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If you walked out from your favorite movie and overheardĀ  how a stranger said that it fucking sucks, will you walk over to them and give them a 500 words presentation on why they are wrong? You probably won’t because that is fucking weird. However, that’s what replying to a 140 characters tweet of someone you didn’t follow telling them how wrong they are is all about! If it’s a long form post with lots of details on a blog/forum actively looking for discussion, that I get, but one single tweet with 140 characters? Why do people think it’s ok to do that when they realize it’s not ok to approach strangers outside of movie theater in the name of discussion?

Then again, I actually don’t mind strangers(some one who I didn’t follow or follow me) tweeting me uninitiated but it’s still really weird. For one, how do they find your tweets if they weren’t retweeted? Are they just scurrying the twitter search bar searching for specific terms and engage with anyone and everyone who disagree with him? That’s fucking creepy because it is borderline internet stalking, isn’t it? Internet anime people, please learn that it’s not ok to do that. It’s fucking creepy and that’s one of the many reason why people think all anime fans are overzealous creep.




  • Especially when I am just riding the coat tail of being in a group which I don't think was that great anyway. 14 hours ago
  • I sometimes feel underappreciated for works I have done but I have a stronger disdain for being over appreciate for shit I don't care for. 14 hours ago
  • Like paying 800 bucks per month with 60 hrs work week kind of blood and soul. It's fucking ridiculous. 14 hours ago
  • I believe that the reason why anime and manga are so good is because they feed on the blood and soul of their creators literally. 14 hours ago
  • ffbe story is better than I thought. The last few updates are pretty good, it has more focus and omph than a lot of FF for one. 15 hours ago

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