Video game community is weird because they don’t really care about narrative and performance art. They say they do but when you tell them how Nathan Drake killing millions of people without feeling the weight of a mass murderer is fucking weird, they will tell you it’s just a game. When you tell them how GTA 5 with their obviously polygonal characters with dead eyes can’t possible give much of a performance, they say they don’t care. It’s all about being a game so they don’t quantify traditional or accepted critiques that we uphold for all the other visual story telling mediums. This is also why they have weird penchant to dub because they are lazy to read subtitles. Anything that can them quicker to the next mechanic is better than slogging through with text. They feel that stories, characterizations, thematic and stuff that we used to critique a film are not applicable for games even though it’s very obvious that lots of games are emulating it with huge cinematic set pieces and so it’s appropriate to critic a video game narrative like we critic serious movies.

It’s also a very geeky community and all geek communities are spiteful. They love to attack or dismiss things they are not familiar with, no matter how irrational it might be just because people like what they don’t. I lost count in the number of Apple/Android fans argument over their stupid phones while dragging the other sides down as if it’s necessary that the other side to be shit in order to justify how good they are. They need validations by dragging others down to prove they are the best.

For example, American comics book fans also refuse to accept Japanese manga as their equal counterpart as shown by lists after lists of greatest selling comics without including stuff like One Piece that outsold them in ridiculous fashion. Geek sites talk about how huge comic con and stuff like that are while totally ignoring expo like Otakon that has similar amount of participants. Anime is like the huge ugly ghetto in the city that no one wants to acknowledge. It’s especially worse when anime overlapped heavily with video games so now video gamers could not ignore it so the next logical step is to have snarky and prejudicial attitude against it.

Sure, Japanese audio purist are annoying and overly aggressive, however they have a point that performance that was specifically written for a certain material are always of a higher quality more often than not. It’s also undeniably about author’s intention and what they feel is the best way of doing things. However, these purist articulate the points in a way that make them look like a crazy person. It does not help that they demand it like a crazy person as well. The final nail in the coffin is most of them are anime people and this is why no one wants to associate with them, especially when they already have a prejudice against them. It’s just more firepower for gaming people to attack the fandom with and more proofs for their preconceived notion that anime is some fucking ghetto full of lame ass nerds.

I find it aggravating how a great logical points can be turned into some jokey dismissals because the wrong people are advocating it. It’s especially aggravating when only video game comunity dismisses it when it doesn’t happen anywhere else. For one, no one dismiss you as a weeb when you want to watch Seven Samurai in its original language. We even have companies like Criterion that makes fucking sure that movies stay as originally intended as they can be. This happens because we think movies are of a different level of art-form compares to game. This is why the point of original artist intention doesn’t sound as laughable when it was a point made for a movie but people dismiss it when you levels it with an anime game. It’s especially ironic when video game people try so hard in wanting their hobby to be seen as a higher art form when they don’t accept talking points that should always be used and be applicable for a high level art form.

I don’t understand why people need to justify their need in original language when it’s a readily accepted fact that you should have original language in movies. It’s the same motivation and intention. Most people aren’t fucking crazy, they just want it to be kept as original as it intended to be. Before you get it wrong, I am not arguing for literal translation because liberal translation like Phoenix Wright kept the same context as its Japanese counterpart. A pun for a pun, a joke for a joke and it leaves the characters and stories beside minor untranslatable stuff intact. Every context and author’s intention are kept pretty well. It also had the luxury of not having a lot of performances that never translate well .

It’s just difficult to keep full original context and intend intact in performance. It’s just like There Will Be Blood would be a totally different film without Daniel Day Lewis. Similarly, voice works that undergoes meticulous direction and intention are difficult to replicate. For example, when a Japanese voice act ONISSAANNNNNNN, it has its own unique identity and culture that are imbued into it. However, when an english voice actor says BIG BROTHER, all the contexts are lost and it can only be seen as a failed imitation because it’s not in their culture and community to say BIG BROTHER. To put it simply, it felt less natural and less sincere. This is why as grating as ONISSAANNNNNNNNN is, it has a familiar culture and context that you felt natural with instead of a cringe worthy replication of BIG BROTHER because no one talks like that in English. English speaking communities do no have the sub culture of anime as it is a uniquely Japanese thing like how Powerpuff Girls, TMNT and Marvels are uniquely western in which Japan can’t emulate properly. This is why I felt especially strong about Fire Embelm Fates when they decide to drop Japanese audio for a game obviously written in anime Japanese.