest, I have no idea what the above two paragraphs are supposed to be about.

As much as I hate interaction between humans, I am fortunate enough to have at least some friends. Frankly, I am surprised that I have friends… at least I deem them to be my friends and hopefully this friendship is mutual. Though I could count the number of people with both of my hands.

So what are friends? I do not know. But I do know I need them. I tend to feel negative and lonely easily, and I will always send random messages to my friends to save myself from the negative spiral of negative emotions I am always falling into. I am usually satisfied even with just a few sentences of conversation.

^wow I sound like some depressed fuck. Maybe I am, who knows.

Not sure if it is weird, but most of my friends are from my primary school days. The total number of friends I made since then could be counted with just a hand. And I think I will lose interaction with them sooner or later too.

And the amazing thing was that I had a girlfriend of four years. I have no idea how or why but she was willing to hang out with me. In the end we broke up, mainly due to me as I handled the conflict between her and my parents very poorly. I still regret it up to this day, thinking what would happen if I handled it differently every night.

After a few months, I then began to think, am I missing her, or am I missing the relationship? Would I forget about her if I were to enter another relationship? Or was it her that made the relationship special? I doubt I would ever know, for I doubt I would ever be able to have a fresh start once more, given my personality.

Then I thought about my friends. I am also amazed that I have friends, considering that I committed hideous acts to some of them in school. Are they my friends because they are them (as a person), or because of the interactions that we have? You can say that it is the person who does the acts, but the acts are also dependent on the person (No idea what this suppose to mean). And I think this is getting too philosophical.

But I am eternally grateful to my friends. I doubt anybody I know would read this anyway (other than the master of this page), but I thank them from the bottom of my heart. My actions may not reflect so, but I do appreciate being with them.

I suppose this is just a random rant by an incoherent drunk author with a poor command of the English language. Feel free to delete this post if you want to.


I didn’t like it. It shows a lot of promises in how it subverts some of the tropes in the beginning but then ended up with cliche tirade after tirade about hope, friendship and despair that you see in every other generic anime. It tries to grey it out by having characters with individual selfish desires but it not that in depth or well written. All of that ended with generic idealistic shonen stuff in the end anyway because bond, hope and friendships conquer all, man.

The beginning builds up my expectation of it being something subversive but it ended up playing some of the anime tropes too straight near the end. Felt that the mystery doesn’t pay off too, expected it to be more clever but it ended up very shallow. Basically it boils down to hey, it’s actually all random terrorist shit and I think we forgot to add any foreshadowing.

The characters are over the top and I expected them to be flamboyantly unique and charming like those in Phoenix Wright and Ghost Trick but they ended up being generic anime characters with generic lines about idealistic anime bullshit. Main character is the worst offender of this. I waited so long for his special reason to exist among these super elite and the end result is the most hamfisted generic anime writing 101 stuff. MY ULTIMATE HOPE CAN BEAT YOUR ULTIMATE DESPAIR BECAUSE ANIME!

I want to like it because it showed moments of brilliance and I enjoyed parts of it but it all falters in the end. I am more disappointed than thinking it’s a bad game to be honest. I also played it on psp way before the localized Vita version was even announced so all the expectations are build while I played the game, not before it. I haven’t play the second game yet but now that I know what to expect, I don’t think I would be that disappointed.

It will be interesting if I can track down the person behind one of those idiotic youtube comment. I would like to interview them on why they post what they posted and what went on in their head to think that posting idiotic comments like “Please get cancer” is a good idea. Exactly who are these people and what do they do in their life? I know around 200 people and not a single person ever posted a youtube comment. This makes me think that normal human beings don’t post youtube comments so who are these people exactly?  Are they 13 years old kid? That’s the only time where I felt compel to insult someone to defend my favorite thing. So I guess that explains all the idiotic comments on video game and anime videos but what about those creepy comments you can find on some vlog of some random girls? You know, those creepy comment about wanting to rape her and shit? What’s up with that? Those are so weird and creepy and definitely not by 13 years old, right?

If you think about it logically, the motivations to post these comments are very strange because there’s no motivation behind it at all. I guess most of them are just mindless comments posted without care but it’s just weird how they always default to vitriol and anger.

On another note, I always saw comments about how they don’t like one of the host of some free content because they don’t conform to their taste as if they are the central of the world and everything should be targeted towards them. If you don’t like them, just don’t watch it. I know that’s a tired and cliche advice but it’s true because ignoring the content is the best way not to give any attention to it. It’s also free anyway so you it’s kinda your fault to engage with it in the first place.

Then again, people will argue that they have the right to criticize because criticizing helps the person grow and it’s intelligent to criticize. That’s very true but criticism does not equal to vulgarity spills of how the guy fucking sucks without any constructive comments. You can also be very respectful and not overly aggressive in your criticism without insulting the guy but I guess being polite is a concept that is very difficult to grasp.

As a Japanese cartoon fan, 2007 is always memorable. I didn’t quite understand why but after looking back, I found out that 2007 was the time where the anime community just exploded with great fan creations and amazing stuff. This is thanks to the huge momentum build up since 2006 with Haruhi and it rode along with a boost by Hatsune Miku and a long string of amazing cartoons like Tengen Toppa among popular one like Code Geass. All of them great works that brought tons together  of talented fans with Nico Nico Douga as a platform to create. What happened next is nothing short of amazing because we got our own Nico Nico Medley anthem and my personal favorite song Okkusenman among other high quality fan works. Lots of talents such as Team Neko, ChouChou, Hyaidan(though he was already an insider back then), Supercell and such who are working in the industry now debuted back then too. 2007 was just an amazing years with huge amount of high quality fan works that  gave anime community their own identity. Then everything kinda mellow out right after that and continued on with a sustained pace.

2007 recipe of success is thanks to maturation of the internet along with tons of great anime coinciding and having a healthy platforms for fans to create their own similar community because everyone watches and listen to the same amazing stuff.  That’s too much coincidences that I doubt will happen anytime soon. At least I once lived and was active in that era,


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