When we are talking about constructive criticism, we must also understand the reality of sturgeon’s law and not everyone is receptive or are capable enough to ascend to a higher standard. Sometimes, we must accept that Paul Bart Mall Cops won’t be more than a comedy that you find unintelligent even you made good points on how it sucks, especially when it’s proven that people love the shit out of it so it’s doing something right at least. Sure, it’s good to be critical and I agree with it but don’t get too into your own ass and think you are doing anyone a favor or you are actually changing something when stuff is clearly not receptive(hint: Adam Sandler and Michael Bay). You must also understand that the general public are not in academia and don’t necessary agree with your ways even though their reasoning are irrational because news flash, most people don’t give a fuck for things they perceived as inconsequential. Not everyone want to pursue intellectualism as well. I know it’s very surprising because you just found out how not everyone is like you or how everyone is not doing what you are doing or are striving for betterment. I know it also irks you how you can’t find in good faith saying that they are living life wrong because they all seems to be so content with life by being what you perceived as mediocre but all I can say is, don’t do it because that turn you into a bitter judgmental nerd… …  Your point of how media reflects sub conscious bias and prejudice or how it speaks to the larger problem of how we are actually fucking backwards and not progressive at all is true though and I agree with that, but you can’t in good faith failed to understand why people don’t find any issue with anything when lots of you who hold that banners love questionable shit as well because everything is subjective anyways and everyone is capable of detaching fiction from reality. Then again, all these doesn’t justify the removal of the content anyways.