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Or maybe I am the idiotic one because I don’t know how to love so I view sex as just a neutral thing you do, just like walking, eating and playing video game. I don’t think sex workers are degrading because I don’t uphold sex as some sacred act that you should only do for that special someone. I honestly think that people who uphold that value is trying to live in a fairy-tale story. I also don’t look at it as something special because it’s not. If you break it down mechanically, it’s just an act to propagate human descendants or a thing you do because it’s fun. It has no moral connotation, no baggage and no stigma. We are the only species on this whole fucking earth that create so much hubbub around this unimportant, everyday life act while all other animals don’t seem to care. The amount of stigma and gender politics around what should be deemed as something very common is rather hyperbolic.

I think the whole reason we are in this state of overrating the importance of sex is due to some fucked up mindfuckery that human beings applied to themselves throughout the centuries. One just have to look at our lexicon of vulgar language. It is made up of mostly sexually suggestive slurs so we are always taught since young that sex is vulgar and dirty, which honestly has no basis beside innate human reaction that made that idiotic connection of sex being dirty because you are  doing things from something or somewhere near where you pee.

Then we have sexually transmitted disease which is an unfortunate coincidence that supplied lots of fire power for bible thumping Christians to denounce sex as an dirty act. However, they failed to realize that disease are spread with all kind of contact including getting chicken pox just because you are at close proximity with someone. This is why the whole basis of spreading nasty disease=dirty has so little basis. I am pretty sure staying at close proximity with someone definitely does not violate any indecency law.

People tend to be very overly sentimental about their relationships. You just have to look at the amount of videos of dogs being loyal to their owners. From my experience of living with 20 over dogs for an extended period of time, is kinda true that dogs love their owners but it’s not true in the way people made it up to be. There are no magical connection or dramatic fairy tale bullshit of your dog visiting your grave.All that magical bond are just human’s self imposed bullshit because things are actually very realistic and mechanical. Dogs love you because you feed them and they like to hang around with you a because of that very reason. However, don’t think they won’t bite your face off if you touched them wrong because they are actually primal animals with not much rationale thoughts. Also, they will equally like any terrible human beings and totally forgot about you if they were well fed by someone new. Yes! I am saying that Hachiko won’t wait for his owner and died in front of shibuya station if he was well fed. It’s just a fucking myth. For every exaggerated tales of loyal dogs, you have tens of thousand of cases where dogs just went psychotic and bite their owners for no reason. Sure, they are amazing beings because we have the impression that they are way stupider than they are. This is why we are easily awed by their amazing ability of being able shit in a fucking toilet bowl because we sure as hell didn’t expect them to be capable enough to do that! If my intelligence is based on how I operate a toilet bowl, I might be the next fucking genius.

I wrote that long paragraph because I want to put a case that people kinda overly sentimentalize their bonds with other living beings. They think they are some mythical special connection that links people together. They want it to be like that because it’s a poetic narrative. All of that is well and good because the world is fucking stale so I would not blame anyone for injecting fantasy into their life. However, some type of fantastical bond is build upon sex. They build this imaginary bond and connection through this basic act and this is why they cherish the act of fucking as if it’s some special shit because they think it’s symbolic. They are symbolizing what is supposed to be a neutral act and add extra baggage and burden to an act that should be deemed as commonplace like eating and playing video game. This is why you don’t hear people saying silly stuff like how you treat your chef as a piece of overworked meat to satisfy your own gluttony but you will definitely hear a lot of bullshit about how sex workers are degrading their body and dignity. Give me a fucking break, if you don’t think sex is that special or symbolic, it will just turn into a service that people provide. If you think providing a service is exploitative, then that will be another argument all together.

Another argument is that no one wants to grow up to become a sex worker so it’s not a fulfilling job and it’s all hard work. What the fuck man, I am sure as hell that the sweeper downstairs don’t want to grow up to become a sweeper and it sure as hell is tedious job but we aren’t degrading him/her because they are respectable human beings doing good work. I myself hate my work and don’t think it’s fulfilling at all so why don’t you ask me why I don’t go for more fulfilling job? Maybe because I know all jobs are fucking tedious and that’s why you are paid to do so? My dream job is to stay at home and sleep whole day but I have to deal with this shit because this is the most comfortable shit that I got offered among all the other shit? I am sure that portion of sex workers are brutally forced into it but there exist a large portion of them who do it because it’s just another fucking job. They choose this line of profession like how you, me and everyone choose their line of profession. If all human beings don’t think of sex has any moral connotation or stigma, we might just make this line of profession way healthier and less abusive.

You only think sex workers are degrading because you are degrading them yourselves and don’t think it is a legit form of work. I don’t degrade them because they work hard and I respect them for it. Sex in itself is just a fun thing to do, it has no morality connotation, we humans are the one who over-complicate this shit and add our own connotation to it. I don’t think people working hard to provide a fun neutral act where both parties don’t subscribe any moral connotation to it is degrading at all.

I also want to mention that sex work is kinda tedious, a very good analogy will be game testing, what is supposed to be fun might not be that fun after it became a routine. However, even if it became a routine, they worked their hardest with the utmost patience to make their customer feel at home. They must pretend to enjoy what they do even if they don’t and that is very amazing and hard to do. Your part time guy in Target can give you a black face without much repercussions but sex worker can’t do that because it’s part and parcel of their job. I am a rather honest guy and is incapable to pretend to like anyone so I know how hard it is to put an act for your job. You know they are faking it and sometimes it’s not fun to get fucked, but never did they show a glimpse of that because they respect their customers. Similarly, you should reciprocate and respect them as professional because they are willing to put up with lots of bullshit. This pretty much moot the point of it being an easy job because it sure as hell it isn’t easy money.

Onto the bullshit they need to put up, which line of work does not have any bullshit customers? Why are we not as equally eager to say that we are demeaning developers because they worked crazy hours to bring us our games but we treat them like empty air? That’s because you think sex is special and have lots of imaginary emotion connections because you are living in your own fairy tale world, and that sex is some weird form of power fantasy bullshit.  I don’t because I treat it purely as a fun natural thing to do and sex worker are respectable workers that put up with bullshit similar to all kind of bullshit other line of work have to put up with.

I truly respect them and think they are just normal people like you and me and what they do for their job does not speak anything bad about them. This is why I think the whole stigma of prostitution is kinda fucked up because all these stigmas boiled down to our idiotic sanctimonious view on sex.

The only convincing reason why working in the sex industry might not be a good idea is because fucked up people who disrespect sex workers are aplenty. These fucked up people are dangerous because they turned what supposed to be fun into something akin to an assault. The bullshit  I mentioned in previous paragraph are more akin to taking too long, feeling very bored because customer is bad at it or having lots of weird ass harmless requests. Please don’t think I condone fucked up abusive shit like rape and forcing others to do what they aren’t uncomfortable with because that enters the realm of fucked up shit you shouldn’t do when you have sex. You need mutual respect to make sex a legit form of service, not one sided abusive power fantasy at play. This reason might also be why we should legalize prostitution so sex workers who got abused aren’t afraid to report it to the authority.

I actually read on a lot about prostitution and a lot of contention is because people view sex in a different way -the emotional power fantasy play I mentioned above. Why can’t it just be what it is? A fun thing to do that have no bullshit emotional baggage or social stigma? Or maybe just another long line of tedious service from the side of a sex worker?



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